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Oct 24 My Bridge anniversary

October 25th 2013 9:30 pm
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Thanks to all for remembering me on my Bridge anniversary Oct. 24, 2013. Makes me feel so warm.

I love the pumpkin, roses, hearts, candy corn, rainbows, comments, pawmails, and photo from Rory and photo from Pipo and Minko.

Love to all!

Samantha xo


Bridge Anniversary October 24, 2013

October 24th 2013 12:15 am
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I am thinking of you pretty Samantha today as I usually do, but today's the day you left us in 2006 and I love you.

Missing you,


Diary Pick, Monday, July 29, 2013!

July 29th 2013 1:13 pm
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Like yesterday, I'm diary pick again today! I’m afraid to write this diary in case I’m chosen again - it’s only fair to give others their chance to be chosen!

Thanks for the red rose: from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe! So pretty and smells lovely.

Thanks Angel Buddie always for your paw mails of congratulations!

Thanks Rory and Family for the glamorous photo you made for me for my Diary honor on July 28!

Today at the Bridge, Smokey Joe and the Angels and I will go on a catnip field trip, slide down some rainbows and settle in for milk, at the Angel Inn. We’ll have a side order of Fancy Feast tuna!

Raincloud is bringing cake with cream cheese frosting! Many other angel kitties will come along with us too.

Those in the spotlight for Diary Pick with me today are: Luna Skye and E.J. and Biggles, along with Diary of the Day for Mason - Congratulations to you!

Thanks Again to all of you for stopping in to see me!

Love Samantha, xo


Diary Pick Again, July 28, 2013

July 28th 2013 3:52 pm
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Wow I'm diary pick again; I can just say a big Thank Mew!

Thanks for the red rose: from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe!

Thanks for the lemon drink (and I'm thirsty today too!): from We Bees Siamese.

I appreciate the paw mails and comments too, so very nice.

I'm always busy at the Bridge welcoming new kitties while their families are sad back home. Most recently my friend Edwina (Eddy) has come up here at the Bridge and we are comforting her, but she is in the greatest of health here now, and the catnip fields are of great interest to her!

Edwina is at

Those in the spotlight for Diary Pick with me today are: Samhain, Ollie and Mietzi Katze, along with Diary of the Day for Boo Bear - Congratulations to you!

We'll now be sending loud purrs to all of you back home and maybe you can hear us and know we're well.

Thanks Again To All!

Love Samantha xo


Diary Pick Today! July 25, 2013

July 25th 2013 9:32 am
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I am so nicely surprised my diary was chosen today!

We celebrated a lot last Friday for my birthday/gotcha day up here at the Bridge. We spent so much time in the bowling alley, under that strange strobe lighting, that it caused great noises of thunder with lightning down on earth! I remember that back home we used to call that a thunderstorm or electrical storm!

We partied with lots of watermelon at the Butterfly Meadow too, with ice cream, shrimp and chocolate cupcakes!

There were red candy hearts and red roses when we danced at the Angel Inn.

At the stream, we threw beach balls, which is funny to see, as we do not often sit up on our hind legs!

My Dad’s Mom is having her birthday party today too, in Heaven, so it’s a really special day to be chosen as Diary Pick. I’ve spent lots of time with her up here.

Thanks for thinking of me today with your comments and gifts and mail, and for coming here to read my diary; your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you Tundra for the photo of me too!

Love Samantha, xo


Birthday and Gotcha Day Anniversaries – July 19, 2013

July 19th 2013 10:12 am
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Today is a happy day to remember that my Dad got me on July 19, 1993! We decided my birthday would also be July 19, but the year would be 1991 since I was born that year.

I’m so late to thank you all for the Fourth of July fireworks gifts you gave me. Thanks for thinking of me! Those gifts came and went so fast that day, that we had no time to give any out!

It’s hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly, that I’ve been at the Rainbow Bridge since Oct. 24, 2006 along with those in my family who came after me: Felix and Serena and also Georgina who came here before I did. Luckily Tabatha, Elsa, Ginger and Tyson keeps Dad busy enough. None of them need medications but I used to, for my flea allergy even though we had no fleas in the house.

Thank you for the paw-mail today, dear Jezebel!

And the ice cream cone from Molly Angel, Misha Angel, Macy Angel, Emma (In Memory), Uboo, Lily, and Tootsie, Silk & Precious.

And the delicious chocolate cupcake from Marmelade, Pippin, Midge, Sebastian, Indiana Jones and their Angels: Tigger, Taylor, Bob, Buddy & Sneakers.

And the red heart from Zeus, Jameson, Tabatha, Patches, A Boy Named Lucy and their Angels: Big Harry, Lumi and Silvio.

And scrumptious watermelon from Platelicker, Pittbutton, Bootbox, Colors, Cheetoes, Fishstick, Gaga and their Angels: Raincloud, Cartman, and Big Bob.

Thank you all!

The angels here at the Bridge will meet me today in the birthday meadow, for cake and ice cream and more fun in the Butterfly Meadow!

I appreciate all my Catster friends at all times, for reading my diary and sending me things and for just thinking of me today!

Love Samantha xo


Daily Diary Pick, October 29, 2012

October 29th 2012 4:07 pm
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I am so honored up here at the sunny and breezy Rainbow Bridge, to see I’m one of the Diary Picks chosen today when I wrote about my anniversary of coming up here.

THANK YOU my friends, for rosettes and pawmails and comments. I love the photo made by Rory and Family just for this occasion!

May all of you on the East coast of the USA be kept safe right now, as I can see Hurricane Sandy is being quite rough. Even at my home in far-away Windsor I see strong winds, dark clouds and rainy weather affecting the city. I think the hurricane’s effects are very large across half of the country.

I hope you can all make your Jack-o-lanterns without any windy and rainy weather. If not, then at least the winds are going to blow the ghosts and goblins far from your homes!

We’re praying you’re all kept safe.

Love Samantha xo


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary, Oct. 24, 2012

October 24th 2012 5:45 pm
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My dad knew this anniversary date was coming. He told a friend often, that on October 24 it's the day I had to go to the Bridge back in 2006. I know my Dad has been thinking of me a lot lately; but he does that practically every day anyway.

He just got a little bit sad when he received a beautiful photo of me today from Lynzee for my Bridge anniversary. Just seeing my face up close in such a pretty picture made him wish I could come back down to earth for a little visit with him. Thank you Lynzee and family, we all love the photo.

Thanks to my Catster friends for rosettes and pawmails and sweet photo attachments. I will try to press my Dad's hands to the keyboard to send out thanks. If I can do that, he would like to feel my soft fur on his hands again anyway.

I truly will be thought of in loving memory.

Thanks again!

Love Samantha xo


Thanks For the Diary Pick, Friday, July 27, 2012!

July 27th 2012 5:19 pm
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Thank you ALL very much for visiting me and Thanks to Catster for choosing me as one of the Diary Picks - Friday, July 27, 2012!

Yesterday Dad was again outside and he looked to the kitchen window and there was Elsa watching him and he again thought she looks like I did when I was younger. I think Elsa misses him so much when he goes outside, that she has to sit in the window and be sure he’s within eye-distance! I notice when he’s at the computer, she sits in her little box on his desk while he works! When he goes to bed, she’s the first one to join him and lies down beside him! She loves him :o)

Elsa is a long-haired kitty like I was, but she did not gain weight the way I did. My weight gain could be (if anyone knows about this, let me know) because I took depo-medrol pills for my flea allergy; I guess that causes weight gain. But I’m not sure whether I was a big cat because of those pills or because I was naturally going to be a big kitty.

Thank you for the special paw mails for Friday’s Diary Pick, from ANGEL BUDDIE..ALWAYS LOVED, Smiley Cassanova and Manytoes!

Thank you Manytoes, Tundra, Rory & Lynzee and also We Bees Siamese (Pipo & Minko) for making me photos for Diary Pick, July 27!

Thanks for your comments in the diary We Bees Siamese!

For the Pretty Rose, Thank you Tate
And for the Pink Ribbon, Thanks to you Samson!

(Maybe soon I can list all the kitty names who gave me sweet things yesterday for Diary Of The Day; I dearly appreciate your thoughtfulness).

The other 4 diary picks today, cleverly written, were composed by:

Suzuki (#792560).
Brother & Sister Natalie the Nat Cat (#1172687)
And Orange Ruffy (#1059134)
Diary Of The Day: Lily (#315409)!

Congratulations to the 4 of you! I will likely get over to your pages too.

Thank you my Catster Furriends!

Love Samantha xo


Merci Beaucoup - Diary of the DAY - Thurs., July 26, 2012

July 27th 2012 8:03 am
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I don't think I am French but speaking French sometimes sounds so sophisticated and glamorous! Merci Beaucoup and thank you very much for the honor of being Diary of the DAY, yesterday, July 26!

Maybe only poodles are French, n'est ce pas? Isn't that so?

Thank you my Catster friends for Special Stars and Rosettes you have given me, to adorn my page, and for comments and pawmails.

Merci to Lynzee, Tundra, Rory & Manytoes and also We Bees Siamese (Pipo & Minko) for making me photos for my Diary of the Day!

Other Diary Picks for July 26, honored like I was are:

Socki - (Catster #1259703)- Go see how pretty and orange she is, she just joined Catster last Saturday; she's from England, not France! So I should stop trying to speak French! Socki lives with Charlie, a 12 year old girl who has an identical twin sister named Emily! Charlie got Socki only last April, so she's recently now been given her Forever Home. They are so new to Catster they have only 1 friend; so I'm going to ask pretty Socki to be a friend - I hope you will too.
Scooter - (Catster #287719) a handsome Ragdoll, who wrote about Ashlynne and Beepers' Mom visiting them. One Catster Mom visits another!
Sugar - (Catster #916917) a pretty Tortoiseshell kitty who was taken to the Bridge recently on July 17 at the age of about 14. She's gone to join her pretty Tortie sister Zip at the Bridge.
Mikey - (Catster #1217778) a handsome orange & white boy in the United Kingdom who just had his first anniversary of his Gotcha Day on July 25.

My Dad's Mom's birthday was July 25 too (she was my Grandma-Human but she passed away in May 2011) so it was very nice for me to be Catster Diary of the Day July 26 for my Diary of July 25, her birth-date.

Thanks once again to all of you for your gifts and comments!

Love Samantha xo

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