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Birthday and Gotcha Day Thanks - July 19, 2016

July 20th 2016 12:39 am
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Thank you my friends for ALL the many gifts for my birthday today and for the sweet messages inside the gifts! They decorate my page so nicely.

I'm so grateful for all your friendships these past many years and it's going to be sad not to see you when this place closes up; let's hope it won't!

Some Angel kitties have told me they made me some birthday cakes!

Thanks Manytoes, Rory, Lynzee and Tundra for the photo for my page!

I wish all of you much happiness in all your futures. We may find you on another Cat forum which will be wonderful.

Thanks to all of you again!

Love Samantha xo


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary, Oct. 24, 2015

October 27th 2015 9:40 pm
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Thank you furriends for your nice gifts to me on my Bridge anniversary on October 24/15 - my Dad was on vacation and could not type for me until today!

I have been here since Oct. 24, 2006. Dad often still thinks of me when he sees white clouds in the sky, or when white snow falls. He thinks of me sometimes too when he looks at Elsa. But I was bigger and fluffier!

Thanks Tundra, and also Dana and her kitties Edgar, Big Harry, A Boy Named Lucy, Abigail and family of kitties, for the photos you made for me. I hope to put them on my page; tonight I was not able to because the message was something like "Dang we couldn't load that photo" and we tried often! We'll keep trying.

Since my last Oct. Bridge anniversary I am now joined at the Bridge by my sister Tabatha, last April, and my little brother Tyson who I never met; he came up here last July. There are 6 of us here at the Bridge now, from my family. We get cozy and look down on all of you often.

I am very happy and grateful you all visited with me and I love the gifties; thanks again!

Love Samantha xo


Birthday and Gotcha Day Thanks, July 19, 2015

July 19th 2015 11:22 pm
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Thank you my friends for the gifts for my birthday today!

Some Angel kitties have made me some birthday cakes, and set up some parties. I'm for it!

Thanks Tundra for the photo for my page. I'm hoping I'll be able to post it without any problems from, you know who! Such as technical difficulties, fleas, and so on!

Thanks to all of you again!

Love Samantha xo


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary, October 24, 2014.

October 24th 2014 5:08 pm
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Thank you furriends for your nice gifts to me on my Bridge anniversary today. I have been here since Oct. 24, 2006. Dad often remembers my last few days in his mind if he goes past a building, or thinks of me in certain places in the house.

Thanks Tundra for the photo you made for me. I hope to put it on my page, after we all figure out that we might need to take screen shots of my page first, because our photo comments lately all get deleted when we add new pictures. Screen shots will let us keep what we've already used in our captions!

I am looking down on my sister Tabatha as she's almost 18 1/2 years old now and is frail, much thinner, and her back legs are wobbly. Old age is creeping in so I and my Dad say special prayers for her to get stronger.

So happy you all visited with me today; thanks again!

Love Samantha xo


July 31/14 - Diary Pick!

July 31st 2014 1:52 pm
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I'm so honored up here at the Bridge. I see I'm one of the Diary Picks today.

Thanks kitties for your gifties and messages!

My last diary was July 21 but I don't think many can see what's in my diary until the site is more up to date (unless you wrote down my ID Number in the address line).

Not much has changed since July 21. That diary was about how other diaries still cannot be seen in some cases! But since then I've been baking a few catnip birthday cakes for my kitty furriends.

I can see down on my home, and it looks like Dad put a litter box in the kitchen. That's because he found poop a few times in the Living room.

That could have been done by 18 year old Tabatha - she sometimes does not go down stairs to the litter box. Plus Elsa is on medication for diarrhea; maybe she did it. And Ginger sometimes has thick stools because she must be sometimes constipated but has medicine too; Dad saw her in the living room. And Tyson being a boy marks territory because the girls happened to poop in the living room.

Is that a typical kitty household? Back when I lived there, me and Felix and Serena and Tabatha were all good and did not do that!

Wow how times have changed!

Love Samantha xo


Diary Pick July 21/14

July 21st 2014 1:31 pm
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Sending Heavenly thanks for choosing my diary; and for gifts sent to my page!

I have been trying to read diaries on the 'Diary Pick' page and get the message "Member has not started or has removed diary".

I'm sure all kitties are getting that same message when they try to read my diary too, (Meowing OUT LOUD)!

But we found a trick to reading them. If you hold the mouse over the diary pick kitty's name, you will get their Identification number so write it down.

Then since we are able to see our own family's pages we go to the address bar at the top of 1 of the kittys in our family, and type in the diary pick kitty's I.D. number in place of our I.D. and we are then taken to the other kitty's page and diaries!

But I'm afraid no one will see this....because you might get the message that we have not started or have removed our diary!

Thanks again to you all for this diary honor today!

Love Samantha xo


Birthday and Gotcha Day Anniversaries, July 19, 2014

July 19th 2014 8:19 pm
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Thanks Catster furriends for your gifts!!

I wish I was back home for my Birthday & Gotcha anniversary, but here at the Bridge I'm baking a cake for other Angel kitties' birthdays. They all made me a cake too; with decorations of real catnip! I love that!

My Dad is still thinking of me as Samantha Glamourous and that is who I will always be to him.

Thanks again all my Catster family furriends!

Love Samantha xo


Oct 24 My Bridge anniversary

October 25th 2013 9:30 pm
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Thanks to all for remembering me on my Bridge anniversary Oct. 24, 2013. Makes me feel so warm.

I love the pumpkin, roses, hearts, candy corn, rainbows, comments, pawmails, and photo from Rory and photo from Pipo and Minko.

Love to all!

Samantha xo


Bridge Anniversary October 24, 2013

October 24th 2013 12:15 am
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I am thinking of you pretty Samantha today as I usually do, but today's the day you left us in 2006 and I love you.

Missing you,


Diary Pick, Monday, July 29, 2013!

July 29th 2013 1:13 pm
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Like yesterday, I'm diary pick again today! I’m afraid to write this diary in case I’m chosen again - it’s only fair to give others their chance to be chosen!

Thanks for the red rose: from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe! So pretty and smells lovely.

Thanks Angel Buddie always for your paw mails of congratulations!

Thanks Rory and Family for the glamorous photo you made for me for my Diary honor on July 28!

Today at the Bridge, Smokey Joe and the Angels and I will go on a catnip field trip, slide down some rainbows and settle in for milk, at the Angel Inn. We’ll have a side order of Fancy Feast tuna!

Raincloud is bringing cake with cream cheese frosting! Many other angel kitties will come along with us too.

Those in the spotlight for Diary Pick with me today are: Luna Skye and E.J. and Biggles, along with Diary of the Day for Mason - Congratulations to you!

Thanks Again to all of you for stopping in to see me!

Love Samantha, xo

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