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Buddy and his buds

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Wowzers! Whadda Day!

June 27th 2010 5:14 am
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To all my admirin fans of the furred, non-furred, and odder ver-I-E-T(Youz odder N oddest, youz no whoz youz R!!!). Friends, Bohemians, Gentle-cats, lend me your ear tufts and swivel em over here! This great Re-Ward of daily diary is not without great and broad responsibility and let me say this first before I go on about that....

OW TOBY! I'm gonna getcha!

Anyhoo! All my pals I really appreciate da wunnerful gifts! My big hearts is all soft n mushy. Tank you all a bazillion and more!

Pops gave me a coupla few treats xtra for my big day and I am all happy.
I don't pay any more attention to that big lovely, wonderful, smells so good, treat jar. Nossir. Not till da nex time dat is.

Now to the re-lee important stuff. Ya see dat Toby. How he jumped back when I tole-em! Yessir! He jumped back and he knows da score. During my big day he was makin fun like "Oh, Buddy, Big bad Buddy, Nyaa Nyaa, Think youz better..." Well I am getting very fast on my feets. I do not know why as Iz dont feel much lighter, but, I have way more energy and Sto, Sta-Minnow(eat em up). So's he was buggin and I ran up and I give him a whack Inna Hed! He jus stares. He was found-dumb. Yeah Dumb. Toby. He kinda jus sat wit his ear low. Pops looks up and gives us Da-look... Den Da-voice:"Buddy! Toby!" We listen up. Weez coupla good guys.

New times a commin. I can smell-it.

Well I figgur I can work da fast feets onna Tim. Now dat Tim he read all up on Sun-Zu-Da-Furry: "Da Arts O Cat Fightin" He don look it but no one getta paw in. Soz-anyhow... Las week I do da fas-feets onnim and he jus plops down onna sida and I cant get-im. Den ee flip onna udda side. An den da udda. I gots dizzy. He gets up and hops up wit Pops. So I gonna go furda low road. I sneeks up and stan onna Cats Toy Box(Is always raght dere) and go ta whack-im. He putta paw onna my hed! I bob N weeve N duck N feint. He jus keepa paw onma hed.

I just donno. I tinks he dat Tim da biggest little guy eva! Glad he is Buddys Bud!

Tanks again to all mys Buds.
Buddy Bud!!!


Friday Night in June Summer Time

June 25th 2010 9:36 pm
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Oh boy we had some exciting times. After breakfast and Pops leaving we searched all over for the treat shaker. We started on the ice box since this is our morning spot get treats and to watch Pops from. Nope. All over the couch. Not here. All over the table. No luck. Hmm? Where in the cat world can those treats be? Them

Toby! Stop head butting it messes the keys up!

Anyhow. We were about to give up and then...

Toby! Stop nipping!

There they were! One here. One there. All over the cat tree! Whoopee! Toby got some in his spot. Tim got some in the little house. I got some down in the big house. I like that one because I can stretch and stick my head in from the floor.

So a good cat day all around. Dinner came and went. A little play time and I am a sleepy kitty.

Then when we were racing Pops to the bed he was talking to us about "Maybe you need a little brother or sister." Well how would he find them? I never knew my family. Tim says his brofur was just like him: "hot orange". Yes Tim. You are handsome AND smart, but, can it for now, OK. Toby says his brofur was black and beautiful. Yes Toby you are the handsome one who is handsomer than Tim.

What a bunch of Tom Cats. I am the handsome one, really. I have regal Russian blood flowing through this fine sturdy frame. I mean come on, look at me, there is no doubt!

No! Not my belly Toby! Get up there on the bed Toby and quit bugging.

Purrs N Pets to all


Who did the Deed?

June 25th 2010 5:14 am
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Well... We have to say Pops was surprised! He comes on home from that place he calls, Hmm whazzat, the 4th ring of hell? Anyhoo...

He starts the dinner and Pops then sees the Treat container. Its on the floor. Its empty! He says: "Who did that?"

I meow: "Burglars" Tim and Toby are silent.

He says: "Who got the screw lid off? Buddy Bud, were you in on this!"

Louder I cry: "Thieves"

How can he blame me? Maybe it was the goodie goodie cat Timmy! Maybe it was that jumping bean Toby! Just cause I am the one who is, well, hungry, is no reason to pick on me.

Pops stood there looking at us. Then he laughed and gave us ONE TREAT EACH! Oh my! This cannot go on! Well shucks, I am full and... No! I did not say that! I am very very hungry! In fact I am STARVING and did not eat all day!

Then I saw him grab one can for our dinner, Noooo. Then he stopped, looked at us, and got another one. Whew that was close.

That Pops. He is one good guy. We all came in after our snack and had play time.

I am back sleeping with everyone in my spot on the bed too!
Another Fun Day. Purrs to all!


Guess What?

June 22nd 2010 4:35 am
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Hey... I whacked Toby a good one inna nose and then chased him around the couch a couple times. Toby be hopin big time I don't grow a couple of them big attachments. He will be ground cat meat! Well, not really. I am very laid back. Toby also has his Ninja attack cat black belt(can't see it with that fur but it in there). BUT... Lets have no more bully boy! OK Toby! OK. I was also jumping and running with the flyin feather thingie.

Pops found me last night digging behind the box we do not use in the sleeping room. He was very curious and made sure I was not helping him keep varmits out with my sweet smelling... Anyhow. The other day, las week, we knocked over some dry foods. Silly Pops did not find them all... But I did. Sittin right there. I smelt em! Pushed that box out from the wall and GOT EM! I ATE EM. Ate em up. Got me a good couple few little bits. Lotta work but a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do. Pops is making sure I get plenty wet for full protein so I keep healthy while loosin my girth. Im gonna wear him down and git da dry you just watch.


My Big Mistake

June 19th 2010 7:25 am
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I axed Timmy. I axed Toby. They were going along. We wanted to let Pops know how unhappy I was about the dry food going wit the Dodo. Well, Wednesday Morning he saw some wet in that bowl. We just ate the one bowl and left the other. Then that night when Pops come home we left half of each bowl.

Hey Pops! Look! We need that Dry over night or WE WILL STARVE! Pops! Pops! Hey Look at me I am all over crying and rubbing and purring and following! I know you can see I have lost half my body weight over night and am STARVED!

Pops cleaned a bowl and GAVE US ONE CAN! NOOOOO!

That was NOT the plan! Toby and Tim gave me the cold tail on Friday. They wanted to eat so Pops came home to a licking clean couple of bowls. So when he put out our dinner Tim, Toby, and I killed the Friday night meal in no time. Well Pops did put an extra bit out late Friday as he stays up a bit and saw the MT bowls.

Now here it is Saturday. He just gave us our morning wet meal. We got our morning treats.

Is the Dry gone FUREVER???

So I do feel a bit more energy. I am a bit more into rubbing and just being happy doing it? Hmmm? I wonder? Is that the first sign of death by starvation? Meow!


We will see will we not

June 15th 2010 4:45 am
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Well Pop has the dry hidden away. Sigh... Sigh again... I made sure he was up and about in plenty of time for our morning treat. I am a little more used to just wet food so my morning reveille has toned down to jumping up and down off the bed (Good exercise for a big boy I may add) Toby missed treat time as he was hungry for the wet. I can't figure that?? What's that about?? Pop usually puts the wet down after treats so maybe he will do that? He did NOT give me Toby's share even though I axed several times very nicely. Meo-Hummmph. I have to think of a new plan to rule the food dish wars!


Wet? What about the DRY!!

June 13th 2010 5:41 am
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Well we all went and got our shots (Not me I had mine Meow)and full check ups on Monday. I was a svelt 18.5# so I really do not know why Pops wants me to diet but... I fooled everybody! Purrs!

Pops has been giving us just wet on some days but did not swap all the way as he did not know how much I was eating.(I have a really funny way of lapping so I do not let anyone see me eat wet. So sue me already Purr)

The Story: Pops plan is to starting a 2 meal a day wet only plan.

He let the dry run out and on Wed night put out our evening meal. We let him sleep all night and on Thurs morning too. We never did that before. We had empty bowls in the morning.

Well we ate it all up. And, Pop saw that I was getting enough to eat on Thurs morning with our AM meal.(It was soooo good).

Thurs night we were all waiting at the door. I mean \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"At The Door\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" not in our places 1, 2, 3 up the stair as usual. We wanted our meal. And we all went in and had a bit and then had fun time as always.

Friday morning Pop did not have us as his alarm. In fact we ran in when we heard him get up instead of nudging for treats like we usually do. And, there was wet left. Pop is thinking we are all on track and full. We all line up for treats. Pop gets coffee. I get my morning, next to the coffee cup, pet. And then I go to... Where? I always hang around for a bit and...

Pop found me! He made the mistake of leaving the grocery bag on the table and I had found the bag of Fancy Feast he got for treats. I am very good at stealing in the night. I had opened the bag on top and bottom and pushed it off the table. The whole bag was spread out on the floor hidden between the table and cat tree. Pop still saw it. Darn. Now he knows why we were so good Friday Morning. Well, pop came home, then he climbed under there and took all that great FF. Meow! Not Fair!

We are now back on 2 wet meals. Purrs till the next time!

Sat I had to climb on the bed at 2, 4, and 5, to remind him that it was almost breakfast time. I did not cry so he just gives me a head scratch and rolls over.

That Pops!


I am feeling great

May 27th 2010 4:25 am
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Meow I have been full of energy lately. I have even played with that bully Toby. He's not real bad just he gets so excited. Maybe its his age. Anyhow. We are all back to our regular diet. Pop says we need to get weighed and he needs to get a scale for me before we diet. Whats a scale? Whats a diet? They are for me so I know I am very special around here. Got my 3 treats this morning and that made me Purrrrrr.


Still getting treats

May 23rd 2010 2:25 pm
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Life is good. My treats are still coming. It was a bit confusing at first. We were all worked up and ready for afternoon treat time like every weekend. Toby went to the top of the tree, Tim got in the house, I waited by the ramp. Father opened the wonderful chest of treats. (I think it glimmers like gold) Toby first because he cannot wait and gets like he has fleas biting. Tim second because he is Tim. Me last because I get the most (he promised this and I believe).
Well, what a surprise.
We sniff, snuff, get in a huff.
Everyone looked around. Looked at Father. Looked at each other. Got down cried. Me-OW! Father went up and down the line again but only put one single treat on our little piles. We look up, down, all around.
He again moves his petting hand and we all sniff. I take a bite. I look up. Toby takes one, then Tim, I take another... Not bad.
TREATS, well, almost. Not quite but almost.
We all finish up. We are such good boys we get a few more. We are happy. Father is happy. Happy happy happy meow meow meow purr purr purr. The three boyz.
Oh, by the by, we are all eating wet food too.



May 23rd 2010 4:44 am
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I am now a American Fathair Society member! Me-OW! I told father that he really needs to reconsider my, Hsss, Diet. Last night was the second day of no full overnight bowl, and, I am very surprised to add, I did not die. If I may say so I also was pretty quiet and had a regular night. I did get some extra treats as he whispered: "We are not going to start loosing yet. Just change what we are eating." Well, since it does include treats, I will give it a go. We cats, even stupid Toby, have discussed this, and, although we hate any changes at all there is more yummy wet food so we will go along. For now!

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