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"Thanks Tundra for my Bridge Anniversary pic Oct. 24, 2014"

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Samantha Glamourous, Samantha Newly, Samantha Silliness, Samantha Pretty

Rainbow Bridge
Gotcha Date:
July 19th 1993

July 19th 1991

Arrival Story:
Today, back on July 19, 1993, Samantha became mine. That day, I took her right to the Vet when I got her. I brought her to my home, on July 21, 1993, after she stayed with the Vet for a couple of days. My pet phrases to her were: Samantha is so Glamorous. She is just gorgeous. She is so pretty! And I called her Samantha Newly because she was new to me. She understood too when I asked her if she wanted cat food. I found and met Samantha on approximately July 13, 1993. The company I work for moved to another city so I had to find a house in that city. In one of the houses I looked at, was a cat (Samantha, I named her), who was kept in the basement with the door shut. The owners were not home during the time I looked at their house. She was skinny and mostly bald and likely was starving most of the time. The food bowl looked like it had big chunks of food in it like a dog would eat. She had little bite marks on her as if she had been bitten by a dog with sharp teeth. The basement smelled of cat urine and the litter box had not been cleaned out for many days. We saw this when the realtor showed me the basement. Samantha ran up the stairs when we opened the door, scared of us, or wanting to escape from there. I had to pick her up and take her back to the basement. As I left her, she looked at me in such a sad way that I was sure she was asking me to take her with me. As I drove back home that night, which took me an hour, I cried thinking about her condition in that house and remembering her looking at me and wanting me to take her, and I knew I had to ask the owners if they wanted to keep her, or give her away. I had to call the realtor, to ask for the phone number of the owner of that house. The owner was now in a different city, so I had to call long distance. I never did buy that house, but the owner, who spent most of the week in the other city, said her daughter was supposed to have been taking care of the cat, but this teen was mostly away with her boyfriend. So the cat was alone, the owner in another city, the daughter staying with her boyfriend, and no one caring for the cat. I asked the owner if she wanted Samantha or wanted to give her away. She said she would give her away if I wanted her. Yes, I wanted her! On July 19, 1993, I took her right from that smelly, full of fleas basement to the Vet. They spayed her and treated her for a flea allergy. That explains why she had no fur, and had little bite marks on her. She was already front declawed so I had her back paws declawed too. Felix was my only other cat then, and he was already declawed. Serena and Tabatha would also be declawed in the future when I got them, but these are the only 4 of my cats I had declawed. As I carried her to my car to take her home on July 21, 1993, from the Vet, after her operations and treatment for fleas, she let go a little urine right onto my pants. I guess she was happy to leave there and now felt comfortable enough to let herself go! I had to go back to use the Veterinary bathroom to wash it off my pants. It did not matter. I thought I might call her Skippy but chose Samantha because that was the name of the dog belonging to my friend and I liked the name. I also liked Samantha on TV on Bewitched. In a few weeks Samantha bloomed into a gorgeous white angora possibly, or at least mostly persian cat. When she shed her fur though, she lost only a few long strands of hair! She loved to be scratched, petted and brushed. She would let you do this for days on end if you wanted to! She had a favorite yellow fuzzy toy she carried around and when she had it, and ran with it, she meowed while carrying it! She loved to chase my hand under the covers too. When coming home from work everyday, I remember mostly Samantha's white blur of happiness running back and forth down the hall, happy I was home, ready to eat. And I would go down to the laundry room and the cats would all follow and be fed. The cats Samantha grew up with are Felix, Serena and Tabatha. After a few years, both of her ears crinkled. The pointed part of the ears, and just below, filled with fluid which dried up and left the ears crinkled. The Vet said it was a hematoma, caused by cats shaking their head where a blood vein burst, causing a balloon of skin in the ear which later dries up. When I was younger, I had white long haired cats where this has happened too; it is strange. The Vet I took Samantha to is the same Vet the previous owners used, so they had a record of her. She was born in 1991, and as a young kitty, with the previous owners, she fell out of the window and had leg surgery. This explained why sometimes I heard her leg thump as she walked but it was very rare that I heard it. And her leg never bothered her. I have chosen July 19, 1991 as her birth date since her better life, full of love and giving back love to me, began on July 19. Serena was found as a baby kitten in August 1994, and she and Samantha used to run together in the house and it sounded like a heard of elephants when I was hearing it from the basement!

I had to send Samantha to the Rainbow Bridge, on October 24, 2006, with great persuasion from the Vet; I did not want to do THAT. I had hoped she would get better. The Vet said she would not. The Vet said she likely had a stroke or brain tumor. I held Samantha and told her over and over I love her, then the injection to peace everlasting. She went to the Rainbow Bridge at around 15 years old. It is one of the saddest days of your life yet you would never give up all the years with her, even if it has to end this way. She was mine on July 19, 1993 and in memory of her death in 2006, I will do a diary entry today, July 21, 2010, the same date I brought her to her forever home in 1993. After she was gone, I thought about her all the time and missed her a lot and wanted another white Persian. I just realized now, that today on July 21 (but in 2007) is the day I brought home Elsa. How strange that Samantha’s replacement was brought home on exactly the same date, and not planned that way either. And not discovered until today, July 21! When Samantha’s ashes were ready, I went to my car to go to the Vet and an all white (like Samantha) snow flurry fell and I knew she was sending me a Hello I’m Coming Back Home. Not very long afterwards, I dreamed of Samantha visiting me. She was jumping up onto the table beside the bed with her fluffy tail high, and flurrying side to side. It was a short visit, but I remember. I will not forget Samantha. When she was gone, fluffy white clouds in the sky made me think of her, and pet phrases I used with her are often used, but modified, with Elsa. They cannot be the same words, because Samantha was the special kitty who pleaded with me with her eyes, to take her home. And I took her home. And I want her to come often during my dreams, to visit her home again.

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May 19th 2010 More than 4 years!

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Samantha you will be missed.
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Samantha Glamourous, She Is Just Gorgeous!

Rainbow Bridge Anniversary, October 24, 2014.

October 24th 2014 5:08 pm
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Thank you furriends for your nice gifts to me on my Bridge anniversary today. I have been here since Oct. 24, 2006. Dad often remembers my last few days in his mind if he goes past a building, or thinks of me in certain places in the house.

Thanks Tundra for the photo you made for me. I hope to put it on my page, after we all figure out that we might need to take screen shots of my page first, because our photo comments lately all get deleted when we add new pictures. Screen shots will let us keep what we've already used in our captions!

I am looking down on my sister Tabatha as she's almost 18 1/2 years old now and is frail, much thinner, and her back legs are wobbly. Old age is creeping in so I and my Dad say special prayers for her to get stronger.

So happy you all visited with me today; thanks again!

Love Samantha xo


July 31/14 - Diary Pick!

July 31st 2014 1:52 pm
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I'm so honored up here at the Bridge. I see I'm one of the Diary Picks today.

Thanks kitties for your gifties and messages!

My last diary was July 21 but I don't think many can see what's in my diary until the site is more up to date (unless you wrote down my ID Number in the address line).

Not much has changed since July 21. That diary was about how other diaries still cannot be seen in some cases! But since then I've been baking a few catnip birthday cakes for my kitty furriends.

I can see down on my home, and it looks like Dad put a litter box in the kitchen. That's because he found poop a few times in the Living room.

That could have been done by 18 year old Tabatha - she sometimes does not go down stairs to the litter box. Plus Elsa is on medication for diarrhea; maybe she did it. And Ginger sometimes has thick stools because she must be sometimes constipated but has medicine too; Dad saw her in the living room. And Tyson being a boy marks territory because the girls happened to poop in the living room.

Is that a typical kitty household? Back when I lived there, me and Felix and Serena and Tabatha were all good and did not do that!

Wow how times have changed!

Love Samantha xo


Diary Pick July 21/14

July 21st 2014 1:31 pm
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Sending Heavenly thanks for choosing my diary; and for gifts sent to my page!

I have been trying to read diaries on the 'Diary Pick' page and get the message "Member has not started or has removed diary".

I'm sure all kitties are getting that same message when they try to read my diary too, (Meowing OUT LOUD)!

But we found a trick to reading them. If you hold the mouse over the diary pick kitty's name, you will get their Identification number so write it down.

Then since we are able to see our own family's pages we go to the address bar at the top of 1 of the kittys in our family, and type in the diary pick kitty's I.D. number in place of our I.D. and we are then taken to the other kitty's page and diaries!

But I'm afraid no one will see this....because you might get the message that we have not started or have removed our diary!

Thanks again to you all for this diary honor today!

Love Samantha xo

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