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Buddy and his buds

Who did the Deed?

June 25th 2010 5:14 am
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Well... We have to say Pops was surprised! He comes on home from that place he calls, Hmm whazzat, the 4th ring of hell? Anyhoo...

He starts the dinner and Pops then sees the Treat container. Its on the floor. Its empty! He says: "Who did that?"

I meow: "Burglars" Tim and Toby are silent.

He says: "Who got the screw lid off? Buddy Bud, were you in on this!"

Louder I cry: "Thieves"

How can he blame me? Maybe it was the goodie goodie cat Timmy! Maybe it was that jumping bean Toby! Just cause I am the one who is, well, hungry, is no reason to pick on me.

Pops stood there looking at us. Then he laughed and gave us ONE TREAT EACH! Oh my! This cannot go on! Well shucks, I am full and... No! I did not say that! I am very very hungry! In fact I am STARVING and did not eat all day!

Then I saw him grab one can for our dinner, Noooo. Then he stopped, looked at us, and got another one. Whew that was close.

That Pops. He is one good guy. We all came in after our snack and had play time.

I am back sleeping with everyone in my spot on the bed too!
Another Fun Day. Purrs to all!


Buddy-Budd da Blue


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