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Buddy and his buds

Wowzers! Whadda Day!

June 27th 2010 5:14 am
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To all my admirin fans of the furred, non-furred, and odder ver-I-E-T(Youz odder N oddest, youz no whoz youz R!!!). Friends, Bohemians, Gentle-cats, lend me your ear tufts and swivel em over here! This great Re-Ward of daily diary is not without great and broad responsibility and let me say this first before I go on about that....

OW TOBY! I'm gonna getcha!

Anyhoo! All my pals I really appreciate da wunnerful gifts! My big hearts is all soft n mushy. Tank you all a bazillion and more!

Pops gave me a coupla few treats xtra for my big day and I am all happy.
I don't pay any more attention to that big lovely, wonderful, smells so good, treat jar. Nossir. Not till da nex time dat is.

Now to the re-lee important stuff. Ya see dat Toby. How he jumped back when I tole-em! Yessir! He jumped back and he knows da score. During my big day he was makin fun like "Oh, Buddy, Big bad Buddy, Nyaa Nyaa, Think youz better..." Well I am getting very fast on my feets. I do not know why as Iz dont feel much lighter, but, I have way more energy and Sto, Sta-Minnow(eat em up). So's he was buggin and I ran up and I give him a whack Inna Hed! He jus stares. He was found-dumb. Yeah Dumb. Toby. He kinda jus sat wit his ear low. Pops looks up and gives us Da-look... Den Da-voice:"Buddy! Toby!" We listen up. Weez coupla good guys.

New times a commin. I can smell-it.

Well I figgur I can work da fast feets onna Tim. Now dat Tim he read all up on Sun-Zu-Da-Furry: "Da Arts O Cat Fightin" He don look it but no one getta paw in. Soz-anyhow... Las week I do da fas-feets onnim and he jus plops down onna sida and I cant get-im. Den ee flip onna udda side. An den da udda. I gots dizzy. He gets up and hops up wit Pops. So I gonna go furda low road. I sneeks up and stan onna Cats Toy Box(Is always raght dere) and go ta whack-im. He putta paw onna my hed! I bob N weeve N duck N feint. He jus keepa paw onma hed.

I just donno. I tinks he dat Tim da biggest little guy eva! Glad he is Buddys Bud!

Tanks again to all mys Buds.
Buddy Bud!!!


Buddy-Budd da Blue


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