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Shadows Bitz N Pieces

Continued on from My Life So Far

May 22nd 2010 4:55 am
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I Love attentionand im constantly smooching and talking and i follow my mummy around like a dog, even out in the yard to be barked at by the neighbours dogs but i dont mind because im with my mummy. When mummy takes my mini owners riley and hannah across the road to the school bus i will hide in the bushes beside the fence n meow to mummy until she stops gossiping with the other mummies long after the bus has gone and comes back home to me. I am very patient and affectionate and i have never ever bitten or scratched anyone and my mini owner hannah gets a bit rough sometimes because she is only 1yr old but she tries her best to be gentle and when shes a little bit rough i love it anyway.Shes always putting her fingers in my mouth so ill lick her instead of bite and she loves to pull my ears but that just makes me purr. Eventually when ive had enoughof her playing ill just get up n stroll off to find something else to do. My mummy had a friend bring a baby puppy over a few months ago....i didnt like it very much. it didnt move or talk to me and i resented the attention it got so for the first time ever, i peed all over my mummy with a spray kind of like skunks do :( i also ignored my grandmother for a whole month, peed on mummys bed and tried to pee on her lap again. Mummy doesnt understand why i did it all but she is hoping i get over it soon as a puppy addition to our family sooner or later is guaranteed to happen and mummy doesnt want to have to find me new home if i cant learn to get along. Mummy loves me dearly but doesnt want to live alone with out a doggie that can protect her and the little ones because we dont have a daddy. mummy was a bit worried about me last week, after locking me in at night she noticed the next day that i slept on the comfy chair near the bathroom door all day and didnt get up to go eat or drink. mummy was worried but thought shed keep an eye on me b4 rushing off to the vet because altho i wasnt walking or eating or drinking, i was still very alert and would purr and seem happy whenever she came to check on me. She thought mabey id fallen off the wall unit and hurt myself and might have just hurt myself a little and needed to rest. By the next day i was slightly better, i was up eating and drinking but still sleeping a fair bit. i was still happy and content when she would come to see me so she thought she would still keep an eye on me and see how things went for another night as i was acting better and wasnt in pain. The 3rd day mummy woke up to me having white stuff dripping down my back....turns out what she thought could have been sore muscles turned out to be an abcess. Mummy didnt know cats could get them as shes only had cats for 12mths so it was a whole new experience for her. After a quick phonecall to the vet she decided that seems as i was going into the vet to be desexed in a few days that we would just keep an eye on the hole and see how it goes because i was already eating, drinking and jumping all over the place once the relief came from the abcess bursting,. if there was any redness or signs of infection we would head straight to the vet but as the hole looked clean and without irritation, we left it go. mummy thought it would be best to leave me to clean it and tend to it as she is sure that cats would have their own way to heal themselves of such injuries and as long as i tseemed to be healing and not getting worse that she would let me do my thing and keep and eye on how it was going. Im excited to announce that today, just 6days after the burst abcess the hole has shrunk from bigger than a bottle top to a slight scab thats almost gone. Unfortunatly the trip to the vet for desexing was due to happen in 2 more sleeps but we are now unable to make it :( Fingers crossed i can hold out the having kittens business for another 3weeks until my new desexing appointment :) Right now im curled up on my mummys tummy while i type this and she is smooching my neck and scratching my ears. i also love belly rubs and ill roll onto my back so mummy can scratch it with her extra long nails, it drives me CRAZY, i LOVEEEE it. Im a very active cat at night but usually i wait till mummys in bed so she cant get mad that im scratching the lounges and knocking important things off the wall unit. Altho im a very cheeky cat and i cannot resist running from wherever i am to claw the lounges near the bathroom everytime my mummy or nanny walk past hehehe. They get very mad but i know they still love me. Well u pretty much know my whole life story now so im going to get back to snuggling mummy and i will try to write my stories as often as i can remember.Hope you all enjoyed my story


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