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"This is one of the first pictures ever taken after Dad got me; my Gotcha Day Anniversary was May 13, 2014. Thanks Rory for this sweet photo!"

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This is special as it

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"This is special as it's one of the last photos ever taken of me. Thanks We Bees Siameezers for sending this for my Gotcha Day anniversary May 13, 2014!"

Thanks Rory & Family for my beautiful Happy Birthday photo, April 15, 2014!  You are so nice.

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"Thanks Rory & Family for my beautiful Happy Birthday photo, April 15, 2014! You are so nice."

This is a really nice Happy Birthday photo from We Bees Siameezers, Apr. 15, 2014! Thank You!

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"This is a really nice Happy Birthday photo from We Bees Siameezers, Apr. 15, 2014! Thank You!"

I Got Georgina May 13, 1975

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"I Got Georgina May 13, 1975"

With My Arms Folded! Nov. 29, 1979

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"With My Arms Folded! Nov. 29, 1979"

Arms Out-stretched & Relaxing around 1984-85

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"Arms Out-stretched & Relaxing around 1984-85"

I Sat Like This A Lot! 1988.

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"I Sat Like This A Lot! 1988."

May 19, 1978 I liked this rose Dad got when he was in "The Fantasticks"

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"May 19, 1978 I liked this rose Dad got when he was in "The Fantasticks""

I had Family at my Dad

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"I had Family at my Dad's parents' house. I'm here with their dog Pokey Aug. 21, 1976"

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The family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73A, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23 and MALLEE DG# 22

Morris The Cat, George

Rainbow Bridge
Gotcha Date:
May 13th 1975

April 15th 1975

Arrival Story:
Today is August 27, 2010. Twenty years ago today, on Aug. 27, 1990, Georgina passed on peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge due to bladder cancer and urinary problem. I got him on Tues., May 13, 1975, free as their ad said, at a farm, after work at 6:30 pm. I chose him because he was the most playful with his kitten brothers and sisters. I always thought he was 8 weeks old when I got him, but looking now at the first picture I took of him, I wonder if he was younger than that! He was my first Forever Cat. I did have another kitty prior to him, which I might add to Catster, but only had that kitty for a few months; it was mostly white with some grey. I have owned 8 cats since 1975 with Georgina being the first and Tyson is the eighth; but 3 of them are gone now; I still has 5 kitties! I have never been without a cat since getting baby Georgina. I lived in different cities due to my job, and Georgina went with me always to the new home. While looking at most of his pictures lately, I see he came along with me even when I visited a friend or went to see my parents! He and I were each others' best friend, were happy to see each other every day, and kept each other company; he was funny, made me laugh and was fun to play with. I called him Kitty for awhile, or Little Kitty. It was hard to pick out a name for him. In the autumn of 1975, I began University night school and took a Drama Class. One night while rehearsing lines at home from a play, I kept saying out loud the lines of fellow actors, so I could learn those enough to know when my own line would be spoken after their line was given. One line was Georgina! You better get up, you're going to be late, for Heaven's sake. I'd say the lines to my kitty, because he was sitting there watching me, and when he heard this line for the first time, he meowed back at me! I said the line to him again and he meowed back again. I knew this was going to be his name, even though he was male - we were speaking to each other! Every time after that when I would say Georgina??, he would meow back to me. My Mom called him Morris the Cat all the time because of the 9 Lives Cat Food commercials on TV. My other friends would just call him George because he was a male cat and they thought it sounded better than Georgina. But he was Georgina to me and to my sister too; she called him by his correct name! Georgina died Aug. 27, 1990, but two weeks before then I think he made sure little FELIX would come across my path. Kitties must have a secret way of communicating which we do not know about. I think one kitty can let another kitty far away know things like: Make Sure You Go And Meet Up with This Human, etc. And so Felix did cross my path (on Aug. 12, 1990), and stayed with me almost 19 years up until March 2, 2009. Georgina and Felix were both with me from August 12, 1990 to August 27, 1990. Georgina growled at Felix who did not want to leave my side; a really friendly kitten. I often felt sad, missing Georgina, for many years. Lots of times, it was while driving long distances in the dark, and I would think about him and wishing so badly that I could have helped him - and with sorrow that no one could help him. When he was very young and I had him only a few months there was one morning when he was sitting under the bed with pink urine on the floor underneath him due to eating only dry cat food the Vet said. I had him checked out and the Vet said to give canned food but avoid cat food that had a certain amount of Ash in it. I don't know if that problem in his young age was related to the urinary problem in his old age or not. He had no further urinary problems until May 1990. But as he grew up I remember thinking how his coat was getting nice and shiny and that he was eating well. I was amazed at everything about him, since I was learning about cats as he lived more years with me. I loved having him with me. A few days before he died I also remember how he wanted to go to his favorite spot in the basement area that was carpetted, but he was too weak to get there easily, but he could with effort. That was sad to me, to want to go somewhere you love to go to, but then you cannot get there anymore as easily as you used to. It was hard to watch your day by day friend finding it difficult to live well, like he used to. But, I loved having him with me for 15 years and as sad as it is when they go, I am so glad to have had the 15 years with him anyway. No matter what.

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Georgina You Better Get Up!

My Dad Got Me on May 13, 1975

May 13th 2014 1:09 pm
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Thinking how nice it would be if I was back at home for my Gotcha Day anniversary today, May 13, 2014. But if I was home I’d be a 39 year old cat, which is impossible!

Our family is pretty busy with celebrations; Tyson on May 7, Ginger on May 9, Tabatha on May 12 and now me today!

One of the things Dad remembers often is how he was wondering one day where I was when he woke up in the morning, or after a nap. I usually slept with him but one day, I wasn’t there. He said “Where are you?” and he looked left and right and up and down. Suddenly, he saw me right in front of him. I was on the bedroom dresser the whole time, just staring at him! He thought it was funny that I was just sitting there, staring at him (wondering why he can’t see me!). My color blended in with the room so well that he did not even see me.

I think he’d like to get another orange kitten one day because we are quite special; it’s just a secret wish but that is all it is, because right now he has 4 kitties which keep him busy.

He has quite a few pictures of me with my cat arms outstretched in front of me; he loved how I contentedly sat that way. He’d like to get out the old home movies of me because he always ‘directed’ the movies with me as the star, doing silly things like watching various Kleenexes fall around me, ha ha. But, that’s what kitties do; when something falls near us and gains our attention, we look at it; it could be prey and we naturally seek that out!

I was very lucky my Dad got me (and he says he was very lucky too)!

It seems Catster is different now; we went to buy Zealies and it says it’s no longer possible to buy them. A Catster friend said they’re free when you write to Catster. But at least Catster is providing free balloons and Hugz to give right now!

Thanks for the Zealies and Special Gifts you’ve sent me!

Georgina Morris George
(a boy with a girl's name)



Birthday at the Bridge, April 15, 2014

April 15th 2014 1:42 pm
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If only I could be Dad's kitten again, he would love that, to be sitting waiting a whole year until my first birthday came. But we can't.

Again, my dad drove by what he thinks is the farm he got me at. He was on his way to his sister's last Saturday for their family Easter. That farm is where he got me as a kitten in 1975, so many years ago; I was so cute; he'd love to hold me anytime. But he can't.

Going to the Bridge changes things a lot, which is where I went in 1990. But he has happy memories and that is the way it's supposed to be. He remembers me galloping when we'd play, or chase each other. And how I'd be right at the door when he got home. And how I travelled with him in the car, long distances, many times.

Dad I'm having a catnip birthday cake and you KNOW that, don't you!

Thanks Catster friends for your gifties today; makes my page look very purr-ty; I'm very grateful.

Love Georgina xo


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary, August 27, 2013

August 27th 2013 9:51 am
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It is now noon and my Dad was looking over my photos and thinking he last heard me purr at noon on August 27, 1990.

He is remembering our 15 years together; why I have a girl's name even though I'm a boy; we had fun, how silly I was running here and there in the apartment, disliking the deep snow on the balcony, the way I would look at things; and being scared of the fly swatter when I first saw it on the floor. So I tried to tap, tap, tap it with my paw, wondering what it was, getting ready to run from it should it start to move toward me!

He remembers how devoted I was to him; lying beside him, rubbing against him, meowing back when he spoke to me, and being a traveler with him sometimes. He would like me to come back, but I cannot.

Sometimes he still drives past those few farms, wondering which one he got me from, but since it was so long ago, in 1975, he will likely never be sure which one it was.

I left a lasting impression! And made sure a whole string of kitties would follow me, to live with him: Felix, Samantha, Serena, Tabatha, Elsa, Ginger and Tyson!

Thank you all for thinking of me today and visiting my page.

Thanks Tundra and Family for the purr-fect photo you made; it looks like I'm walking on rocks beside a stream at the Rainbow Bridge!

Georgina Morris George Angel

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