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Life with the Boyz

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Sad Times Contact Info

January 17th 2014 10:39 am
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Timmy fixed his blog but we are all cross posting

My purrsonal email is

timdatomcat at

Love you all so very much
Please visit us on Show Me Cats

or at our Blog

We are at Cathugger

We were thinking of setting up a blog and giving our Catster pals posting rights. We belong to The Tabby Cat Club and it is a lot of fun. Drop by and look it over

If I have a few takers to set up a blog? Who knows where we could end up! Meow!

I will be sending all my furends an email, I hope!
Love and Purrs from the Tomcat Family

Timmy Dad Fitz Buddy Toby Rumpy Buttons Einstein (poor little guy never got a catster page)

Some friends are going here on Facebook


Our Wonderfur Catmouse Part V

December 27th 2013 4:45 pm
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Thanks Buddy Budd

If you are just dropping in to see how Handsome I have gotten since you last came by please start this Catmus Day Tale on Timmys Page

Timmy's Page

Now take a few minutes and just stare at me and get your fill. I don’t want you to turn and see me and suddenly fall over of handsome shock.

OK now lets carry on. That Timmy is so funny with his Kliban Kitty. Meow

Rumpy went for the Cat Nip toy from Secret Paws

Buddy Budd was like a kitten. Love that big cat

Buddy went for a bit of Nip too

Mr Buttons brought out Dad's special gift, Yummy Noms

We lined up and Dad gave each of us our own plate of Stinky Goodness

Look at Buddy and Miss Fitz

Buttons gave the closing speech What a Day!

So thaks for visting. Hope your Catmus was amazing.
Remember Buddy Budd is having a GotCha Day Party on the 31st.
Toby (The Handsome One)

*The Angels Whisper* Watch for us! We will be around giving the Magic of Love to all we meet!


Something Missing

July 14th 2013 11:01 am
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I was lounging around in our newly decorated home and I just felt off.

Something seems missing?

What could it be?

Yoo Hoo Toby, Here I am!

My little buttercup get down here and be with your big handsome Man-Cat.

Ahh... Things are just Purrfect now.

Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)


Hi there. Handsome Toby Here.

June 3rd 2013 12:09 pm
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All my comments from my photos are gone! What is this about?
Fleas again? Darn.

I just posted a photo of me waiting for Tim's and my movie premier but now I do not want to move it as I may loose all my comments. MEOW!

Guess I better go to HQ
See ya soon
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)


My Wonderfur Got-Cha Day!

April 27th 2013 3:50 pm
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Whee it is that big day!
The day all cats want if they do not have one and rejoice in celebration when they do!

Our GOT=CHA Day!

We black cats really have to shoot up the fireworks as many of our kind are not wanted. This of course is a huge mistake as we bring great good luck. Just look at the Tomcat home. A great clowder of kitties who needed rescue. Thanks so much Dad! You Da-Hooman!

So what happened! Well...
We got up early and had breakfast. Then Dad said he was going to make the treats I like best. They are the beef ones. I am so so on the chicken. He made a HUGE batch. After we played a bit me, Rumpy, Buddy, and Tim had all we could eat of those super fresh beef-treats.

I got some new toys and love them.
*Toby whispers: I told Dad to get Pom-Poms because my Fitz likes them too!"

Then we played!

Then we had our nighttime treats. Whew. What fun.
Then I came by to visit my Catster pals and guess what?

My pal Manytoes and his great family made me a Got-cha photo!

Tobys Gotcha day from my pal Manytoes

AND if that was not enough my Siamese pals made me one too! WOW!

Tobys Gotcha day from my We Be Siamese friends

Thanks also to Marmalade, Inky, Milo and family, Tink and Snow, Smokey and family, Mac and Ivy and Family. If I missed anycat please know that I sent thanks and big Handsome Tomcat Purrs!

What a great day! Thank you everycat! Dad too of course.

So now let me tell you one last thing.

I need a nap!

See you all a bit later!
Love you!
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One)


Whee its my Birfdayz!

April 14th 2013 9:54 am
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Hi my good furends!
Your Handsome Man-Cat Toby is in da House, Garden, Village, City, State, Country, Planet, Galaxy, Universe, and Dimensions beyond!

So let me share a bit about today. Lots was going on. We has had a big weekend. We got 2 really Ham-micks from or pals at Forty Paws!

They are SUPER COMFY so ask your Pawrents if you can have one.
Where was I? Oh yes.

So we had been lounging on our Ham-micks, gettin good whiffies from the winderz. Nothing like winders whiffiez! Watchin birdies, wrasslin, snackin, nappin and all that good spring time Man-Cat stuff.

Imagine when I woke up today and IT WAS MY BIRFDAYZ! I had totally forgetted!

First thing my gal Fitz came over to the Ham-micks and gave me a big hug. Then she says "Come on in Boyz!" and my brofurs run in and sing Happy Birfdayz!

Oh My Cat! You could have knocked me down with a Pussy Willow!

We played and wrassled!
We had a bunch of Dads home made beef treats!
We had a plate of Super Special Stinky Goodness!
It was a great morning!

Then you know what? It got better! I know hard to believe but it did!
I came over to Catster and My Friends gave me Birthdayz Rosettes!

Thanks to all my Catster and Blog Furends!
You cats make me feel very special!

I really need a nap!


Lazy Spring Days are when Young Cats Minds turn to...

March 24th 2013 12:36 pm
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I was lounging. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!

Stretch and go. Stretch and go. Stretch and go. Stretch and go.

Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go.

Into here. Into here. Into here. Into here. Into here. Into here.

Still Bored! Still Bored! Still Bored! Still Bored! Still Bored!

Lick... Bored. Lick... Bored. Lick... Bored. Lick... Bored.

Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go. Down I go.

Can I sit? Yes you can! Can I sit? Yes you can! Can I sit? Yes you can!

Did you hear about the one about the squirrel and the kitten? Meow mew prrt mew prrt meow meow, hzzzz-MEW!

TOBY! You are the funniest cat! I love your jokes.

Toby, it sure is a really nice day. Yes it is Fitz, yes it is.

May your heart be lifted in the springtime
Toby Tomcat


Toby being shy and quiet today

March 10th 2013 12:38 pm
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Shhhhh. Its me, Toby.

I have to just zip in quickly and then go. Sorry.

It is just too hard to be out in public with this, this WOUND!

It is really awful. I am going to ask Pops if he can make me an appointment with the cat-cosmetic-surgeon. See it...

*Buddy Stomps In*

Buddy: "Agin you goin bout dat, dat, nuttin!"

BUDDY! It is not NOTHING! Look at it!

Buddy: "Yez, shur, you nutterz, it onlee bout big azza pinz!"

ITS ON MY NOSE! My handsome black leather nose has a SCAR!

Buddy: "OH NOES! MOL! You a biggest kitten if ever waz!"

*Buddy Stomps Off*

He just does not understand what it means to loose...

*Toby gets teary, and sobs*

Loose your Handsomeness! What if they take away my DREAM BOAT status! ARRRRRRRRR!

*Toby runs off. Timmy walks up chuckling*

Toby O'Tomcat DB122b will be back next time


Valentine with my Special Girl

February 10th 2013 1:17 pm
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Valentines is almost here. I love my little Fitz!
I am so glad she now has her very own page! Maybe now that she is settled in we can get more serious. I hope. But I still want her to know:

Cat Heart Fur You!

Cat Heart Fur Us!

Cat Heart Cause I Care!

Cat Valentine of Love!

I Will take it on the chin for You!

Who Loves You? Me!

Yes Fitz your Man-Cat Toby is right here. Waiting...
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome One... Waiting....)


An Excellent Month

January 27th 2013 10:18 am
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Hi Friends

It has been a good month. Has it ever!

Why you ask, well, you know what they say. one picture is worth a thousand mouse tails. How about this:

This Picture is worth a BaZZillion Mouse Tails!


That is my Little Buttercup, My Love Kitty. My Heart! Fitz and I have been getting closer. OK, ok, we are not an official couple I admit, but, that day is coming! I can feel it. Especially because of my place of honor as official tutor.

I am Mr Buttons Tutor. I have been teaching him how to, to, well, uh, jump? No. Catch? No. Run? No... I have it! I have been teaching him that fine cat tradition that hoomans find so endearing and wish they could do also.

Full Relaxation on the Couch by Buttons

Full Relaxation on the Couch by Toby

As any cat can see he really learning. As soon as he gets the crossing of paws down he will graduate with honors,

May all my friends have a relaxing time on their couches!
Toby Tomcat (The Handsome Relaxed One)

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