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A day in the life of Hunter...

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I'm feeling better!!

April 20th 2012 4:32 am
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I feel so much better. Mom came home from work yesterday, and I was still a lil yucky. But we played with my wand toy anyway! I ran, jumped in the air. Mom wanted to play more than I did. Finally mom had to cook dinner, so I just hung out in the other room. I had to see mom though. No matter where she went, I ran after her. Mom was getting a little annoyed with me. But Memz said "He misses you all day. Plus he isn't feeling that good. Why don't you stop for a minute and snuggle with him" So mom did. Oh boy I almost licked her face off. I guess I'm still a kitten when I don't feel good. I need my mom.

But this morning, ohhh boy did I feel better! I wanted to play. Unfortunately mom had to go to work. So she fed me, and was getting ready to get me some fresh water when she saw it. I caught a huge bug and put it in my water. Mom was grossed out. She cleaned my bowl and put fresh water in there. No bug water for me!

Ohhh, mom ordered me new pressies!! I'm so excited. Okay. I want you guys to take a look at these! Oh and btw, thank you Da Tabbies for the link to the great website where mom bought me my pressies!

Look! Rosie Rat, Honeysuckle Squirrle and a Valarian Spiced catnip pillow! Hopefully I'll like them. I love getting new pressies!! Gotta run!

Purrz & Licks,



April 19th 2012 5:26 am
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I was sick yesterday. Mom woke up and found the remnants of ‘stuff’ on the rug. She picked it up and cleaned the rug. I was acting fine. Being my whiny, brat self. Then mom saw it. A bowl left on the counter full of dried up Chinese food. Gross!! So mom cleaned that up too. She thought I ate some Chinese food, but she wasn’t sure. Well, she gave me my fancy feast and then left for work. Fast forward about 9 hours or so, mom came home from work. Ohhh boy did my tummy hurt!!! Mom walked into her bedroom to put her jacket away and saw it. I threw up all over the rug. Ewwww. I almost made it to my litter box. So mom cleaned it up, and had to scrub the rug. The babies were over so I was locked in the other room. I heard mom and was whining. She opened the door and I walked towards moms bedroom. I did not feel good at all! Mom cleaned my litter box, and then put down a bowl of kibble and water for me in the bedroom. I sat there and played with the water a little bit. I had to test it out with my paw before I drank it. It was good water. Nice and cold. I ate some kibble and went to lay down. That is how mom knows I don’t feel good. I didn’t feel like playing at all yesterday. I layed down and slept. I wanted to be left alone. Mom said I looked like I was 100 years old. My fur was all over the place, I looked shaggy and unkept. Mom kept on checking up on me to make sure I was okay.

This morning mom checked the rug, I didn’t get sick last night. I was acting more like myself. I ate some of my dinner, but not all of it. I had a really big yucky crusty in my left eye that mom got out. She hopes I’m not getting a cold or allergies. She forgot to put lysine in my food this morning. I hope I’m better today. When mom left I was eating my breakfast. So that’s a good sign right? Well, I think I’m just going to hang out on the back of the couch today and watch the birds.

Purrz & Licks,

P.S Don't eat chinese food, it'll make you throw up!


Momma, wake up!!

April 18th 2012 5:42 am
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Geez, there are a lot of cats and dogs going to the Rainbow Bridge lately. Bumpurr is gone. Mom still can’t believe that one. She had tears in her eyes when she read it on catster yesterday. I thought Bumpurr was going to outlive us all, especially the way his Momma took care of him. She is beyond fantastic! My mom has a lot to learn still. Then there is one of moms old co-workers, she had to put her dog down on Monday, too. So sad. I guess things like this just happen, but for their humans, its not easy. Mom has been there with Angel Hanna, and wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

Yesterday mom had to go to Boston for her doctor appointment. She actually made it there in less than an hour, only got lost once and made it to her appointment on time! She said it was a miracle! Anyway, mom is fine. I was being a real pain in the bum last night. I kept on waking up mom, whining, and head butting her. I even stood on her tummy, yeowled, and tried to smackety paw her face. She still wouldn’t get up. That called for drastic measures. I nuzzled up against her neck, grabbed a chunk of her hair, started to eat it and pull! That got her up. She pet me, and then went back to bed. Ugh, I just wanted her to play with me. I even brought my toy on the bed. How lazy can my mom be?? So she found the toy, threw it, and went back to bed. Then her alarm clock went off. So she had to get up. Hehehehe Now that mom was up, I decided it was time to take a snooze. Oh boy did that make mom mad. Mission accomplished!

Purrz & Licks,


Betcha don't know what I did this weekend...

April 16th 2012 5:22 am
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Mom bought me a new toy! Well it’s the same kind of wand toy I have now, just a newer one. I like to rip its fur off. Everytime mom hears me she said “Hunty, no, you know better” I do not know better. Its my instinct to destroy it. Sometimes moms just don’t understand. I played with that all weekend. I escaped twice while mom wasn’t home on Saturday. I didn’t get far though. Memz caught me. Even though she is older, and maybe a little slow moving, she is a smart lady! That Memz, opened the door and saw me moving from the corner of her eye and swooped down and picked me up. I like Memz. She calls me Sweetie. Thinking of names, mom has several for me that she uses for different occasions.

Hunter: This is what mom says when she is introducing me to someone. “This is Hunter”

Hunty: My overall nickname, the one mom uses every day

Lovey: This is what mom calls me when she comes home from work. “Hiya Lovey”

Big Boy: Mom uses this name when she wants me. “C’mon Big Boy, lets to get your toy”

Brat Boy: This is when I’m irritating mom.

Hunta: This is what Caitlin calls me. She can’t say Hunter, so its Hunta for short. “Auntie, what Hunta doin’?”

Floofy: This is what mom calls me when I strut my stuff and my floof is flowing in the wind

Nutcase: when I have the zoomies

Crazy: When I’m running, jumping, flying through the air, to get my toy.

White Boy: Because I’m mostly white.

That’s all I can think of for now. How many different names do your pawrents have for you?

Purrz & Licks,


what is your favorite toy??

April 13th 2012 7:50 am
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I was good last night. Besides my meowing to escape all night. The family has learned to ignore it. So no one really pays attention to me at night. That is totally wrong don’t you think? I should be center of attention always! I was so sleepy last night. Well not really last night, more like yesterday afternoon. I had a nap with mom, I cuddled up against her on the bed while she watched a movie. Then, when it was moms bedtime, I went to sleep in my big boy brown bed (say that 5 times fast). Mom woke up and there I was sleeping next to her. Boy do I love my mom. I licked her hand, fingers, face, nose, cheeks, and I try to lick her eyelids. She won’t let me do that. She says it hurts.

Mom took out a whole bunch of my toys yesterday. I don’t play with any of them!! Not even my YEOOWW Banana!! Catnip does nothing for me. So mom looked at River and Simone’s etsy shop, but they’re all filled with catnip. Mom knows I won’t play with them. Then she looked at Newmans etsy shop. Mom was thinking of getting me some poop balls, but she doesn’t know. I can't have toys with feathers, I eat them. No toys with real fur, I tend to eat that too. Oh and no treat holding toys, I eat the plastic. So mom has a question for all my friends:

What is your favorite toy and where can my mom buy one?

Purrz & Licks,

P.S I pooped, so mom thinks the plastic from my duckie might be in there. She wasn't going to disect it to find out though...


She bought me a duck!

April 12th 2012 5:11 am
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Yesterday, mom went out and bought me some Fancy Feast. Lately I’ve been whining a lot so mom thought she would buy me some toys that would keep me occupied. So, mom bought me a duck. This duck actually: Duckie Mom put some treats inside, and it was hard to get at them. I pushed it aside. Mom figured I would play with it later. Plus, it is supposedly good for my teeth. Now I don’t have any issues with my teeth. My Vet said they were a-okay! Anyway, I woke up when mom went to bed. She was laying down and heard “Crunch Crunch Crunch” She turned on the light and saw I was playing with my duckie! I wanted those treats! She took it from me and refilled the treats. Then she went back to bed. “Crunch CRUNCH Crunch” Uh-oh. Mom didn’t like the sound of that. She turned the light back on, and took my duckie away. I ate part of my Duckie!!! I ate about ¼ of the plastic tip on the duck. Actually the whole top left corner is now in my belly. Mom had to throw it away. Hopefully it passes to my poopie! I didn’t get sick last night, and I even ate all my dinner. So mom now has to keep an eye on me. It took me less than 10 minutes to destroy that toy. I guess I should warn my friends. Do not buy that duckie!!! Its not safe!! Well, its not safe for me anyway. :)

Mom can’t buy me toys with feathers, string, plastic eyes/nose. I destroy them all. Any ideas on a really good toy that is safe, that I’ll love? I miss my duckie…

Purrz & Licks,


I was good yesterday. ;)

April 10th 2012 5:35 am
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I waited for mom all day yesterday. I was so anxious when she got home from work. Memz and Pepz played a trick on mom, and it was like an Easter egg hunt in the house! Mom and I searched for moms new iPad case that Memz and Pepz hid. We looked everywhere. Finally I found it! The only way I knew where it was, it smelled funny. Mom was so happy I found it. She picked me up and kissed me. Oh geez, mom is such a girl sometimes!

I didn’t feel like playing much yesterday. Mom did take out my toy. She noticed today that I ripped it open. Pretty soon mom is going to have to get a new one. Mom got it for my birthday in January. I guess playing with it everyday, its bound to get yucky. Anyway, I slept a lot yesterday afternoon. I was even sleeping when mom went to bed. Last night, mom was smart. She used these orange things called ear plugs to sleep with. Lately, I’ve been yeowling at night, all night. Mom hasn’t slept much. So she read somewhere to ignore me, and eventually I’ll stop. Well mom said this morning that she got the best nights sleep last night!!! She was so happy. I, on the other hand was laughing inside. I don’t think she realized but last night, mom was cuddling up against my butt again. I like to spice things up a bit! Hehehe Oh, I hear the slider door opening. Gotta escape!

Purrz & Licks,


Another DDP. Mom says I don't deserve it... Uh oh...

April 5th 2012 3:40 am
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I’m a DDP! Alright I think the diary gal has a secret crush on me. I’ve been a DDP a lot lately. The sad part is, mom doesn’t think I deserve it. I was super duper bad last night. I whined to go outside for hours last night. Finally, mom couldn’t handle it. She woke up, found me, picked me up and locked me in the bedroom with her. Oh, and she brought my food in there with me. I whined and clawed at the door. LET ME OUT!!! It didn’t work. Finally I gave in and laid in the bed with mom. Then I thought to myself. Why should I be punished? I didn’t do anything bad. So, I clamped down on moms arm. She managed to break free and rolled over. Then moms alarm clocked went off. Mom didn’t sleep much last night. You know what I did next? I jumped on my platform and started to snooze. Oh boy did that make mom mad! She said: “If I didn’t sleep last night Hunty, you’re not sleeping today!!” She got out my toys and we played, I jumped, ran, flew through the air! I was tired and hungry. Finally mom was ready for work, and she fed me my fancy feast, and gave me a scoop of kibble. I was starving! She left a note for Memz and Pepz to watch out for me today, I’ve been wanting to escape every chance I get!

Mom said I’m lucky that she loves me, otherwise, I’d be outside!!

Purrz & Licks,


Life is never dull when I'm around...

April 4th 2012 4:32 am
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Oh geez. I’ve been pretty bad lately. I escaped twice again the other day. Teaka chased me back into the house. I need to find a way to kill the dog. Any suggestions? Mom is not happy with me today. I whined all night last night. Before bed, mom played with me for a couple of hours. She fed me, and then went to bed. Around 11:00 all mom heard was “MEEOOWW, MEEOOWW” So she called me, I came running, jumped on the bed and laid down for a lil bit. Mom fell back asleep and then around 3:00am we did the same thing. I came running and laid down. Then at 5:00am, again with the “MEEOOWW, MEEOOWW” I’m not hurting, I just want to be with mom!! I hate when she sleeps. So mom got ready for work, and I wanted to go in the shower too. She wouldn’t let me. Then mom walked into the kitchen and put food in my bowl. I didn’t want any. I was crouched down under the kitchen table. Mom knelt down to see if I would come to her. Hmmm, nope didn’t happen. She thinks I’m stupid. So, mom put her jacket on, got her purse and walked towards the door. I bolted and ran in front of mom and “MEEOOWW” I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE MOM!!!! So she picked me up and brought me to my Fancy Feast in my plate. I ate. She said that food is a good distraction for me. Little does she know that tomorrow, I plan on escaping… AGAIN!!

Purrz & Licks,



March 30th 2012 6:46 am
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I’m a DDP today. Although, I haven’t really been updating my diary all that much. I think the diary gal likes me. Do you guys think she would want to be my Valentine next year? Technically under moms rules I’m not allowed to date. But, next year I will be a full fledged dreamboat! I should at least be allowed a Valentine. I’ll have to talk to mom about that, it’s a work in progress. Anyway, I was pretty good last night. I didn’t whine last night. Instead, I went and did a pee in my box, and well I have longer fur, so some litter decided to stay on my floofy pants. Then, I jumped on the bed and laid down. Mom woke up this morning and had litter all in the bed. She said “Ugh, gross Hunty!” She is going to clean the bed when she gets home from work. Actually, mom is going out with Pepz when she gets home. They both have lottery fever! Mom said that if she wins, she is going to get me a playmate. How exciting! I hope she wins. That way mom can stay home all day and play with me. It’s a nice thought huh?

I licked mom all night last night. She said her forehead hurts from my tongue. Hey, I can’t help that I love my mom. Oh, we played last night. It was about time! I’m getting bored with the same wand toy. Mom says she is going to switch it up a bit. Problem with the other ones, they’re feathers. I have a tendency to eat feathers. I’ll work it out with mom. See if we can compromise. Anyway, I gotta go. Maybe I’ll go fishing today!

Purrz & Licks,

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