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Buddy and his buds

My New Picture

July 9th 2010 9:01 am
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Wowzers! I gotta new picture from da American Fathairs Society! Dey all got hearts as big as da bellies! Thanks to Big Harry and his family for this wunnerful wunnerful gift!

I am being a good guys for a whilz. No-mo stealin foodz or treatz. Well, dat may be cause Pops be puttin em away real good. I got all da time inna worl.

Sing: "Some Day My Treats will Come!"

Anyhowz Da Pops plan fer my trainin goez onz!

I am eatin all of my wet foods. I am gettin lean and mean! I am playin mo alla time. I didda jumpz offa da couch an make dat Toby run! Me-ow! I go to da Tims anhe jus licken me ups. Den he does da floppers and push me aroun wit da feets. Den he jumps onna tree or onna couch and push ma hed from followin. Hmmm. Gonna getim! Dono Howz?

We so gudz maybe Pops givvuz more treatz. Yessir


Buddy-Budd da Blue


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