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Life with the Boyz

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Big Race and I'm In It

January 19th 2016 8:29 am
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Hey friends!
Have not been here in a while as could not post. Gonna try today and hope it works
I am in the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby! You may want to consider joining up. I am going to try and post a photo so we will see.

Timmy in his Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Car

Cat Scouts
There you go
Lets have fun as number one
Timmy T


Hey All

August 19th 2015 11:41 am
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Just seeing if this works now! Hope it does so I can come back and visit my pals
Timmy T


Well now this how 2015 looks

January 27th 2015 10:00 am
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Hi furends
We have not been around much due to problems with fleas when we visit. We still love you all very much and miss you. Hope you stop by our bloggie for a big blow out pawty on the 31st. Or anytime for that matter. I will put the link below.
Maybe join Cat Scouts? I belong with my little brofur Einstein and it is loads of fun. Or the Tabby Cat Club. Me and Miss Fitz belong there or CatHugger where Buddy Budd and the Blues are hanging out. Yes we are still around just wish they would get rid of these fleas!


Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote

February 25th 2014 4:40 pm
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Please vote fur me on my Trip to the Moon with Sammy



****Update on where Catster Furends are going***

January 23rd 2014 3:57 pm
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Hi Furends
Hope you are saving your pages

We are on a site called Furry Families. It is under construction by a Sir Snmowy and his Mom. They have really grabbed the horns of this dilemma. Now it is not developed but I would suggest going and joining so you have a nice home.

Many are also on ShowMeCats. This is a really fun site as it is fast. There are not a lot of features but we are there.

Lots of cats are already on Cathugger. This is a pretty good site. Lots of features but it is a bit difficult to learn. We are getting the hand of it and you can have several family members like here.

Please contact me to keep in touch and I will let you know any news.
timdatomcat at gmail dot com

Timmy Tomcat


Sad Times Contact Info

January 17th 2014 10:49 am
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Just got my diary to work
Such a sad sad day for all of us

Love you all so very much
Please visit us on Show Me Cats

or at our Blog

We are at Cathugger

We were thinking of setting up a blog and giving our Catster pals posting rights. We belong to The Tabby Cat Club and it is a lot of fun. Drop by and look it over

My purrsonal email is

timdatomcat at gmail dot com

If I have a few takers to set up a blog? Who knows where we could end up! Meow!

I will be sending all my furends an email, I hope!
Love and Purrs from the Tomcat Family

Timmy Dad Fitz Buddy Toby Rumpy Buttons Einstein (poor little guy never got a catster page)

Some friends are going here on Facebook


The Passing of a Giant of Cat, Natalie the Natcat!

January 9th 2014 9:54 am
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We are saddened by the loss of a very special cat here on Catster.

Natalie was a Giant of a Cat. A cat who had her own ideas on how things would be and that was that. A cat who beat Breast Cancer. A cat who was cast out into the streets at 12 and found a new loving family. A cat who was more than a handful and gave back more than a handful of love.

We will miss you dear furend!

RIP Natalie the Nat Cat

Timmy, Dad Pete and Family


Buddys GotCha Day!

December 30th 2013 4:28 pm
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Buddy is having his 5th GotCha Day tomorrow at my bloggie

Come to our Blog for Buddy's GotCha Day on the 31st!

He is having his Catster party in his diary right now! Come on over!
Love you big fellow!

Timmy Tomcat


Our Wonderfur Catmouse Part I

December 27th 2013 4:44 pm
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Timmy hoping that all of our pals have had a great Catmus or Catmouse, whichever you prever. We had loads of fun. I hope you visited to see how hard we worked to stay awake and see Santa Claws on Catmouse Eve.

Our Fun on Catmouse Eve

Our Fun on Catmouse Day

We now go to Mr Buttons Diary to continue our fun tail, er tale

Mr Buttons's Page


Merry CatMouse

December 24th 2013 4:42 pm
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Hi Furends

Hope you can come by my bloggie and see if we got a look at Santa Claws! Yep we are trying to get a look and have some fun going on today

Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Have a Meowy Catmous and Happy Mew Year

Timmy and Family

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