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The Planet Of The Orange Cats

My Kidz' First Vet Visit Today!

July 12th 2010 6:59 pm
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I had completely forgotten about this appointment! So, when Mama came outside and started stuffing my kidz into the after the other...I got a little upset.
Befur I knew it, I was stuffed into that thing too, and off we drove...

Blondie was the one, who kept pawing the little metal door. "I want out!" but Mama just explained the whole plan to her. Or so she pretended.

At the vet, we had to wait quite a while and my kidz took furever to calm down and nap. We got to look at the other furbies in the waiting room, which was interesting.

When we were carried into the examination room, I was not a happy camper. Last time the vet poked me with that mean needle. ME NOT LIKEY! Today I will not need any of that, I was told.

My kidz actually seemed to have a good time. Since they are still hard to tell apawt (for hoomin eyes), the vet would take one, examine it and then set it on the floor to take the next one out of the carrier. This way, he could be sure that he would not check one twice or miss one.

Bitsy, Mambo and Samba have a hernia from their umbilical cord. That is nothing big and won't be a problem unless one of the girls became pregnant later in life. I don't think Mama will plan for more kitty invasions, so I know she will have that taken care of when my girls get spayed.

Mambo has a heart murmur. THAT is not good. So young and already a heart problem. He was born with it, we guess. This could shorten his life and I am very worried fur my only boy. Mama is wondering now, if this is something genetic in the boys, since Bungee, my brofur, died so suddenly when he was only 3 1/2 months old. I hope my little boy will live a long life!

In general, my kidz got a good repawt. They were certainly all over the exam room! Ha, you should have seen them zip around on the floor and paw at everything. So cute.
Blondie latched on to the vet's shirt and gave him a hard time, when he tried to pry him off his chest...

I am sooo happy that my kidz are very active and playful. If it wasn't fur Mambo's heart problem, I would say they received a clean bill of health. They certainly look pawfect to me!
Purring with pride...


Katzie Disney Land

July 2nd 2010 9:21 am
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We have a new "residence". After I shlepped my kidz from the shelter box to the space under the entrance bridge, our hoomin Mama got very upset, thinking something bad had happened to my babies.

I had taught them to be verrry they did hardly ever speak. Therefore, Mama was convinced that I had either taken them away to an unknown place or they must have died.

You should have seen her! Several times Mama was crawling around on the wooden boards of the bridge entrance, trying to peek through the spaces between the boards! That must have hurt her knees. Hoomins are not very good at this kind of thing.

She eventually saw one of my sweet little fur balls crawl around under the bridge...and wouldn't you know it...she did everything she could to coax her out. She was so successful that she got 4 out of my 5 kidz out but I called them right back under the bridge.

MEOW! Mama was mad. She did not want another "Bungee" - babies jumping off the bridge without a safety cord, so she decided to build us a new Katzie Town.

The first one she built on the bridge, in the exact same spot where I lived with my sibs after we were a month old.

I was not so sure about this, although she put a play pen and other safety measures up.

The next day, she build another Katzie Town under the Pavilion - and that's where we are living now. It is nice, big, airy and I can see everything that is going on.

Our hoomin Dad calls it Katzie Disney Land, because Mama put a "playground" with different size wooden logs in there and is trying out more.

We are VERY happy here. Almost every night, I have to fuss at the raccoon that shneaks up to steal our dry food and then washes its dirty paws in our drinking water (Yikes!)...but that thang knows better than to mess with me...MOMMYKATZ! We also get fresh food and water every day. Good hoomins!


All Is Well In The Kitty Nest

June 9th 2010 9:30 pm
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My babies are a little over one week old now! They are so cute, I could meow all day!
Those itsy, bitsy little noses and paws...just adorable. What can I say? Every Mommy feels like this, I guess.

My babies are developing rather fast although they are still very small in size. Some already have their eyes open, which was waaay early when it happened.
They also crawl over and under each other with more strength and orientation that I would have expected this soon. It's almost as if they are a good week ahead of their normal development. I am soooo proud!

Our hoomin Mama is wondering when the kitties will start crawling out of the box, because that will be a problem. She is afraid that we cannot stay outside then.
She wants to put us in Dad's "Boy's Room", where he has his Daddy toys and stuff. No doubt that he will fight like a tiger (for a hoomin that means a lot!) before he gives up that room!

Hmmmm, maybe I need to get my babies early into a pre-katziegarden care. Oy - that could be difficult here in the area.

I will have to get my catmera and take more pics to show everyone! You will be gaga over my cute babies! Just wait and see.


Memorial Day Weekend - My Mother's Day

May 29th 2010 12:36 pm
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The best thing efur happened last night...I became a Mommy Katz!

I did not know that it was time just yet. My sister Fraidy ballooned up much more befure she was I thought I had at least another week.

I had been looking for a "delivery room" outside, but somehow the thought of having my babies in the woods did not appeal to me so much. Who knows what might show up? If I had my boyfriend here, it might be different, but he disappeared. MEN!
Since Fraidy had her kittens two weeks ago (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONES!)inside the house, I didn't feel like going there anymore.

So, instead of building a nest of wet leaves (YUCK!), I decided to check out the "shelter box" that our hoomin Mo had put together even befure I was born. It sits on a table under the Pavilion and looks much safer to me than a baby bed on the ground.

Anymeow, after a good dinner I got some sleep and when I woke up I realized that my babies had decided, it got too crowded inside my belly!
Don't ask me about details. It is all a purr, I mean blurr! I wonder whether I fell asleep between babies? It was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g to have five mousers. I wonder what our Mom Daisy felt, when she had us. Garfield, our Dad and Uncle(?), stayed with her and was very protective of his little family!

Now I have 5 precious little babies! Celebrate with me and be happy fur all of us!
Let me get back to them now. I will tell you more later.

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