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Buddy and his buds

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So dere waz dis dere ting an...

April 30th 2011 2:06 pm
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So Catz! Hopin youz allz gud-n-great I am purrin!

So diz iz what hoppen and da dealeo as it hoppen.

I knowed dat he wuz dere. I cud SMELLIM! He was callin to me: "Buddy-Bud! Here I am! Buddy-Bud! Nyah Nyah Buddy-Bud Can't get me!"
So I waitz. I bide my timez. Den! All sudden! I can reach in dere! Pop left dat drawer open a bit. I wiggled in and I was rootin and diggin. We catz good at rootin and diggin. So den Pops he like: "Buddy what the???" He open dat drawer cuz he want ta see me GETIM! So den Pops TAKES ME OUT DA DRAWER! POPS WHUT-UP???
And he lookin in dat drawer and he lookin at me.
And he lookin in dat drawer and he lookin at me.
He lookin!
Ya know dat lookin!
Dat lookin dey give a cat. Hoomans.


He take some papers out and I HADIM! I jump back up! DERE HE WAZ! HIDIN! I dig an dig and move dem last papers and den Pops sees him too! I CAUGHT EM POPS! I GOTIM! And den I ET-IM! NOM NOM NOM

Me Buddy-Bud got dat dang-durn TREATER DAT WAZ HIDIN!

No gud fur nuttin cept NOM NOM treater hide frum Buddy Bud! Nosir! Yessir!
Have a NOM Weekends my furs!
Buddy-Bud Treater Hunter Par Eggs-lants

PS by Pops:
"Buddy has been nosing at this desk drawer for a week. Nothing in there but some software boxes and CD's and various folders. I had a bag of treats in there so I could give them out sometimes when I was stuck at the keyboard. Well ONE must have fallen out of the bag. ONE. You would think there was a pound of sirloin in there the work Buddy put in to get that ONE treat. And he was so satisfied when he got it. LOL. Sitting with that cat smile. My Boyz. Never a dull moment. Have a good weekend"
Pops AKA Pete


Ello ta ma Frens N All da res tooz!

June 18th 2011 6:24 am
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Here da Buddy Bud!
Comin atcha big bold an handsomer den ebber!

So'ez furz!

Ah bin libbin large and happyness. Mah lives be fine and dandy lak a panzy inna sunz! Lak a beez inna sugarz! Lak a catz wit da treaters, and, lak da Buddy Bud wit Pops gittin a hed rubs!

Soz dey Brofurs caught dat mouser. Big whoop whoop! It be gittin treaters I lak inna morning and ebenin. I bez playin tooz. I play nippin Toberz. Ah tink he doan no I be playin and git all hissy-fitty. MOL.

It start when he be up nex to ma speshul bedz. Ah lean outz and "NIP". He look and ah reaches an "NIP"! MOL! He bak up and I come out da bedz and I reaches and he jumps awayz. I jump after nip nip nippin... MOL! Den I goez backs to bedz. MOL!

Soz anyhowz...

Ah doan eatin da creamers no mo. Doan no why? Jus doan bodder no mo. Ah radder had mah hed rubbin wit da Pop! He mah frens and doez it jus raght! I mean I feel a kittz-upped. Lak ah be 6 montherz gan. MOL. Verryz nize.


Da Kitz are sum quooties! Dey goan gud homz cuz da Pops makn surz. Hez a good hooman. So hiz frenz tooz.

So hab a happyz dayz with many treaterz


Yer Furenz
Buddy Bud


Bein Buddy Bud

June 26th 2011 7:23 am
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So ah gotta give dat Timmerz a nip!
An ah mean soonz!
He got-da boxer agin!
He alway got da-boxer!
Not fairz!

Ah whoz wan a stinky ol boxer any-hooz?
What da Buddy-Bud wantz is dem treaterz!
Buddy Bud wantz a gud hed rubz frum da Popz too!
No old stinky boxer an....
Whut Timz?
Buddy Bud can play inna boxer?
Well... OK Timz... I guessing we furends agin! Yessir!
It gud roun here!
Buddy Bud iz palz wit Rumpers tooz!
An Nip dat Toberz

Mus be Bast lookin out fur da mahselfs!

Buddy Bud


Buddy's doing and doing more

August 14th 2011 1:08 pm
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Hey dere mah furens! Buddy Bud comin atcha frum hagh top da TomCat houz!
Doan none youz beleivin what no cat be sayin bout da Buddy Bud! Ah be workin! Working Hard! Ah got da Timmerz Back Big Time!
Jus cause ah nippin dat Rumpers aint no reazons to say difrent!
Dats dat!
Buddy Bud Your pal Yessir!


Dat Rumpers

August 27th 2011 1:21 pm
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Hi all mah gud frens!

You bin safers and dryin biger timez! No floodin fur youz cuz youz frens wit Buddy Bud! Dats whut ah sayz fur to-daze!

So bin laffin at dat Rumpers! He gettin soz upsetz when I makin funners! Youngz catz! Me-ow!
Gotta purr cuz he jus can letter go an be himselfz n no worri lak Buddy Bud.

Dat Buddy Bud he likin gettin a big hed rubbing frum Pops. No Hidin it! Ah Lak it! Evey morn we sit n he sippers da hotz n ah likkin da hotz creamin stufz.

Yessir! Gud Gud Gud Yessir ah lak it!

So be whut cha be! Hed rubbin, bear huggin, paw pushin!

Doan be shamers! Be happiz!

An Do-Rite or the Buddy Bud Bight!

Buddy Bud


Gee gee gee meewwrrr

September 19th 2011 4:00 am
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Well dere furens ah waz spoze ta be postin mo!


Dat Pops puters was all flashin and bustaacated.

He say dere may be wormies in sombody emailers cuz he had dat new puter and haddta deeleet dem frum bakers upz an waz hardz

Hiz older was hadda cooruption of dat systim of opera tooz

Dat mean it keep singn atcha cuz it not workin raght

So be care wit yer systim of opera so it not singin atcha


Me an da Rumpers gotta truuse... Fur a bit dats be

Buddy Bud


Hooman Commentaries Yessir

October 15th 2011 4:28 pm
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So ah be lookin at dat box wit movin and dere deese hoomans dat going: Big Big Big BIG BIG Big Biiiiig Big BIG
So lemee Tell-Ya!!!!



Den dis hooman say: small... He silly hooman!

I be nippin at his head if he like small like mous...


Where dat hooman being now Wit dem kits agan!


BIG Buddy Bud


So'z Whut! with diz leben leben leben

November 11th 2011 5:09 pm
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Eleben eleben eleben? Big Whup.
Lak Huh?
Lak Whut?
Lak dem goofers hoomans dat dey gotta closers the piramiders cuz dey gonna do a sellbration or sumptin?
Whut-Me-Worriez bout dat worlb enders?
Silly hoomans...
Now Pops gotter raght.
One inna hunderts is speshul lak cats speshul.
Me'z.. Timmerz... Toberz.. Yez eben da Rumperz too's
Happyz one dayz inda hunderdz cat furends
Happy Catz Day!
Ah kill me witz mah intell-ekchu-all
Buddy Bud..


Yessir! Big Buddy-Bud Thankfuls! Yessir!

November 20th 2011 8:14 am
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So mah furz iz dat timez to thanks! Timez to reflectors and soulz scanners!


Mah livin be so goodz it hard to tink anudder timez was dere a-tall but dey waz.

I wuz libbin wit a youngin. Now Pop doan know muchez but ah hadda hard timez comin to diz livin spopt. Ah was all fearz and nervez. Ah be livin in mah secrets shelvers fur monts and monts. Ah den livin unner Pops deskz. So it was a tougher.

But I thanks dat Popz taken timez to slows teachers me dat it waz safez. Dat I waz welcomez. Dat he not hurin me NEVER!
So furz youz gotz ta lemee, Buddy-Bud, tell-ya! Ah Beenz Bee-leevin! I beenz da lucky Catz Fur-Shur!

Now youz can see by mah picatures dat I relaxacated and all restin out in da openz. An dat wit Rumperz roun too! It beez gud. Now dat Timmerz giv mah tailz a little playful but... We be real gud furenz Big-Time! We wrassle an chaserz!


So I'z beez Thankerz! Big Thankerz! Evey Dayz! U Shud tooz!

Thankerz fur yer Pop. Thankerz fur yer Mom. Thankerz fur yer brofurs. Thankerz fur yer Treaters! Thankerz fur yer mealz! Thankerz fur yer rubbin-on-da-hed-by-yer-hoomanz!


An mos of allz big-n-portantz!

Thankz Youz Fur Bein Buddy Buds Fren here at Catsters!


Your big Furend fureber and eber! Buddy-Bud!

Pops jus got me to go onda winder cat seat!
Diz supa-koolz!
I shudda dun diz yearz go...


I am Blue Fur Shur!

December 7th 2011 6:43 am
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Not blue lak feelin blue but ah been Big Russian Blue Buddy!
Lookit dat photoe dat Bugsy done did! Whoa cat! Dat Bugsy some wonderfur pic-a-tur makin cat!
You Jealus yet! Jus kiddin lak a do cuz I am
*Buddy takes a deep breath and meows it out"
*The Boys all look at Buddy*
Yeah yeah ah know you thinkin ah waz a Baritone or a Bass. So whatz dat ah is a Tenor! So whatz! Just so long az Pops hear me callin fur treaters!
Blue Buddy Bud

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