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Life with the Boyz

Wonderful Summer Days are here

June 26th 2011 8:57 am
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Hey all my furiends!

Thinking of you all even though I have not been here as much as I like. So let me give a update of the happenings with the Tomcats.

The kits are all out in their furever homes. Seems they were fancy high-falootin Abyssinian kits. Pops was like "Yeah Sure they are" when the other foster hooman told him, but, don't you know, there they were, identical cats featured in the latest Cat Fancy! Pictures looked just like those little scraps. That was a real lucky turn having them in a big glossy magazine.

Or was it Luck?

The 21st was the Day of Bast so... We brofurs think our great Mother had a paw in this from the start. We are dutifully purring in reverence.


So I furgot the pictures of the squeeker last post so here they are. They are really fun but once they stop running they are, well, just blah in my mind.

I have made a personal vow to not be so rough with Buddy Bud. I furget about how worked up he gets. Evey thing is so serious with that cat. I was just playing box with him the other day and he got all upset. I mean come on. He hardly fit in there! I saw how upset he was so I gave it up. He jumps right in only by a big squeeze! MOL! If he had another treat he would have split the seams! MOL!

PS. Toby furgot how he got outside but I knew how. He was so upset he did not remember he was stuck in the closet. He got worked up and then he actually ripped the old cat door open! Pops was like:"Whoa Tim! You see that!" Pops fixed it again cause he is afraid if we fall off the roof we will get lost. I agree.

Have fun furs.
And be careful out there!
Timmy Tomcat Rolling into Summer with a cat smile!

Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB#73 (Catster Member)

June 26th 2011 at 10:06 am

Hey Timmy dood! Furry nice to hear an update on u 'n ur handsome furbro's!! WE missed seein' u 'round! WOW, da kits were Cat Fancy Fav's? Dat is so kewl!! Well, Bast does haz a big play in many things happen to us all!! Nope we don't want any of U fallin' off dat roof! So happy to hear u guys r doin' good 'n ur pops iz a furry spawcial guy for all him does! We know how real life get's carried away 'n can't spend as mush time on here as we would like either. Rollin' into summer, dood, it's really nice!!

many purrs,
Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

June 26th 2011 at 11:29 am

Wees glad to hears from yous!!! Don't stays gone soo longs!!!
Purred by: Callie (Catster Member)

June 27th 2011 at 9:31 am

Thanks for the update!


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