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A day in the life of Hunter...

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Going to the vets... :(

May 29th 2012 5:51 am
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Yep, mom did it. I’m going to the vets today for my ear and my eye. I have 2 of these bumps on my ear. At first mom thought it was a broken blood vessel and left it alone. Part of my ear is white so mom could see it. Then the bumps started. They’re getting a little bit bigger too, and my ear is warm to the touch. I’ve been shaking my head too. Yesterday mom saw the white skin around my eye turn pink! So, mom made an appointment for me to go to the vets. I really don’t wanna go. Mom is nervous because Auntie said it could be cancer. Mom thinks its an aural hematoma but isn’t sure. I heard mom say that she hopes it doesn’t cost too much money because mom doesn’t have a lot this week. However, if mom thinks I need to go to the vet, I go regardless of how much it costs.

Say some power of the paw prayers please for my ear and eye. I hope it gets better!

Purrz & Licks,


The other cat...

May 23rd 2012 7:34 am
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This morning, mom was getting ready for work. She was sitting on the bed putting her sneakers on. I was sitting on the bed too, waiting for mom to turn the TV on. I was just looking at it. Mom doesn't put the TV on in the morning. Well I started to look at the screen. There was another cat in the TV!! My tail started to go, and I was agitated. This is how the conversation with mom went...
Me: "Meow"
Mom: "Hunty, I'm not putting the TV on"
Me: "Mrrraow"
Mom: "Oh Hunty, its just your reflection. There is no other cat"
Me: (I started to growl at the TV)
Mom: "Hunter, c'mon now, its just the TV. You know better"
Me: (Growling under my breath)
Mom: "Okay Hunty, lets go. Want breakfast? Fancy Feast?"

All mom had to say was breakfast, and out the door I ran. There is another cat in the TV. I saw him. He looked just like me. I didn't eat much of my fancy feast. I ran back into the bedroom and tried to get behind the tv. I couldn't fit because its against the wall. So I jumped on moms computer table instead and tried to get the other cat in the TV. Mom kept on saying "Keep it up Hunty, you're gonna get in trouble" So I jumped on my platform and layed down. I think while mom is at work, I'm gonna see if I can get behind the TV. I don't like other cats. Teaka is lucky she is a dog. Otherwise I'd smackety paw her and show her whose boss. Wait, I do that anyway... hehehe

Gotta run!

Purrz & Licks,


I love my Hunter...

May 21st 2012 5:20 am
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Hunter has been such a good boy lately. I am very proud of him. He has not escaped once in over a week. With him being locked up in my bedroom at night, I thought he would go stir crazy. Nope, he has been such a good boy!! He doesn't whine or try to get out. He will eat his dinner, and either play with his toys on the floor or sleep with me. Then like clockwork, he will wake me up when my alarm rings. I couldn't be more proud of him.

He still tries to attack the feral cats outside through the slider. He does not like other cats. On occasion he will pounce on Teaka like he used to when he was little. He no longer eats dog food. Apparently the dog food doesn't appeal to him. Its Turkey. Hunter hates turkey. But, he will lick the dog after she eats. I guess he likes the Turkey/Yorkie mix. lol. ;) Hunter has started to calm down a bit. Only slightly though. He hasn't run through the house lately. Sometimes he will get the zoomies, but not like before. All of this could be because of the heat. Although we have AC, I guess the seasons get to him.

Overall I'm very lucky to have Hunter. He is a very smart, healthy boy.

Proud Mama,


I'm a mommas boy...

May 15th 2012 9:32 am
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I'm a Mommas boy. Its okay, i'm not ashamed to say it. I love my mom! I have been a very good boy at night, staying in the bedroom. I don't whine, cause trouble, pull moms hair. I either hang out in the hammock of my cat tree (this is a new thing for me), go on my towers, or sleep in my bed. Then usually in the middle of the might, I sleep with mom on the bed. It has been working out really well. Mom feels safe that I'm not escaping, and we can all sleep at night instead of listening to me yeowl. I think mom was afraid at first, that I would go stir crazy. But nope, I'm good.

Last night and this morning, I tried to hide under moms chin. She was on her iPad and I walked up onto her and did a hard headbutt under her chin and tried to hide. Normally I'm not a lap kitty, but I'm starting to be. On occasion I'll just lay on moms lap. Then she feels the need to pet me. Oh boy do I purr. I tried to hide under moms chin again this morning. I lay my head right under her chin and pretend no one can see me. I'm a total love bug in the morning.

I have to go lick Teaka now. She smells like Turkey.

Purrz & Licks,


New Rule in the house...

May 14th 2012 5:33 am
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Friday night I escaped again. Mom was sleeping and Pepz was outside trying to catch me. Although Pepz is afraid of me, mom has to give him credit for trying to catch me. Teaka kept on barking so mom got up, got my treats, but this time it didn't work. She got my favorite toy ever, and that got me out from underneath the deck. That was it. Mom has had it! So now, there is a new rule in the house. If we know people are going to coming in and out of the house (like bringing in groceries, when the babies come over etc) I have to be put in the bedroom. At night, I have to stay in moms room with her. Of course mom brings my dinner in the room too, and my litterbox is in the corner, so it works out. Also when Teaka has to go outside, someone has to pick me up and hold me to make sure I don't run outside. It worked all weekend long! I haven't even tried to escape. Well, maybe once yesterday. But Shhh don't tell mom. So I've been sleeping in moms room with her. Mom accidentally whacked me in the face while she was sleeping (I sleep next to moms face) so I bit her hand. She has Hunty teeth marks on her hand now. ;) So Mom had a good mothers day I think. I was being really cuddly yesterday. We played, napped, it was a good day.

I think I'm gonna try my paw at fishing today. I haven't tried that in a while.

Purrz & Licks,


I feel horrible!!

May 11th 2012 4:40 am
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Its official, I'm a bad mother. ;( Hunter escaped again. I'm really at my wits end about this. I don't know how to keep him inside!!! Anyway, so he escaped and always runs underneath the back deck. He won't come to me when he is outside. So I have to run back in the house and get his treats. Last night I got the treats and went back outside. I got him to almost come out, but I'm afraid to grab him by the collar, so I try to pick him up. He turned around and I got his tail. So by instinct, I pulled. He meowed and whipped around and tried to bite me. At that point I didn't care if he did or didn't. Then I'm like OMG I hurt him!!!! So I let go. He went to the other side of the deck and poked his head out when I showed him the treats. This time, I grabbed him by the scruff and brought him inside. I went directly to my bedroom, and put him on his platform, gave him the treats. He has no problem sitting, walking, wagging his tail. I wanted to make sure I didn't do any damage. So I brushed him. God he needed it. He flattens out like a pancake when I brush him, so I purposely put pressure with the Zoom Groom on the base of his spine where his tail starts and body ends. No whining, hissing, flinching whatsoever. So I let him be. He seems fine. I'm very lucky he is so forgiving. He slept with me last night and gave me a facial. I'm happy that he is okay.

I have never done anything to cause harm to Hunter. I just wanted him back inside the house. I feel horrible. Like I hurt my kid. It was a split second decision that I should have never done. We are at this constant tug of war. He wants to be outside, I want him in! The only way I can keep him inside, is if I open an umbrella and kind of shoo him into the kitchen with it. I suppose that is what I will have to do from now on. Gosh I feel like the worst cat parent ever today.

Huntys mom,

P.S If anyone feels the need to put me down, or mention animal cruelty, your comment will be deleted. Obviously you don't know what Hunter means to me and that I would NEVER, EVER hurt him. Thank you and have a nice day.


Mom is a bit stressed...

May 9th 2012 7:42 am
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Mom is keeping a close eye on the recalls. Teaka was eating TOTW, but after her vet visit. She has changed to Blue Buffalo. Thats not made by Diamond is it? I escaped Monday. I was only outside for about 3 minutes before mom brought me inside. You know, since then I really don't want to go out all that much. The past couple of nights, I've been really good. Tuesday night I brought my Valarian root pillow in the bed with mom and me. I rolled on it. I like that pillow, it makes me drool a bit. Then last night I slept with mom again. I wasn't sleeping with her for a long long time. I would just whine all night to go outside. Anyway....

Teakas vet said she needs to loose weight. Mom knew that. So now mom is spending more time with Teaka that she does me. Mom is having a hard time splitting her time between me and Teaka. She spends hours with me and Teaka every day after work. Thats some major dedication. So now, mom is running in the house trying to get Teaka to exercise. I just look at her like shes crazy. She runs up and down the hall squeaking this ugly looking monkey thing. Teaka gets upset, she runs after mom, mom throws the ugly monkey thing. Teaka gets it, brings it back to mom and they do this over and over and over. After a while mom gets tired. They she gets out my wand toy. I run and jump, fly, backflip in the air. Mom is exhausted!!

She told me that cats are so much easier than dogs. :)

Purrz & Licks,


Shes not too happy with me...

May 3rd 2012 3:56 am
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I've been bad. Mom is exhausted. For about a month now, I've been meowing constantly at night. I want to play all the time. I have so much energy sometimes mom can't keep up with me. I think if mom stayed home with me all day, I'd be fine at night. During the day I'm okay, when mom comes home I get so excited to see her I bring her straight to my wand drawer. Then we play. Every day mom plays with me for a couple of hours. Maybe if she plays with Da Bird and makes me jump and do backflips, i'll be quiet at night. Mom is so tired of waking up at 3am, 4am, I walk on her and then we cuddle. I love very early morning cuddles. Ugh, she is so tired she doesnt even want to finish typing my diary. If only I knew how to type...

Purrz & Licks,



April 27th 2012 5:07 am
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Well, my bad poopies have stopped! YAY! Thank goodness because moms nose was starting to corrode. I haven't pooped since yesterday, but thats okay. Mom gave me some Eagle Pack transition, so the poopies should start to flow later on today. I peed again. Mom thought I was blocked, but nope, I'm a good pee-r. I wasn't feeling so good yesterday. So mom left me alone. But this morning. Oh boy was I feeling better! Mom woke up, walked out of the bedroom and I came running! I stood on my hind legs and stretched up and tapped at her waist. "Pick me up Mom!" So she did. Then once I got on her shoulder I purred and purred. I started kneading the air. Well, it was half air half shoulder kneading. I was so happy mom was awake, and I felt so much better. Mom even let me in the bathroom!! Normally I'm not allowed in there when mom does her business or showers. She finds it gross. I think she felt bad for me today. So I got to watch Mr. Toilet man suck up the water and spit clean water back out. I asked to be picked up again, and this time I licked moms face. I'm a good licker. Mom put me on my platform and she was getting ready for work. I rolled around, trilling, having a great time. Mom came over and I thought she wanted to play so I did my grab and hold technique on her arm and bunny kicked her hand. I got in trouble. She held my scruff a bit and said "Hunty, NO!" I let go. That didn't bother me. I started to roll around again, and tried to attack moms jacket. Then mom gave me some fancy feast. Mmmmm she put some water in it and my Eagle Pack powder. YUM! I love that stuff. Ohh I think I'm gonna go attack Teaka today.

Boy do I feel better!!!

Purrz & Licks,


Bad poopies... ;(

April 26th 2012 4:39 am
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Sick again. Although this time, its coming out of my bum! I had really bad poopies all night. Mom said it smelled so bad that it was burning her nose. That’s some bad poopies! It stained some of my floofy pants. I was a bit embarrassed. So mom helped me clean them. I licked, she brushed. I kept on running in and out of my box. Mom cleaned my box this morning and saw pee clumps, so she knows I’m not blocked. Its definitely diarrhea! Ewwwww. I’m still my same Hunty self though. I wanted to play with my toy this morning, but I kept on having the poopie zoomies and running to my box. Mom feels bad. She put some Benefiber in my food this morning, so hopefully everything will be back to normal by the time she gets home. I was eating my fancy feast when mom left for work, so that’s a good sign. I ate most of my dinner last night too. Mom is going to check my litter box when she gets home. If no pee clumps, its to the ER vet for me. Now mom is psyching herself out about my pee clumps. She knows she saw some when she cleaned my box this morning. But the more she thinks about it, the more uneasy she is feeling. Geesh mom, it’s just bad poopies!!

Mom even wrote on the forums... A Change in food = a bad idea

Anyway, I gotta go and um… lick my bum!

Purrz & no licks today (Ewwww),

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