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Castiel's Meowsings

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Oh. My. Dog.

November 5th 2011 6:22 pm
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Tonight my Mommy and Daddy invited my Grandma to come over for dinner. Mommy went to pick her up because Grandmas don't like to drive at night. When she came back, she had Grandma, and A DOG NAMED LUCY!!!

Mommy told Daddy that she was sick of making Grandma leave Lucy home all alone in her crate and wanted her to try being part of the family.

Lucy was on a leash, and as soon as I saw her, I attacked! Heck, as far as she knew, I was a fierce mancat with claws! But she mostly ignored me. My tail got really big, and I was quickly whisked to the porch before Lucy decided to stop ignoring me and have me for dinner.

The rest of the cats were all upstairs hiding, and Mommy closed the doors just in case. Good thing, because that Lucy is smart! During dinner, she chewed through her leash and got free! Later, we heard all kinds of barking and laughing going on while we were banished! I just know that dog slobbered up my food bowl.

Then Mommy and Grandma had to go to the pet store to buy a new leash while Lucy and Daddy did the dishes. Lucy helped clear the plates. Mommy came back with consolation prizes for us, but she can't buy our forgiveness that a new mousie???


Mr. Slippy Paws

June 20th 2011 3:08 pm
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Before I found my family, someone had my claws taken off in the front. My hands are nice and smooth, but I do miss my claws. I especially miss them when a certain orange brat comes by with his tail all poufy and wants to fight.

I can hear the other cats laugh at me and say, "Look! There goes Mr. Slippy Paws! Should we go beat him up?" And then before I know it, I am at the losing end of a fight even though I am nearly twice as large as them!

Last week, I escaped from the house two times. I ran right to Mommy's garden to smell the catmint. But Daddy soon fetched me to bring me back inside. He says the outdoors is no place for Mr. Slippy Paws!


I am up for a big promotion!

June 1st 2011 10:43 am
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I am so excited because I am up for a BIG promotion at home!

I decided to move in with my family a whole year ago now. This whole time, Mommy and Daddy have fallen in love with me, but they felt like they would rehome me if the right person came along. Why? Because I am super-friendly and adoptable, because I don't get along with the other cats and most of all...they already have too many cats.

Recently, one of the people on Mommy's short list to adopt me said she finally might be ready for me. Mommy spent the whole time secretly hoping she would back out, and she did. That is when Mommy realized that I was ready to be promoted.

My new position, if I get it, will be O.K. O.K. stand for Original Kitty. So far, only Mouse, Kiki and Gilmore are O.K. kitties. Being an OK means you are a permanent member of the family. Right now I am still just an interloper.

Mommy nominated me to be an O.K. But in order for it to go through, Daddy has to approve too. He is hesitating. He adores me, but worries because Gilmore and I still fight. Mostly Gilmore fights.

Mommy recently had to pay big money to take me to the vet to get one of my war wounds looked at. I don't have front claws, so Gilmore gets away unscathed, but I get big hunks of fur and skin pulled. (I have no idea why Gilmore picks on me. I have never done anything to him, and he is normally a very loving kitty. He just has it in for me.)

I was SOOOOOOO good at the vet, and I got a microchip too! Mommy felt so very proud of me. She was so proud to be my Mommy. My boo-boo is almost all better, and I like having a chip because I keep taking all my collars off. I am also a naughty door charger, so great care is taken to make sure I don't escape.

Hopefully Daddy will make my promotion official soon. I don't have much use for the other cats, but I sure do love my people.


The Royal Cat Hairs!

April 29th 2011 8:19 pm
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This morning I was wondering why Mommy was up before dark. Then she turned on the teevee. It was the royal wedding! At precisely 6AM, or Kate o'clock, as Mommy called it, I jumped up on the tv stand to get a closer look. You should have heard Mommy yelling at me to get down! But I wanted a closer look at that dress! Sure, it was amazing, but didn't you think it needed just a little cat fur? What outfit is complete without furs? Lilith jumped up to check it all out too, and she agrees!


Big fight...WITH MOMMY!!!

March 4th 2011 8:36 pm
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My friends, tonight was awful.

Mommy and I really let each other down.

Mommy just got back from two days in NY and wanted nothing more than to eat her take out food in front of the tv. I jumped into my favorite cardboard box and was just minding my own business.

Daddy thought it would be cute and funny to pick up the whole cardboard box with me inside and carry me into the living room to say hi to mommy. He put the box down on the coffee table. That was when I decided to pee in my box. The pee went through the seam in the box and all over the glass table and into the coffee table drawer. The drawer is lined with fabric.

Mommy was furious and went on a rant about how we have too many cats and she is sick of us ruining her house and her things. She said we all have to move out. My feelings were very hurt. I did not mean to pee on her table and get all the cats kicked out. It was an accident.

When Mommy and Daddy were taking the wet drawer outside, I ran through the open door and into the yard. I figured if they don't want me, I will go. I will go back to living outside alone.

But as soon as I got out, Mommy was crying for me to come home. She said she was sorry and did not mean all those things she said. She begged me to come home. She got close and grabbed me but I got away again.

Finally, Daddy coaxed me back in with treats. It was much colder than I expected out there. Not a good time to move out. Mommy fed me a whole Fancy Feast and said I should not leave home anymore. But she told me to! People are so confusing.

Now she feels bad and I feel bad too. I have been on top of the fridge where I can be alone to pout. Everyone is upset about what happened. I hope things are better in the morning.


It's a good thing I decided to live here.

January 11th 2011 4:34 pm
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Tonight my Daddy said to me, "Cas, it's a good thing you decided to move in here."

Tonight we are getting our third snowstorm of the season. There's a lot more snow and cold than I remember there being last year. Last year, I slept outside all winter. Some neighbors had made me a makeshift house outside, but it was not nearly as warm as this house. This year, I am watching the snow pile up from inside my very warm house. It even has a wood stove!

I sure do feel terrible for all the little kitties and doggies out there with no house and no stove. Mommy told Daddy she found a gray baby kitten while driving home one night last week, but she could not catch him. I surely do feel for him tonight. Mommy said she will try to focus on the kitties that are NOT out there tonight because they are in our house instead. I guess that makes sense! I like it when she focuses on me!


Christmas Elf

December 19th 2010 8:23 am
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Yesterday my Mommy took over the dining room table to wrap gifts. Usually I take my nap during that time, but I figured that Christmas is a hectic time and that maybe my nap could wait just a little while longer while I helped Mommy wrap.

It's turned out to be a great call because she really needed me a lot. When she was tying the ribbons, I put my paw on the box to help her hold the knot. When she was running out of room on the table, I made more space by knocking the scissors to the floor. If the gifts did not smell like me, I made them smell better by rubbing my handsome face all over them. And because I had to watch Mommy very closely, I had to sit right on top of the paper she was cutting to make sure she did it right.

I think we did a great job and we make a great team!


Naughty but Nice

December 14th 2010 11:02 am
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There are so many weird things going on in my house. First, there is a large tree in our living room. Everyone wondered what I would do with it since I am new here. But guess what? I did not do anything. Why should I care about a tree?

I only care about food, my people and sneaking outside. I don't care that all of the other cats hate me. They gang up on me if I try to go upstairs, but I don't care. They are just cats. I am happiest when I follow my people from room to room and watch their every move. If they are at the table, I am on the table. If they go into the kitchen, I jump up on the chair or counter to watch them. If they are on the couch, I cuddle up with them.

If they go outside, I try to go too. Last night, I got all the way outside! Daddy was carrying grocery bags and I got out. But once I was out there, I realized that my paws were FREEZING. Wow, it's a lot different out there than when I first came here! So instead of making Daddy chase me all over the yard like I usually do, I just went to him and asked him to please pick me up and carry me back inside now, which we did.

When Daddy told Mommy what I did, she said that Santa Paws was watching me, so I better start being good. I don't know anything about what she is talking about. She said I am a naughty kitty, but she can't stay mad because I am so nice!



November 23rd 2010 10:33 am
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I am so happy and excited to be DOTD today! Thank you SO much for all the congrats and gifties! I sure do feel special. I am celebrating by helping Mommy clean the house for Thanksgiving. I don't know what she would do without my helpful little white mittened paws in all of her work! Time to go help make the bed!


Going outside and Honey Baked Ham...I just can't say no!

November 21st 2010 6:31 pm
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Last night my mommy was snacking on something that looked interesting. She said it was a Honey Baked Ham. She let me try a piece...big mistake! I am a little ham hound now. Every time it comes out of the fridge, I am right there to get a nibble.

Last night, Daddy was carrying in some groceries for Thanksgiving, and I could not resist the urge to charge the door and get out...again. I made Daddy chase me all the way to the neighbor's house before I let him scoop me up and take me home.

I guess home is where the ham is, so it's not so bad!

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