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A day in the life of Hunter...

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My fruit cups...

June 26th 2012 12:57 pm
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So I've been sad since my friend Violet went to the Rainbow Bridge. I've been stuck to mom like glue. Anyway, mom was sitting on the bed when she came home from work, and I decided to jump on the bed and give her a few headbutts. You know, kind of like "Hey mom, what's up?". Mom and I cuddled for a few minutes then she went to go visit Da Tabbies blog. That's when I did it. I layed on the bed, sprawled out and decided to clean my fruit cups. Although there is no fruit inside them anymore, my cups are still there. I did it right in front of mom too. I have no shame. I clean my fruit cups when and where I want to. That's all to report today. My fruit cups are clean!!

Purrz & Licks,


Hunter the alarm clock

June 25th 2012 8:20 am
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Normally I would let Hunter write in his diary. However its thundering and lightning out and I'm sure he is under my bed hiding somewhere. Now Hunter is a really good boy. I have no complaints. The escaping situation is pretty much under control. He gets locked in my bedroom with me at night so I don't have to worry about him. Because he is with me at night, Hunter is starting to be my alarm clock. Granite, I have to set like 4 alarms to wake up. Nope, not kidding. I think Hunter is starting to hate it. Now, he has taken over the job. This morning, I was woken up by Hunter head butting the back of my head. Normally when I'm awake he does this gently. When i'm sleeping, he isn't so gentle. He headbutts my head and it hurts. Wakes me right up for about 2.5 seconds. I usually tell him to go away. He sees me awake and gets all excited. He'll start to purr and knead on my shirt. I'll fall back asleep and this is when he gets pissed off. He'll headbutt me again, and I'll turn over. Then the fangs come out. This morning he grabbed my arm with his mouth, was yeowling while holding on, and air kneading. Needless to say it hurt. I managed to make him let go for about a second and then I heard "MEOW!" real loud and he grabbed on again. After the second mauling, I was up. He got excited, had the zoomies a bit and I let him out of the room. Then I went back to bed ;) I probably shouldn't of since I woke up late for work.

So yes Hunter is my personal alarm clock. I wish he wouldn't use the fangs though, I have 2 fang marks on my arm. The lil brat! He is very slowly becoming a lap cat. I'll be sitting down and he'll come up and just lay on my lap. Its a little awkward since he doesn't really fit. Oh and also at night, he'll walk on me and just lay down on me. My angel Hanna used to do that. That was the one thing she did almost every night.

Hunter does NOT like other cats. He is starting to hiss and growl at the ferals outside. He even tries to attack them through the slider door. I'm surprised he doesn't have a concussion yet.

Overall Hunter is slowly becoming more mellow. I don't know if its been the heat or not but I've noticed this slight change in him. Hes been a very good boy!

Huntys Momma,


I'm on Google!!!

June 22nd 2012 11:48 am
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Mom googled me. She wrote "Hunter Domestic Medium hair" and looked under the images. I'm the first picture! I'M ON GOOGLE!!! Thats all to report today. I've been really lovey and needy lately. Anyway, mom is almost done work. Gotta go!

Purrz & licks,


Moms accident & My weekend

June 18th 2012 11:26 am
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On Friday mom got into a car accident. Don't worry guys, moms okay! She went to the hospital to get checked out, and shes fine. Mom was in the middle car of a 3 car accident. Some stupid dude, hit my mom, and then my moms car hit the ladys car infront of her. So that was Friday...

On Saturday it was moms birthday!!! The babies came over and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. Mom got a Pandora bracelet (that I will enjoy chewing) and a bead of 2 cats. The bead is supposed to represent moms 2 nieces, but I secretly think they represent Angel Hanna and me!

Sunday was Fathers day! Mom spent the whole day with Pepz. She got him a bird feeder, but I think she really got it for me. So I can chatter at the birds. Pepz is so smart, he put it right infront of the picture window. Right where I sit! They went fishing too. I wanted to go, but mom said that I wasn't allowed. Then she told me about all the water where the fish live... ehh no thank you. I may look like a Turkish Van, but that doesn't mean I like water!!!

So mom is a bit stressed with the car insurance claim, medical claim, she has to get her car fixed, she is going to get a rental blah blah blah. Anyway, mom and I might not be around for a few days, but don't worry I'll be back!!

Purrz & Licks,


I went on the internet... well sort of.

June 13th 2012 5:36 am
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Early this morning I wanted to read Da Tabbies blog. Mom was sleeping. So I figured, I'd go on the internet myself! Mom usually uses this square thing called an iPad. It was put away so I had to figure out some other way to get on the internet. I know that sometimes mom says "I need to get on the internet" and she pulls a wire out of this black box. She waits 30 seconds and plugs it back in. Then these blue lights start to flash! Its a really neat looking box. Well, I took it upon myself to nibble on the wires to the black box. I know I'm not supposed to chew on wires, but I really wanted to visit my friends!

So you know when you do something you're not supposed to, and your mom knows too?? I think mom has eyes on the back of her head! Yea well mom woke up and saw me nibbling on the wires. She said "you know better, Hunter!" She put everything back where it was supposed to be, and walked out of the room. I saw the blue lights flashing on the black box. So I went back to it, and nibbled again, and mom could hear me. "Hunter, get away from the router!" I don't know what a 'router' is, so I didn't feel the need to move. Actually I moved ontop of the box! I WAS ON THE INTERNET!!!

You won't believe what mom did next. She unplugged everything, took the box away and put it in a spot even I can't get to. She was moving the wires and I got mad! I scratched her wrist. It was bleeding. ;( She called me a little brat, and left me. Then I had the zoomies. I've been pretty bad lately. I escaped twice yesterday. First time in a long while.

Anyway, I went on the internet this morning. I didn't get to see my friends blog, but maybe when mom comes home from work, we can go visit them. I think I'm gonna lay low today. Its raining, and I've been pretty bad. At least I still got my fancy feast this morning!!

I don't know why parents need black boxes to go on the internet. I was on the black box this morning and didn't see anything!!!

Purrz & Licks,


Water Play!

June 12th 2012 5:15 am
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Well, last night I was in the bathroom with mom. She was taking my medicine for allergies. Yep, you heard that right. She was taking MY medicine. So I had a little talk with her. I meowed "Mom, thats my medicine!!" She looked at me and said, "Actually Hunty, you take MY medicine, but only half of one" Hmmm, I never knew I was taking human pills. Weird. Anyway, So i'm in the bathroom and I decided to jump in the tub. I don't do this normally, hardly ever. Mom found it funny, and I was rolling around, trilling, being silly. Then I sat up, and was pawing at the faucet. So, mom turned it on just a tiny bit. Oh boy did I splash and have a good time. Then the water started to puddle up in the tub. Uh oh, so I ran to the other side where there was no water. Ahhh, I was safe! Then she turned the water off. I walked back to the faucet and pawed at it again. Mom turned it on, and water got on my head!!! I ran back to the other side of the tub. Mom said my face was sad. I don't like water on my head! She turned off the water, picked me up and we went to bed.

I do not like water on my head. I do not like water on my paws. I do not like water here or there. I do not like water anywhere! ;)

Purrz & Licks,


No Mom, don't do it!!

June 11th 2012 2:29 am
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Well I told mom not to do it. I've been a very good boy, so she should of kept it up for me. But nope, mom canceled it. Mom canceled my Plus subscription!!! She said she is not going to pay for a website anymore. Don't be surprised guys when my page doesn't look cool anymore. Mom isn't sure exactly what happens, or what disappears from my page, but don't be shocked.

I think mom has come to terms with what catster means to her and me. I like it for my friends. Plain and simple. My friends know how I am, and are always there lending mom good advice on how to keep me inside. (Really guys, you could of given me advice on how to escape more efficiently.) I think mom likes catster for the forums and for my diary. ( hopefully my diary won't go away cuz she canceled my plus subscription). Mom likes reading the forums. She knows it's a place where she can get advice if something goes wrong.

Mom and I might not be here everyday. We might not even be here for a week. But, mom reads every comment I get. It pops up on her cellphone (and my mom always has her cellphone with her) so don't think I don't read what you say. Mom hates to comment back in my diary, she thinks it's ridiculous and catster should have some IM system. Anyway, mom and I aren't leaving catster. We just downgraded my account.

I gotta go. Its 5:26am and mom has to get ready for work. Oh and she has to give me fancy feast. That's most important.

Purrz & licks,


I promise I'll be good...

June 9th 2012 5:52 pm
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OMC my friends are leaving catster. Ok not all of them, but a certain few are gone!! I promise I'll have mom type my diary entry daily. She's been sick so she hasn't done it in a while. I don't want my friends to leave. Who will tell me to be a good boy?? Who will give me advise when the dog is a tattle tail? I promise I'll try to be good. I don't want my friends to leave catster. Without friends I don't have anyone. I even promise not to escape!

I'm gonna miss them!

Purrz & licks,



May 31st 2012 5:18 am
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Wow! I'm a DDP today. I was pretty excited when mom told me this morning. I had to go and bunny kick my bubble fishie, and then drool a bit on my Valarian root pillow. Good times. I spit my pill out this morning. I have to chew everything, even wet food. Mom was a bit annoyed that I spit it out. So she wrapped it in another pill pocket. Thank goodness for those! Mom doesn't really think the zyrtec is helping me. Its only been a day and a half though. Mom is going to follow the vet dudes instructions and see how it goes. The bumps aren't getting any bigger, which is a good thing. I'm still eating, pooping, peeing, being a crazy boy. Anyway, Auntie called mom yesterday and shes going to have another baby. That'll make 3!!! Okay so I like Cate, shes almost 3 and is gentle with me. She calls me "Hunta". The baby, Isabelle, ehh well she chases after me and points. I don't like her so much. Now there is going to be another one?? I am so glad mom puts me in the bedroom when they come over.

Mom hasn't been feeling good since yesterday. Today she is super duper grumpy and almost got mad at me cuz I spit my pill out. She said "Ugh Hunter, really? I don't have time for this right now. Here, look, focus. No Lovey, you don't need to chew it, just swallow" Finally I swallowed my pill. Mom thinks its going to be a challenge to get me to eat my pill. She has no idea... ;)

Well my typist aka mom, isn't feeling good so I think we're going to stop here. Hope everyone has a good day!

Purrz & Licks,


The vet dude thinks I'm handsome, is that weird??

May 30th 2012 5:58 am
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I made it out of the vets alive! Mom tricked me into going in my carrier. I was not a happy guy! I whined in the car in my pathetic "going to the vets" meow. Luckily we only live 5 minutes from the vets office. We walked in and the lady said "Is this Hunter?" Mom said yes. Then we went into the examination room. Mom put the carrier down and unzipped it. I'm no fool, I didn't move. Mom had to pull me out! The lady weighed me and I still weigh 9lbs 12oz. My weight does not fluctuate whatsoever! So then the vet guy came in. Mom likes him, he knows what hes talking about. Been a vet for 25 years. He takes one look at my ear, feels the bumps and immediately says "he has allergies". Then he looked at my eye and found another bump. Oh geez. Mom and him kept on looking at my eyes, and he made my third eyelid pop up like 5 times!!! He freaked mom out. Mom mentioned my lil heart blip so he listened to my heart for a long time. He said he didn't hear anything unusual and that my arrhythmia didn't seem to be there. He kept on covering my face with his hand. Hes lucky I'm a good boy because I could of chewed his hand off. Mom said that shes very lucky I'm such a good boy. Because I have been a good boy lately. The vet tilted my head up and I looked at him, then he knuckled my head, rubbed it and said "He is a very good healthy boy, just how we like them"

So mom has to give me 1/2 a zyrtec two times a day for 3 days, then 1/2 a zyrtec once a day for 2 weeks. The vet dude, said I'm allergic to either pine or maple pollen. He also said that since I'm so young and I already have allergies, it could get worse when I'm around 5. While the vet was writing all of this down for mom, she was holding me and I decided to give her a facial. I think mom was a bit embarrassed. She told me "Really Hunty, you even give facials in the middle of a vet visit?" I wanted to show the vet dude. He was busy and didn't even notice. After the facial I really didn't want to be handled again so I ran into my carrier. Then mom, my neurotic mom, asked a question and he said, "C'mon Hunter out one more time buddy". Buddy? My name is not Buddy. So mom had to pull me out again, and the vet looked at my paws. The vet dude asked, does he chew on his paws? Mom said yes, and the vet dude looked at my paw. Well I was getting irritated, I could of clawed him right there. He let go and I ran into my carrier and huffed! That was it, I was done! So mom thanked the vet dude, and we left.

Finally we got home. I ran out of my carrier and onto my platform. Mom didn't want to play, she went out and got me some pill pockets (which taste like chicken, sorry Da Tabbies) and some fancy feast. She came home and found me on the bed laying down. I chopped down on her hand, so she let me be. Then while mom was watching a movie I layed down on the back of the couch. I was exhausted!!

So, I'm going to be okay!! Nothing wrong with me, just allergies. Mom is on top of it. Thank Goodness, I was starting to get itchy!! Gotta go smackety paw Teaka. She stinks like Turkey!!

Purrz & Licks,

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