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Buddy and his buds

Friday Night in June Summer Time

June 25th 2010 9:36 pm
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Oh boy we had some exciting times. After breakfast and Pops leaving we searched all over for the treat shaker. We started on the ice box since this is our morning spot get treats and to watch Pops from. Nope. All over the couch. Not here. All over the table. No luck. Hmm? Where in the cat world can those treats be? Them

Toby! Stop head butting it messes the keys up!

Anyhow. We were about to give up and then...

Toby! Stop nipping!

There they were! One here. One there. All over the cat tree! Whoopee! Toby got some in his spot. Tim got some in the little house. I got some down in the big house. I like that one because I can stretch and stick my head in from the floor.

So a good cat day all around. Dinner came and went. A little play time and I am a sleepy kitty.

Then when we were racing Pops to the bed he was talking to us about "Maybe you need a little brother or sister." Well how would he find them? I never knew my family. Tim says his brofur was just like him: "hot orange". Yes Tim. You are handsome AND smart, but, can it for now, OK. Toby says his brofur was black and beautiful. Yes Toby you are the handsome one who is handsomer than Tim.

What a bunch of Tom Cats. I am the handsome one, really. I have regal Russian blood flowing through this fine sturdy frame. I mean come on, look at me, there is no doubt!

No! Not my belly Toby! Get up there on the bed Toby and quit bugging.

Purrs N Pets to all


Buddy-Budd da Blue


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