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Sampy's Rumbles

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I'm Home, I'm Home!!!!

February 5th 2012 9:24 am
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Mommy says she thinks I was right around here all along, but I wouldn't show myself cuz I was so scared. She spotted me coming up on the back porch to eat cuz that's where she keeps the food for Buddee, our outdoor cat and Puff and Patches, our two indoor/outdoor cats. Anyway, as soon as she opened the door I took off like a shot and she couldn't find me amongst all the cat tracks already in the snow so she sat and waited till I came out again to eat. She know I was really hungry for as long as I had been gone. Then I decided to hide under the car only Puff was under there too, so mommy gave Puff some treats to keep her at the back of the car and came around the front to where I was. She held out her hand to me, I sniffed at it then started licking it cuz she had had treats in it. She grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pulled me to her and into her arms. Daddy quickly opened the door and I ended up in the pawrents room to keep me warm and unbothered till I calm down and want to come back out.

If anyone is my friend in fb or my mommy, Cheri Petitt, she has posted new pics of me in hers and mine. Thank you for the purrs and prayers everyone!

Sampy and mommy Cheri


I'm Lost!!!!

February 2nd 2012 12:05 pm
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Mommy and Daddy are looking all over for me and I'm either hiding or someone on our Canadian side just over the gully has taken me in. Mommy talked to BP guys again today asking them please to keep watching for me when they go up and down our road and to tell the BP's in Canada to keep their eyes open for me there too. She's posted all over and keeps shaking the treat bag through the yard with the two indoo/outdoor cats and the one outdoor only cat following her and keeping their ears and eyes open for me. Please, could everyone say a prayer and some purrs for me to come home or mommy to find me?

All our thanks,

Sampy and Mommy


Update for da new fur on the block!

August 20th 2010 10:55 am
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Hiyas effuryone!!! All is well and very quiet on the Sampy and furmily front. I am now fully integrated into the community of hissy females MOL! I just sit and look at them and wonder why they're hissing. It's not like they've never seen another fur, but maybe it's because I'm just so all fired good looking, they can't get past that MOL MOL!!!! In any case, I am snoozing comfortably on the short cat tree where I can see and hear everything that goes on around me, IF I choose to do so MOL!

I'm also a newbie in another group called American Fathair Society and even though I'm by no means fat, I sure do like Big Harry! I think we're gonna be good friends, he and I.

I also want to say a big thank you to Sky, whose mommy made a special blankie (baby blue) with a heart that says Love in it and my name on it. It's pawsome! Mom's gonna take a pic soon as the batteries in the old gargantua camera she has recharges. Thank you so much everyone for welcoming this ex street walking fur into your hearts and your furmilies!!! I love you all!

Soft silky purrs,



It's Soooooooooo Good To Be Home!

August 16th 2010 10:40 am
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My and Mom's and Dad's first thoughts are to say thank you to all that had a hand, finger or paw in the arrival of myself to my new and only "furever" home! Mom and I waited and dreamed of this time to come for over 4 months and out of the blue, after Mom venting on her FB page, I was home not 5 days later.

Auntie's Stacey and Stacy, I owe you a huge purr and a headbutt to beat all just for thanks. Auntie Elaine, I owe you the same. Very special loves and purrs to my wonderful, loving foster mommies, Auntie Vanessa and Auntie Gayle-Suzanne. One other deserves as much too. Thank you to Auntie Jody for helping save me from that terrible place before they killed me. I am so happy to have that special second chance that so many don't get.

With that? No more moving around for me!!! I'm here to stay!

Love, Huggles and Purrs,

Sampy and Mommy Cheri


My forever home is on the horizon!!!

August 14th 2010 9:26 am
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HI everyone!!! Mom and I just wanted to let you know I will be rolling into my new and only forever home tomorrow afternoon sometime! It's been a long haul but the day we have both waited for is finally here!

We will update with pics here and on FB if anyone wants to see. Mom says she's gonna make me my own page so I can tell everyone thank you personally.

Talk later!

Huggles to all who helped us through this and are still helping! We love you!


I'm in NC now!

May 26th 2010 6:02 pm
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Hi everyone! Mom has been a bit lax about writing any news on me and she says she's very sorry, but life got in the way and things happening on my end at the wonderful TX foster mommy's and I'm in NC at another wonderful and loving foster mommy's till we get my eye issues taken care of and my forever mom has her and forever dad's lives straightened out some. It's been a real up and down thing with daddy and he has carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow, then soon it will be mom and her issues and dad's other thumb. Gah!!! What a mess MOL!

In any case, just want everyone to know I'm okay and being well taken care of and getting lots of love and looked after very well till I get to go home to mom, which hopefully will be next month or so. Will try hard to keep you updated.

For now? Love and purrs and huggles and headbutts to all my furriends and all the wonderful humans supporting me and my mom and the fosters and everyone involved with this project. Mom's anxious for me to come home, but with life going on at home and me still needing my eyes looked after, I will stay put here till it's okay for me to go to my loving forever home and pawrents! It's still a surprise for my daddy, so if any that are friends with him on Facebook, please keep all this hush hush okay? You can message mom there or here, but not to my daddy about me.

Purrs and Love,

Sampy and Meowma Cheri typist


Getting Better Day by Day

May 2nd 2010 5:39 am
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Just a short update to let you all know that I am doing much, much better!!! My foster mommy is an angel and has really done so much for me! She takes great care of me! I've become quite the talker and we talk back and forth to each other MOL! She says my eyes are looking good, although one has a full cataract and the other is not fully developed and until all the meds are used up, we won't know what is going to happen. Foster mommy also says I can see some, but not real well.

I'm putting on some weight and looking better every day. I'm not acting like a sick kitty anymore and enjoy going for walks in the yard with foster mom. I even sit next to the door when I want to go for walks!

Will update again soon when we know more!

Purrs of Love,

Sampy and Meowma Cheri


I'm doing better!

April 27th 2010 1:09 pm
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My typist says that my foster mom told her I'm doing so much better! I can see through one eye, but not clearly and that "the crusties" are almost gone and I had both eyes open yesterday! She says I'm eating all on my own, but not as much as she'd like, but I'm gaining weight too! I also enjoy walking out in the yard with foster mom. She's a wonderful person and both me and my new mom love her! She's a godsend to us!

Next up is waiting to see what happens with my eyes. I'll probably have to have one removed, but don't know about the other. We shall find out soon, if I keep getting better as quickly as I am now.

Please keep Auntie Jody and Bo in your purrs and prayers! Bo is really sick and it's taking it's toll on Auntie Jody too. I still need the purrs and prayers too and so does my furriend Adam Dylan and Smokey too!

Till next update,

Purrs of Love, Sampy and typist Meowma


New and good update!!!

April 22nd 2010 7:33 pm
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Meowma has agreed to pass along my update for me! My wonderpurr foster mommy has had me out for a couple walks and says I can see, but not well out of my one good eye! That's pawsome news in itself, BUT, I still need to have eye surgery in the near future. The vet said today when I visited, that my fur looks better and my kidney function is good, so that's some more good news! We will soon be thinking of getting the surgery for my eye, but first I have to put on some weight and get a bit more strength up, not only for the surgery, but for the recovery and finally my trip home to my furever home in NY.

I have so many new friends and requests from all over coming in daily! All for me and I've never had furriends in my life, but I sure do have a bunch now! Thank you dearly for all the requests, purrs, prayers and PoP for me and my family! You just don't know how much it means to us! You are all pawsome and we love you all!

Purrs of Love,

Sampy via typist Meowma Cheri



April 20th 2010 1:49 pm
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I now have 378 furriends!!! How totally pawsome is that??? Please do keep me in your purrs and prayers though, as I am still in pretty rough shape and need lots of PoP to get over this stuff and on my way home to NY! I am responding to meds though, so that is good and I'm eating and drinking normally, another plus. My foster mom is so loving and sweet and I just know I'm gonna get double that when I do get home!

Thank you all for accepting and loving me as I am. I will do my best to update here so stay tuned. Meowma says she will do it for me as I'm in TX and she's in NY for right now till I'm better. Thank you too for all the furriend requests and love you've shown.

We love you all!!!

Love and Purrs,

Sampy and Meowma Cheri

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