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Home:Plymouth Meeting 19462, PA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Manytoes ~  DB #120

Peep, Little Girl, Limpy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-pound cat-disabled

Gotcha Date:
June 20th 1983

January 20th 1983


Being pregnant and caring for kittens

Being away from her pal Pete

Favorite Toy:

Favorite Nap Spot:
On top of me or my other half

Favorite Food:
Anything! She ate for two but was tiny

Hunting, Escaping, Mothering and mentoring kittens

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Pee was a really super little girl. We got her from the local pound in the early 80's. She had an issue with her right rear leg so the pound would "amputate it for you before you adopt her". Well, no thanks. We took her to our vet where an X-Ray showed a crushed femur. About 10 pieces.(looked like my pelvis did in 1999 HoHo) She was in no pain at all so the vet felt it must have happened at birth or when she was very small. He said if it was a problem in the future he could amputate but, she was fine. So she hopped about. She liked to sit on people so she sat on us all day and night. She just loved being on top. If you slept in any position whatever you would feel Pee climb up and sit or sleep. On your hip, back, stomach, chest, head! Well time flies. One day when Pee went into heat, OMG! Katie bar the door. Meow Reow Yow Yow Yow! All day! All night! And sneaky, we learned quickly. She figured out after about 3 days that we would keep her in with feet and legs blocking the door. So she just started being nonchalant. No more yowling. No rushing towards the door. Total chill. Third day of total chill I come home beat from my construction biz and look through the entry doors big window. No Pee. I open the door. I walk in and set my stuff down and, ZOOM out the door! Sneaky! Smart! Came back the next day. Dirty! Happy! Rolling around like she got the canary! She just Loved being pregnant. Pee's first litter came on a Sat evening. She started following me around. She was all round and swelled up so much and there were little bumps showing the little kittens heads! I put her in a nice big box with a nice old blanket in the closet. And she followed me out. Repeat 3 times. Repeat 6 times. In the box. Good girl. Pet and pat and... Follow me out of the closet. OK I get it. You need support. I put the box next to the couch. She jumps out onto my lap. Now, picture this, one is coming out, a little wet bag, Oy Vey Pee not on my lap already! I had to sit there, my hand in the box, continuously touching Pee. If I moved my hand she would stand up and start aiming for the lap. OK I sit for an hour or so. HoHo. Now she started purring so loudly you could hear it all across the apartment! Out they came 5 little baby kits! All black or all white. So it began. Back then I did not realize the issue of unwanted. It was a different time. I was young and dumb. Also with the all kits being all black or white it was hard to keep them let alone any problem of giving them away. So it went. We had a few others Tommy Tumor. He will be added soon as I have dug out some photos and scanned them. OK. So it goes. I had a breakup with my fiancée. She really wanted Pee. Broke my heart but I was living in a rented room as I gave her all we had. Sad Peter. I had Tommy and we bachelors moved to a house I had renovated to sell. Big old Phila Twin with 3 floors. Well we keep in touch. I owned the building that our apartment was in and went by storage for my business was there. Saw Pee Weekly. Just about every day. She moves to Phila. I move her and Pee. Bye bye have a good one. And then... She calls about a week later. Pee will not eat. Pee will not drink. Pee will not come out. At ALL. Under the couch. Period. She may be sick I think Oh my I will be there in a flash. I go down very worried. My little Pee is sick! Maybe something in the new digs? I will rush her to the vet. So I knock. There is blaring music. I knock again. The black nail polish black hair ex opens the door. I go in and start asking questions, and, about 15 seconds after I start talking here comes Pee. Out from under. Looking thin. Haggard. I am not happy thinking about her under there while big parties go on with loud loud ear hurting music is blaring. I say nothing. I look down. She looks up. Ex says you better take her. We go home to my new house. She sets about eating like no tomorrow. Then a sniff to Tommy and time to explore. That night there was a cat sleeping on top of me. And there you go. She and I were back and happy. My little girl. My "How was work her is a big purr" when I get home every day. Now Pee did not changer her ways. I did not let them out as I was now in the city. Pee did her thing and one day I was distracted and zip out the door. I was heartsick as this was the city. We no longer had an acre to play. She had never been out. Oh My goodness! I have to go and run the crews! Deadlines! Payrolls! Well you have to let them grow up. Of course she was gone a day. On the second day missing I got home at about 7pm. There she was. Dirty. Happy. Pregnant. Well as before and every other litter I had to be present. She did not need my hand any longer but in the room. Only 4 and she was still very large. And the only mixed kittens ever. One white with black spots One black with white spots. No quite tuxedo's. Well Pee was moping about and just did not have that happy to be mothering purr. I was worried and took her to the vet. She had a kitten stuck with the cord around it. And she needed to be neutered to save her. I hand fed the kits. She was home in a few days. Happy mommy. Purr Purr Purr Lick Lick Lick. I decided to keep one of the kits. The runt. In the past if we had the kits and they got older she did mom things and brought home a mouse and taught them cat things. But she was not overly attached. She liked making and caring for babies the best. Well I do not know if she knew what had happened or what. But Ink was not, ever, not cared for by Pee. He got older and she groomed him. She followed him around. Now let me tell you if there was a bit of cat play with Tommy and Pee saw Wow she would run in and start batting Tommy like anything. Tom would look startled. She was half his size. But relent. She would then groom Ink. Her little Kit. Well I had pee for a long time. Her and Ink moved with me back to the burbs. She lasted through a few notable girlfriends. I remember one first date. She gets in the care and sees a few white hairs on my pants. I got the "I do not like cats. They are not nice" I said: "Really. Oh well." "What does that mean" I drive around the block, stop in front of her house. I smile. She frowns and gets out. Ah Cats Cats Cats. PS Pee is short for Peep. She made little tiny peep noises when she first came.

Pee passed over the rainbow bridge when I was in physical rehab in 1999.(MVA from those darn motorbikes HoHo) I had been in the hospital and then rehab for 6 months. My betrothed had snuck Pee into the clinic before she passed. She had brought Stinker into our home so when I got home we had Stink and Ink. Now they say anything on the Internet will be forever. Pee you deserve your story to be heard for ages. A cat of cats. A good friend through all kinds of trials, mine, and yours. A good mother. A great teacher of life. You are missed but will never be forgotten. I still think of you on top and sometimes when I am just falling asleep I think I feel your spirit, warm and light, sitting quietly, my little guardian angel.

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My B Day and a Huge Big Pawty!

January 21st 2014 1:57 pm
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Hi Furends
Now you know the secret of my name. I sounded like a little Peep.
Come by our family Bloggie for a huge 2 day pawty for my Birthday, Stinkers Birthday, Ambers Birthday and Mr Buttons GotCha Day

See Ya there
Pee Girl

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