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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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PurrC Loving his Birthday!

October 9th 2014 3:28 pm
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It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Thank you for coming to my page to celebrate with me, furrends! I love the rosies (noms on the blue birdie).

I just got an extra helping of wet food and greenies! Mom sang to me, and she put a candle in my food, but she didn't light it this year. (I think she's finally learning that I'm too eager a dude to pause and wait for the humans to help me blow out the flame! Ha ha! I trained them!)

I had an awesome day. Started in the early a.m. with Sparkman and I catching a mouse in the house! Mom woke up and took it away. So we spent the rest of the early a.m. sniffing and licking the floor where it had been, recounting the tales of bravery to each other. I mean, there's just so much excitement when there's an actual mouse around, I don't know how the humans just go back to sleep!

It's suddenly super chilly outside here, but there's sun. Sparkman and I spent most of the day sharing a sunny window, lounging on Mom's desk together. That guy's such a fun pal. I can't get enough of licking his ears lately.

Dad and Mom both took us outside for a little bit this afternoon, but I was all set and ready for Dad to take me back inside. It's too cold outside! I'm done with outside till next summer... Especially if there's mice in the house! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!


Happy Purrs!

October 30th 2013 3:43 pm
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I just gotta tell you guy how awesome life is for me right now... So Mom and Dad got me the "Big Boy" litter box, and I'm still being a super good little fuzzy guy, pooping in there. (Mom's amazed by that, by the way. She thought I'd have major behavior issues and continue poo-ing on the floor... But I do have half a brain! And I WANT to be a good boy and not lose my home!!!) And the Vet told Mom to put this "Miralax" stuff in my food to help me go easier... It tastes like sugar! Mom's putting sugar in my food! YUM!

Okay, so then they went to refill my meds and the human pharmacies don't stock the dose I need. So they took it to "Prescription Specialties" in town here, where they can make any med into neat things like suckers and syrup. The pharmacy guy called and asked Mom "Are you sure you want capsules for a cat? Would you prefer a liquid that the cat would actually like the taste of?" Mom of course said "Yes!" to that one! And now I have this gravy stuff they put on my food. It's so tastey that after Mom measures it out, she has to keep an eye on the other guys. Moose in particular thinks my meds are the tastiest thing ever and tries to steal a lick or two!

Naturally, this means I'm a happier little dude. I've been giving Mom kisses and hugs now and then, because I'm in SUCH a good mood! Dad loves me, I loves me, and Sparkman still has to wash his face after I lick him... But gee it's fun being a PurrC this month! Yayyy! Happy Purrrrrrrrrs!!!


PurrC: GOOD Boy!

October 20th 2013 8:45 pm
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Mom says I'm a GOOD BOY! Wow! So that's how it feels to be praised by Mom?! I could get used to this! She even gave me ear kisses, like Sparkman gets!

You see, I love pooping outside my box. I pee in the box, but the other business goes on beside the box. And more recently, it's been going on in weird places around the house where I think the humans might not notice! But apparently, they really do notice and it really did bug them. Mom and Dad got so fed up with me, they dragged me to the vet to see if there was any medical reason for my bad behavior, or if I really truly just wanted to be re-homed. She even x-rayed me!

And here's the crazy thing: my Vet found a reason! Apparently I have larger, harder poop than most cats. I have to walk in order to well... in order to do my business. She said it's common in doggies, but cats get this too. And maybe the litter boxes are just too small for my large frame and walking needs... So she prescribed miralax in my food and a HUGE litter box! My Dad went right out and found me an under the bed sweater bin that he filled with a whole tub of litter... And I've been going in there ever since! Mom is so amazed and delighted, she gives me neck scratches and tooth paste treats (I love the malt flavored tooth paste! Can't stop eating it.). And the best part: the humans are NOT talking about re-homing me any more! I can stay, as long as I'm a GOOD boy!


Happy Birthday, PurrC!

October 9th 2013 3:31 pm
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It's my BIRTHDAY?! Thanks Catster and friends for reminding my humans! Yayyy, me! That means I get extra cat food tonight! Oh boy oh boy!!!

Right now I'm spending my day watching my brothers outside on their leashes. I tried going out too, but there's all these humans out in the park down the street, someone working in a garage with loud tool things, and doggies. Too many scary noises! I didn't even make it to the end of the deck before I turned around and went back inside. So now I'm just waiting for them to come back inside, so I can ATTACK! I've been getting in a lot of good quality ankle biting time. The humans quake with fear of my wrath and teeth nearly every walk down the hallway. I hide in the same one of two spots (that clearly they always forget about! It's a surprise EVERY TIME!) and pounce out! Rawr! Sparkman is great for ankle biting. He turns around, pins me to the ground, and starts licking my head. I'm a happy little stinky fluffy dude! And now I'm FOUR!


PurrC Visits the Vet.

August 1st 2013 4:10 pm
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Oh I had an awesome day! Yesterday I wasn't feeling so great, so I was grumping at Mom and Dad. And hiding a little when I was outside. And then here's the big kicker: they found bloody urine on a chair I like sitting in... So I got to go visit one of my favorite places in all the world: The VET! Most kitties don't seem to like their vets. In fact, my brothers think I'm nuts. But the Vet's office is awesome! There's all these Vet People I get to greet and purr at, and there's my own little kennel cage and and and it's just FUN! I really wish I could go there every day. I really really love it there. Mom and Dad walked me into the building, i figured out where I was, and immediately started purring and digging at my carrier door. I was all "Let me out! I wanna greet the desk ladies!!!"

But I hit the jackpot today; I had just visited the litter box before we go there and had no pee for them to sample. So they kept me all day long! (I didn't want to go home! I wanted to stay there! So I wasn't going to pee... Then I kinda couldn't hold it any more.) They analyzed it and said it looks great, like me! And that maybe the blood was my interstitial sister-idis acting up from some random stress in my life. Then they gave Mom the best health plan ever: feed me more wet food because I'm not drinking enough water! Whoa! More wet food AND a Vet visit!?! I am one happy happy camper. No more pouting from me! And no more blood! Whoo hooo!

So don't worry about me; I'm fine! I just wanted to visit my Vet Peeps.


Midnight head licking time!

June 5th 2013 9:19 am
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This morning I woke up in the middle of the night, and decided that I loved EVERYBODY in bed! I walked over to Mom's head and purred at her. Then I licked her forehead till she woke up and petted me. Then I walked over to Sparkman, purred, licked his head. Then I walked over to Captain, purred, and licked his head. Then I curled up in my spot and went back to bed... I love my family! Purrrrrrs! LICK!


Ankle biting rules!

June 1st 2013 9:24 am
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And I'm back to pooping on the floor. I just love it! The humans can't seem to understand, and they don't seem to like it. In fact, they keep talking to me about it, as though their human language will make a difference! Ha! I refuse to use the box! I refuse!!!

In other news, I've been having a good week for my ankle biting campaign. I got Mom in surprise attacks twice. It's really easy to surprise her if I hide behind a door. And I love the shrieks she makes! Captain Morgan's been running in fear of me when I look at him. After I got a good under-the-table-attack on Moose yesterday, he grabbed me and bunny kicked me silly! That was awesome! And Sparkman, well... He's my best bud when it comes to rumble time. I just tilt my head like I'm thinking of biting his ankles, and he full on attacks me! Then we roll around licking eachothers' heads and purring. Lucky for me, I overheard Mom saying to some other human "I don't mind the ankle biting. It's cute and kitten-ish... It's the floor pooping that's driving us nuts. He really needs to stop and we're running out of options." Huh? That last part doesn't sound so good. So I'll ignore it and focus on the good part: she LOVES my ankle biting! Bwa ha ha! CHOMP!


PurrC Tries a New Litter!

May 10th 2013 9:09 am
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Oh, WOW! Mom and Dad dad dad found a new litter and it smells so awesome I just went in there to poop this morning instead of on the floor... Seriously! Mom's shocked! It's some sort of fancy expensive litter from Petco that supposed to re-litterbox-train me... Huh? Training? That's stupid! I'm a cat! Training's for DOGS! .... But anyways, this is day 2 of it being mixed in with the normal litter, and it's day 1 of me being what Mom calls a "Good Boy!" Really, Mom!?! Does that mean you and Dad dad dad won't be so frustrated with me?! That'd be awesome... But we'll see. Every now and then I like to surprise them by actually going inside the box. So fingers still crossed! (Esp. since I overheard Mom and Dad discussing whether I'd be happier somewhere else, not with them... That sounded like they were both very sad about that thought.)


PurrC is Doing Fine!

May 8th 2013 11:22 am
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Just wanted to let everybody know that I'm doing just fine! Mom tried to take me outside (Wearing a harness, not my usual a collar) but I just was too jumpy and scared of everything outside. I asked to go in almost immediately. So while all my brothers were out basking in the sunshine this morning, I stayed inside and watched the great outdoors from my nice safe window. Mom tried to check how my neck is doing one more time before dictating my diary entry and I bit her fingers (playfully)! I'm feeling so fine that I might be back to being a carpet troll ankle biting fuzz bucket by the end of the day! But for right now, I'll keep resting and watching out the window.


Bird Baths Are Dangerous For Cats!!!

May 7th 2013 5:31 pm
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Wow. I am OK! But I just had a near death experience! I was outside with my brothers and parents, just chillaxing around the garden. Mom and Dad had us out there on our leashes while they raked, cleaned up, and explored the newly de-snowed yard... Then I noticed that the BIG cement bird bath was back! When did Dad take that out of moth balls?! I know I'm not supposed to jump up there, but couldn't quite remember why that was... Sparkman reminds me it's filled with water usually.

But there I was outside, on my leash, and wanted to badly to sit in there! Dad had just brought it out, so no water in it yet... I jumped up, and WHOA! The whole top dish thing tipped and fell on top of me! The rim hit my neck and I hissed as I scampered trying to get out from under the big heavy thing. Dad got there first and lifted it off me, which meant I started an all out panic run on my leash! All 4 of us had our leashes on the same leash anchor, and had tied an amazing knot. Dad was panic stricken with not knowing quite which one to undo to free me. Mom got to me about then, and unhooked my collar.

I ran RIGHT for the back door to the house! Mom was at my heels and opened the back door for me, and ZOOM! I ran full speed up to the attic floor and hid. Dad was the first to find me, I heard Mom outside still trying to calm and get my brothers inside... Phew! That was terrifying!

Dad checked me over for swelling, broken bones, anything bothering me and I seem fine. He says they'll keep checking on me over every half hour, then hourly... We do have an emergency vet in town and Mom says she'll take me in if I show any discomfort... Wow that was scary! The humans said they're going to move all bird baths to where we can't hurt ourselves again... Mom's a little shocked and not sure what she'd have done if Dad wasn't right there. Dad's the best. He saved me! Oh, Dad dad dad! Thank you!!!

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