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Life with the Boyz

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Missing Mercy

July 19th 2010 5:08 am
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I am in shock about little Mercy! We loved to look over her pages and see what new beautiful outfit she had! She was a kitty we all had a big crush on. Pops would read us her exploits and about Moms. We know she was not feeling really good but she was so young.

My friends Coco and Amber are over the bridge and have already gotten in line to pay their respects to this wonderful kitty. She had a ton of heart in that little body. She always gave so much to us all.

I am sending purrs and prayers along with Pops!


I am so thankful

July 13th 2010 6:01 am
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Thanks to all my pals on Catster who have been celebrating with me about my Dairy Day Pick! Purrs and Bumps back at-cha!

So... I am trying to keep Buddy and Toby playing nice. Buddy got his hands on some manifesto that he is sure will allow him to rule the world.(sure Buddy! Don't hold your breath!) He was making fun of Toby's book too. Well, Toby, I do not think Buddy fits in as: "The horrible-est cat that ever lived". Maybe you are going overboard here. I know you are upset that he gives you a whack upside the head now, but, you used to chase him around every day and call him a "big lazy boy".

I warned you. Told you to play nice. Don't worry! Pops will make sure it all works out. I mean you guys do know Pops is keeping tabs on us. His surreptitious photo reconnaissance is up to date!

OK guys thanks for chilling! Buddy you do have the funny ways of laying around!

Purrs N Bumps from Timmy T.



July 11th 2010 5:55 am
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I have my very own time in the sun. I thank the visiting dignitaries, heads of state, Boss's, Workers, Cats, err-dogs too, for this great honor! Meow-zers! I am so busy today being Top Cat but admit this is a wonderful honors.

(Pops reminds everyone to check out petfinder to help with support. If not an adoption then maybe just a dollar here or there to help care for some kitty looking fur a furever home! That is how I came here!)

I am full time playground attendant today. I got Toby to chase me up the Cat-Tree. I do the Floppers for Buddy and gives him a lick. He has to try to get me but I give em the ropa-dope. I jump to the feather. Have to keep everyone going. I jumps up on the back where I does the windmill-paw-catch-the-feather. Back to Toby. Now with the lazer back and forth. Whew

Getting tired Lets take a break OK Pops!


My new box

July 8th 2010 4:18 am
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I have been thinking about this for some time.

I am the Top Cat around here. I do all the cat thinking; very deeply I may add. I do all the cat interventions to keep the peace. I let Toby know when we have some need for bug catching(He is all jumpy and energetic but kind of thick! Don't tell him he is my pal.). My spot in the treat queue is first. I make sure Pops puts the right stuff on Catster.

It only makes sense that since I am Top Cat I get the Top Sleep Spot. I tried to show Pops that. I run in and plop in my space every time he goes into the sleeping room. Now most times he gives me a good pet. But there is a big problem.

A dark he tries to lay on top of me? We have to work on this. Maybe if I got him to lay... Where? Have to work on this!


Pops got me a new box today. For some reason I cannot lay down in it? I tried every which way to get in there. Another problem!

Another reason to have the Top Sleep Spot I would say!

Lucky I do the cat thinking around here.



Happy 4th! And Tim likes Dali?

July 3rd 2010 5:29 am
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Yep! Love you all!

How can it be that you live in a place and miss all the important and stimulating things to see? I was chasing Toby up the Cat Tree the other day and there it was! A wonderful thing right there next to the tree. I was stimulated, invigorated, completely captivated! Toby has an attention span of about 3 seconds so thankfully he left.

Pops was watching us all run around and he watched as I left the fun and sat transfixed. Took my picture too. He asked me if I was looking at a bug. but, I said "Meow-no". He told me that thing was a Dali and called Maelstrom? He said it was about a guy putting a string on a... Guitar? No a Mandolin?

Well I did not see any of that.

I think its the big hot from the up high! Like when we knock the shade down! The hot comes in and we run by again and the stuff is all falling. Then Pops comes in and says "What ARE you all doing?" Then we just sit and say "Nothing Pops"

Hots and Stuff and Running! Not strings and... Well maybe strings are fun after all! And there it is! On the wall. The things we do! What is really interesting is; how did they know that we would do that stuff? An make it to see? This requires some deep thought!

Happy Holiday to all my Catster pals!

PS Buddy is stealing again!


The Trouble with Toby

June 28th 2010 10:01 am
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Well that Toby did it. He has been buggin Pops when he is working on the puter.

Well he has learned to stay off the keys. Most of the time.

And, he has learned not to head bump Pops hands. Most of the time.

He also has not been standing in front of the picture thing. Most of the time.

OK Toby. Pretty Good. Most of the time.


Way back under the desk. You know. Where Pops puts things that do not need we cats to fix.(Not much but some things) Way back where cats do not even fit.(He thought) Well seems you fit. Seems you can shut all this here puter off. He was just kind of like... Huh... NOT WANT!

Lucky Pops luvs us sooooo much!

Most of the time!



It was fun

June 25th 2010 5:34 am
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That Buddy Bud went and got the Treats open. I dont know how but he did. I got a few but he ate almost the whole bottle. Toby got some too. I asked Buddy how he was going to get the bottle back up to the counter. I asked how he was going to get the top on.
We were thinking and thinking. We tried and tried. Oh Oh I hear Pops. Quick! Down to the door so we can be like always.

Hi Pops. Nothing new here. Purrs...


Treats and Toms

June 15th 2010 4:58 am
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My my that Buddy Bud... He tried to get me in on the game to get more treats by knocking down the container. I splained dat it was cat-pruf wid a screw lid. I also told him I do not thief. I have moral integritude of mighty stature. He was not happy with that, but, he unnerstan. Well Pops went out all like neat and shiny happy person keen this mornin. Whaddup Pops? He's toll me he's a trying and a lookin to get a differnt work. Whaddat I say? He say dat where he goes dem days he's not home. He say dat why he sit onna couch bein "Crispy". He say he wan time to rescuse's. He says dat iffu do watcha like to do da mony will come. Whadeva. Well ifn he wan it I wan it too... Pops hooman kin come by las night widda "friend". I hid like always as I am smart. Buddy come out an watch. Dat Buddy Bud. Toby gotta petted and they he smell likka furs that not purr. They not as good as purr peeple. Meow for now!


Sunday is Funday!

June 13th 2010 6:22 am
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I have a new picture of me helping Pop! I look pretty good!

We are planning a lot of play when Pops gets back from his chores. Bud is a big mope since Pop found his stolen bag of food. I do not know why? Since he found out about Buddy's ability to slice bags open Pop puts a little bit of treat in the empty bags and leaves them for him to play with. Oh no not enough! He takes the NEW bag and spills it all over under our tree. Of course Pop finds it! Buddy Bud! What did you think? Pop was not mad. He thinks we are a funny bunch. Oh Play time! Bye!


Caturday Horay!

May 29th 2010 12:20 pm
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My my it is a nice day! We all slept in. Treats and Father got his hot drink. Very relaxed and then he watched the moving window. Those little pointy mice that scream a funny squeak as they move. There is talking about it all from the window and they say: "F1"? I think that is what Pop does when he goes away. He is watching the pointy mice so he can catch them. He must then trade them for our treats. He is a good hunter and we are happy. I wonder how many he eats as he is still hungry some days when he comes home?
Important Meow
He reminded us all that we need to give thanks to all who protect us. Many have given much, or all, in this endeavor!
Purrs and pets to all protectors and their families and loved!

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