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A day in the life of Hunter...

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I'm a whiner...

March 29th 2012 5:40 am
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Well, I haven’t been super bad, but I haven’t really been good either. Mom didn’t play with me last night. I was kinda upset about that. So when mom went to bed, I whined and whined in the kitchen. Mom called my name, and I came running. We did this all night, up until the arm incident. Mom woke up to me biting her arm. I let go, and mom moved her arm. I whined, pounced on it, and did my grab and hold technique and while I had moms arm in my mouth, I whined. Mom doesn’t know what that means. Any ideas? Finally I let go, and mom calmed me down. I didn’t wake her up this morning. I was tired from wandering around all night. I was super hungry too, mom could hear my tummy growling. Mom fed me my fancy feast, turned around to throw the can away, and there I was, eating it up. Mmmm Thank the great cat for Fancy Feast!

Hopefully next week mom will have more time to update my diary.

Purrz & Licks,


My Adventure/ Moms update

March 26th 2012 7:05 am
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Doods!!! OMG Saturday night I escaped, for good! No really I did, I was outside for like an hour. Okay so I ate some grass, I ran around. It was dark but I had a good time anyway. Then I heard mom come outside with the dog. I wanted to tell her what I’ve been doing. But Teaka saw me and chased me away. I saw mom run in the house, and I saw her on the side deck. I saw her face and she was mad, so I ran in the house. Pepz is one of my favorite people now, he lets me outside. Well no, he doesn’t let me outside. He is old and sometimes doesn’t shut the door right. Perfect opportunity for me to go outside. I had a blast!

Yesterday mom and I played so much, I had such a good time. I didn’t knock anything off moms bureau! I didn’t feel the need to be bad. We played for like 2 hours. I jumped, ran, climbed. Oh and the good part, I didn’t breath funny! It’s a miracle, I’m cured! Not really, but it’s a nice thought.
~Hunter, let me write now. –Mom
No, I’m writing to all of my friends about my adventure.
~You better remember it because its your last adventure. –Mom
I’m almost done. Ugh…

Anyway, sorry about that, mom is wanting to write in my diary. You know, I think she should get her own and stop trying to write in mine all the time. I probably should let her, or I won’t get any treats.

Words of advice: Watch the slider, it’s a perfect place to make your escape!
~HUNTER!!! –Mom
Sorry mom…

Purrz & Licks,

Well since Saturday night, things are better. I’m not upset, which is good. Hunter has been good. Then again, I have been playing with him for hours. Literally. Last night, I played with him for 2 ½ hours. Not rough play, just with his wand toy, to get his energy out. Seriously though 2 ½ hours and he still could of played more. He wasn’t breathing funny, which I was surprised at. So we kept at it. He wants to play all the time. The little 15 minute flick of his wand toy is not going to keep him quiet. He wants to PLAY! The good thing of all this playing is that he zonks out at night. I went to bed early last night and he hopped on the bed and laid in my spot, the lil brat! With some coaxing I moved him over and he laid against my back. Reminded me of Hanna. He is so good when I give him my undivided attention, and when I play with him. I had no issues with him at all yesterday. He was actually really well behaved!!

I did talk with my parents, and they do realize what Hunter means to me. I suppose that I have to be more understanding, knowing that they are older and their reflexes aren’t what they used to be. I wasn’t mad at them, alright maybe slightly. I was just really upset that Hunter could of gotten in a fight, or hit by a car, or attacked by coyotes. My mother did mention to me that I should be lucky my parents don’t let Hunter fend for himself outside. They do try to keep him in. I know they do and I know what the problem is, I’ve seen it for myself. The problem is my father. Well no, he isn’t the problem, the issue is, he is the type of guy to be outside constantly. He will go out and in via the slider and will leave it open a crack. Hunter is so darn skinny he just slips out. I think I might put a sign on the wall or something, saying “CLOSE THE SLIDER DOOR” or “WATCH OUT FOR CAT”. I also need a better Ssscat deterrent for the back door. It works, but I ran out of air. I would get one for the slider, but in the summer it would be going off every 20 minutes or so, plus that is how the dog comes in and out. We do have a fenced in backyard, however after Saturday night, I now know that Hunter can easily jump it.

I know my fellow catsters recommend a harness. I won’t do that. First of all, there are stray cats EVERYWHERE. My father easily feeds 4 or 5 of them. They aren’t actually strays, they do have homes. Long story. Anyway Hunter is healthy besides his little heart blip and I don’t want him in contact with those cats. Second, those cats are big and I’ve seen them fight each other on occasion, I don’t want my white boy stained red. Third, they spray. I have actually seen them do it. Nasty habit, and I don’t want Hunter shown how to do it. Last of all, we have fleas and ticks around here. I don’t want my white boy covered in dirt, with bugs crawling all over him. Just gross. So yes, that is why I will not let Hunter outside, even supervised.

So about Hunter escaping. I really need to figure out a way to keep him in. Maybe some automatic toy while I’m out sometimes to keep him occupied. Or a catsitter dvd. I do have a tv plus dvd player in my room. Hmmm that is an option. Any of you guys buy those for your cats?

Thanks for all the comments. I know I’m not a bad mom, I just don’t want people to think I am. I want to personally talk to the person who said or thought of “Cats calm down after being spayed or neutered”. I want to bring Hunter to him, and be like “Here, take him for a day and see how calm he is”. :)

Huntys mom,


This has gone too far

March 24th 2012 7:54 pm
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Huntys mom here. I am so upset and mad, I don't really know what to do with myself right now. I went out tonight. I was gone for about 4 hours. When I left, Hunter was sleeping. I came home and he didn't greet me at the door. He wasn't in his bed. Wasn't in the other 2 bedrooms, or on the window sill, or the bathroom. I figured he was mad that I left and crammed his bum under my bureau. I went about my business and when he didn't come out, I felt a ill anxious. I got his treats out and shook them. That always gets a response from him, nothing happened. Thats when the search began.

I got the flashlight and looked under the bed, bureau, on top of the entertainment center, under the rest of the beds. Now I'm starting to panic. I live with my elderly parents (dont ask, long story). I asked my father if he saw Hunter. First he said no, and then He said " about an hour ago". For some reason, I felt the need to look outside. Teaka the tattletail dog came with me. I looked under the deck, no Hunter. Teaka ran to the gate and I saw this white flash running, and then I noticed Hunters tail. OMG HE IS OUTSIDE!!!!! I freaked out. I called him, and he wouldn't come near me because the dog was going ballistic. I ran in the house and went to the back door, I opened it, and Hunter was already on the side deck, he ran in.

Now I'm mad. I don't know how long he was out there. There are already fleas and ticks around. I'm mad that no one in my house cares about him but me. They don't care what happens to him. He could of gotten hit by a car! I think he might of gotten in a fight, because I pulled a clump of fur from his chest. He isn't bleeding and seems to be fine. Now all he wants to do, is go back outside. I've had enough cats in my life to know that once a cat goes out, they want to go out all the time. They will whine by the door. I didn't want Hunter doing that. Now I'm paranoid that he has fleas. I combed him with a flea comb, and didn't see anything.

I'm just so upset. I feel like my parents don't care if he is here or not. Hunter is like my kid. I do everything for him. All I ask is that they keep him inside, I guess I'm upset because I could of lost him for good. There are so many stray cats around here that fight all the time. He's so jittery. Any little noise and he jumps. I can't even finish this. I'm so upset.

I feel like a bad mom.

Huntys mom,


Escape attempt # 86 & 87... Success!!

March 23rd 2012 5:01 am
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I escaped yesterday, not once, but twice! You guys can just call me the Escape Master! The first time, I got in trouble. Got the “escaping discussion”. I swear my mom has a discussion for everything I do wrong. I’m polite and listen to her, but seriously, I’m just going to do it again. Okay so anyway, I escaped, went into the backyard and someone scooped me up from behind and brought me in. Got in major trouble for that one. Then I waited a few hours. Mom was home from work this time, and she noticed the screen door was open. She ran to the deck and saw Pepz trying to get me inside. You know, something smelled kinda funny and I saw mom so I ran inside on my own. Mom took my toy away. Ugh, my favorite toy in the entire world, and she locked it away for the night. Although I did play for about 45 minutes before she took it away, so I was okay with it. This morning I had to make sure my toy was okay. So I pawed at the drawer its in, and mom said “We’ll play when I get home Hunty. But only if I get a report that you’ve been good and no escaping!” I didn’t like that at all! So, I grabbed moms elbow held on with my big paws, bit her, and proceeded to bunny kick her hand. That’ll show her! Because I’ve been escaping, mom is going to put frontline on me! Ewwwww I hate that stuff, makes me act kinda funny. Its either that or fleas, and I don’t want any fleas! Anyway, mom has to get back to work, she is super busy!!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Oh and don’t try to escape, because your mom might take your favorite toy away. Ugh….

Purrz & Licks,



March 20th 2012 2:08 am
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Yay, I'm a DDP today! I can't say that i really deserve it, as mom hasn't been keeping up with my diary lately. She's been busy at work, and will be for the next couple of weeks, because one of her other coworkers is on vacation. Anyway, I've been kinda bugging mom lately. I want to play constantly. If I don't play, I become bad. It's great ya know. That way mom has to play with me. Well, I gotta go. Mom has to keep my entries short and sweet, she is busy. I'll update when I can.

Thanks for the DDP!

Purrs & licks,


New bed!

March 15th 2012 6:19 am
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Mom got a new mattress yesterday for her bed. Oh boy is it big!!! I can barely jump on it. Mom has to crawl into the bed. I think she ordered one that was a little too big. Thats okay though. I like the bed. Its super comfy. Its a memory foam mattress. I really don't know what that is, but I like it! I still sleep in the same spot, next to moms face. I didn't wake mom up last night, I didn't walk all over the bureau and knock things down. I was a very good boy and slept with mom. She is proud of me. Mom had the window open yesterday. I tried to climb up the screen. She kept on saying No. I don't know what the big deal was. Its not like I was escaping or anything like that. She always wants me to be good. I just can't do it. Its not in my nature to be good. I wanna be bad!!!

Purrz & licks,

P.S I really don't like the purple on the website. Looks too girly. It should be... blue!


Don't believe everything you hear...

March 14th 2012 6:06 am
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Mom said that all of my friends are fooled into thinking I'm a nice boy. Mom says I'm not nice. Okay so I've been really bad the past two nights. Mom hasn't been sleeping because I keep waking her up. Its not like I wake her up, well I do and I don't. Okay so moms bed is next to her bureau with a big mirror on top. Its super easy to get on the bureau. Lately I've been on the bureau knocking things off. Mom will hear me, get up, put me on my platform, pick up the things on the floor and go back to bed. Now, I think its a game. Its pretty fun. Mom is not happy!! Also, sometimes I'll walk on the bed while mom is snoozing and headbutt her. I want her to wake up and play with me. Okay so yes we play when mom gets home for about an hour. Now I'm used to it and want to play all the time.

Ugh, mom said she is too tired to write in my diary right now. On a better note, she didnt get mad at me last night because it was my Gotcha day! hehehe....

Purrz & Licks,


Its my Gotcha Day!

March 13th 2012 3:28 am
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Today is my Gotcha Day! Two years already. Wow! I was really bad last night. Back to my old tricks and getting into major trouble. Mom even locked me out of the bedroom! Ya know, I do remember not so long ago, mom wanted me to get into trouble! I knew I should of got that in writing. I was climbing everything, knocking things off of her bureau, whining, biting, just being bad! Mom didnt sleep very well last night, maybe 4 hours, if that. She is super tired. Anyway, we're going to make this short and sweet.

Happy 2 year Gotcha day to me!

Purrz & Licks,


DDP Thank You's

March 12th 2012 4:27 am
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Wow, I was a DDP yesterday! Mom didn't even let me post in my diary. She usually doesn't go on catster on the weekends. But my friends do!! Thank you everyone who left me comments, pressies, and pawmails! Its much appreciated. I have been very good lately. Just as long as mom plays with me, I'm good to go! Mom and I play all the time now. Its wicked fun!

Mom used me as a pillow again last night. I was laying on my spot on the bed, on my back stretched out. I woke up and moms head was on my belly, I had my paw around her head, and I decided it was a good time to give her a facial. She got up and moved to her own pillow. I think I'm gonna roll in some black dye, that way she won't think i'm her white pillow. Ugh mom is so crazy sometimes!

Gotta go!

Purrz & Licks,


Oh just stuff...

March 9th 2012 6:44 am
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I have been a very good boy lately. I did cause a bit of trouble yesterday. Well it wasn’t really all that bad. I jumped onto the entertainment center, because mom wasn’t playing with me. The stoopid dog ratted me out, again! One of these days, I’m gonna smackety paw that dog! Finally mom played with me. I didn’t jump or do any flips, mom doesn’t want to chance it. But I did stalk my wand toy, wiggled my butt and attacked it! I even ate all my dinner last night. Finally, mom has found a system that works for me! It only took her two years. I eat my breakfast, then when mom comes home I have some kibble to crunch on, then before dinner, mom puts my kibble away and gives me more wet food for dinner. Plus she has been playing with me two times a day, in the morning, and at night. I think all the playing makes me hungry. This is great because mom doesn’t get mad because she throws most of my dinner away. I never would eat all of my dinner. So this is great news. Mom is pretty happy.

She did wake me up from my nap yesterday. I made a funny snoring noise and she wanted to make sure I was still breathing. Seriously mom, c’mon now. I was dreaming I was attacking something and you had to go ruin it. Lately I can’t wait for mom to come home, because we play all the time! Its fantastic! I did kinda bite mom yesterday. Well she wouldn’t stop touching and inspecting me. So I clamped down and bunny kicked her hand. She deserved it. I don’t really lay down at night with mom. I just know she is going to listen to make sure I’m still breathing. Ugh Okay, lets get this straight. There is nothing wrong with my breathing! I snore. Yes I am a mancat and we snore. I do have a little blip with my heart but my vet isn’t worried and mom shouldn’t be either. I wish she would stop staring at me and inspecting me. Oh and I really wish she would leave my wand toy out while she is at work. That way, I would play all the time!

Oh and my friends the Tabbies, you know the guys and Dai$y who love fish? Well they gave me an idea yesterday. Mom opened the window, and I sat on top of the stoopid burd cage waiting for him to escape. No such luck. But the window was open. :)

Gotta go, time to check on the fishtank!

Purrz & Licks,

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