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Age: 7 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Tiger Lily, Little Lily

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-purebred-cat rescue

October 1st 2009


Playing with her toys

It's too soon to tell

Favorite Toy:
Her baby mouse

Favorite Nap Spot:
In her bed, on my bed

Favorite Food:
Wellness kitten dry food



Arrival Story:
Mom asked me to write this part. She set up the site, but I am taking it from here! So how did I get here? I'm really not quite sure. I like to go for rides and I remember being in a car. Then, the door opened and I jumped out! But it was dark and all I could see were car tires. I was SCARED! I waited and waited but no one came for me. I was starting to get really worried and hungry. I tried to look really cute when a big human walked by but it just ignored me!! I started to cry and crawled under a car. The next thing I knew, a girl was looking at me upside down! "Hello little kitty" she cooed "come here to me!" I figured, WHY NOT? It wasn't exactly like I knew what my next move was! Heck, I might as well go along for the ride! (haha - get it?) SO, I did. The nice girl who took me to her house also had a black Lab about a year old and a three year old son. They were all nice to me but I knew I couldn't stay there forever. Still, the food wasn't half bad and Bellla, the dog, was good company. The place was pretty big and I got to run all over. It was COOL - I ran up and down the couch and from room to room. Bella said I was the fastest cat she had ever seen! In the meantime, nobody was responding to the girl's ads for me. She kept all that from me because she didn't want to hurt my feelings - you know, she didn't want me to think that no one wanted me! That was nice of her but I already knew it. After hanging around in the parking lot STARVING I got the message. But I'm just a young cat so for me, the only way is UP! And besides, I don't dwell in the past because every day is a new day. Like last Saturday, when my new mom decided to take me home. This is not a temporary home, though - this is the real thing. I have my own bed here and my own toys. The food here is so great - it's like HOMEMADE! My new mom loves me so much... I think she's a little dingy but her heart is sure in the right place. She even thinks I'm a Bengal because of my unusual markings and unique voice. HMMM maybe I do have some Bengal in me - I don't know! I do know I love it here and I'm so happy mom decided to love me! OH - I guess there are two other cats living here but so far they haven't caused any trouble. We hissed at each other a little but it was just for show! There's Max - he's around 6 and he cane from the shelter - and Missy - she's 18 and she followed mom home one night and wouldn't leave! She's the queen but that's ok. Time is on my side now. More later. Lily

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April 7th 2010 More than 6 years!

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Lily comes home

One week today!

April 10th 2010 7:28 am
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This morning, I have been given free reign in the whole place! Max has been camping out by the door, waiting for me to come out. Both Max and Missy have visited me now - and Max is ready to play! That's fine, but take it easy, Big Boy! (that's what mom calls him) - you are three times my size! BTW Max and Missy are the other inmates here and I think they've been here for quite some time. They must've done something really bad - yet on the other hand, they do seem pretty happy. They certainly are FAT! And hey, this place looks pretty darned comfy!

Mom is happy because everything is going so well! She told me it was BAD when Missy met Max a few years ago. They fought and fought. Eventually, they settled down but mom always felt bad that Max didn't have anyone to play with. Max loves to play and he's like a big teddy bear. He kinda scared me at first because he's so BIG but now I can tell he just wants to have fun. He's been trying to get me to chase him - but that will come in time.

Missy, on the other hand, is a different story. She's 18 and mom found her when she was around my age. She was a skinny little thing, too. I guess you can't blame her for thinking she's the Queen - but mom says she's not always a nice queen... sometimes she's the Queen of MEAN and I know I have to watch my step around her. She's really old so she sleeps a lot - but one of the first things I learned here is - do not ever underestimate Missy. Still, mom noticed yesterday that Missy was purring when I was in the room - and she has only chased me under a chair once! So things are looking good with her at the moment! She's SLEEPING now... haha! I think I will get along with her, too. I just can't let my guard down quite yet!

Mom thinks I am some kind of special cat. Of course, even she knows there is no such thing as an "ordinary" cat. Quite frankly, everything seems "normal" to ME! I don't know what a Bengal is and I really don't care. Right now I have a big, new world to explore! They even have a cat tree and a great big scratching post I can hang on! There are windows all over the place and Max said there is a squirrel who will come for lunch - I can't wait! Max warned me about something called "glass". I don't know what he's talking about, but Max said it's one of those lessons you only have to learn once! So he told me to take it easy when I see the squirrel. I don't get it but I will try to remember. There's just so much going on! It's a sunny day and I just know it's going to be a good one! More later - Love, Lily


Lily's first days

April 8th 2010 7:35 am
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Lily is my little miracle cat. Several months ago, I decided to find a friend for Max, my beautiful black tabby. I looked and looked - and one day I saw an interesting cat on the humane society website. It was a Bengal - and I immediately got on the computer to check them out. I had heard of them, but vaguely. They sounded fantastic and I called the shelter and said I'd stop by that day. I got there and found out the cat had been given up because it didn't get along with other cats. Because I have two other cats, Max (DSH from the humane society - about 6 years old) and Missy (found kitty - DSH tortie - 18 years old) - I was told I couldn't adopt the Bengal. I was so disappointed!! I had my heart set on that little cat! SO I decided it just wasn't the right time - and decided to wait awhile. This last weekend, I went home to see my family for Easter. My stepdaughter told me about a little cat she had found. She had advertised for a few weeks for the owner and had called the humane society there to report her found. She said she thought it was a Toyger - I had never heard of them. I really didn't pay much attention to what she was saying - I just thought it was a cute little cat and I liked her "bull's eye" markings on her sides. Also, she was very sweet and cuddly and she came to me right away when I clicked my fingers and called her. I decided she would make a great companion for Max. He's a lover, too, and I knew they'd get along. It was Missy, my 18 year old tortie that I was worried about! It took her several months to accept Max and I was unsure of how she'd react to a new little girl in the house. She's up there in age but she still has PLENTY of energy, especially if she's upset! It happened pretty fast. I made the decision to take the kitty just as I was leaving last Saturday. I was going to get a box to transport her - it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive. My stepdaughter said she had found her in a parking lot and that she jumped right in her car! So I decided to try it and amazingly she just sat in the seat the whole way! She did sit on my lap at first but then decided the seat was easier to hang on to! ;) I had never seen a cat that calm in the car! She would actually watch the trucks go by with no fear whatsoever! I posted two pictures of her in the car. I also started to notice the cute little sounds she was making. Of course, all kittens are adorable and have cute little meows but this was different. She had an amazing range of "notes" and some of her noises were more like chirps or a small dog barking! The only time I had ever heard a cat make noises like that was when I had seen the Bengal at the humane society! Lily has the teeniest meow I have ever heard and she has so much inflection in her voices. She has a happy little chirp when she's playing and a very ferocious baby roar when she's upset! Lily's name came to me as we drove along. She liked to have my hand near by and for a long time, she nestled her head in my hand and slept. I was in love within minutes. I stopped along the way and got some cat treats, kitten food and a new litter box. Lily has settled into my bedroom and so far Max has been allowed in there a few times and they're doing very well - cautious, but not overly aggressive. I've had Lily since Saturday. and in the first few days I searched internet for different breeds of cats. I didn't think she looked like a Toyger but her face is just like an Abysinnian. Then there were those stripes and spots and her over-sized paws. She seemed to be bits of this and that and I had pretty much decided she was just a gorgeous alley cat when I decided to look at the Bengals. I have to say here - the Bengal I saw at the humane society a few months ago was red and black striped... and it was the only one I had ever seen. As I was scanning a website, I saw a very interesting picture of a little cat that looked just like Lily! It was a "marbled" Bengal... I was shocked! I didn't realize that Bengals came in many different colors - and I also didn't realize there is a marbled type. I searched further and found cats and kitten on many Bengal websites that looked just like her, too. I know two people who are cat experts and from her pictures, they say she is definitely a Bengal. From everything I have read and experienced with her so far, she falls within all the characteristics of a Bengal including a wonderful, sweet personality. You can imagine my SURPRISE as I slowly realized that my little Lily is a Bengal, just as I had wanted, but had given up on! I am still a little in shock! Of course, it doesn't really matter WHAT she is - because she's a fantastic little cat. She seems to be the best of everything rolled into one silky little package! Lily had the staff at the vet's all laughing with her big growl! The vet said she's around six months, has her adult teeth and is in good health... no FeLu... no ear mites... no micro-chip. Lily cooperated for all her tests but I think she kind of scared the vet at first with her big growly noises! She didn't quite know what to think! I have had regular cats all my long life and have loved them all dearly. I feel like Lily is a GIFT - she is just the sweetest thing! She's been doing a lot of sleeping and eating - and chasing toys. She curls up on her little bed (on my bed!) and sleeps all night - and is always happy to see me. I am absolutely LOVING her and Max and Missy have been very calm, too. This is going to be FUN!

*******I have already written about how I found my little Lily. This is her sixth day home and she has really adapted well. She sleeps all night and although Max has pawed at the door and cried a few times, they all seem to be very calm. There have been a few hisses and snarls, of course - Lily starts it by being afraid and then Max has to answer - but it's all for show. Still, Max is in the 16 pound range, so he's a big boy! I call him my marshmellow, though, because he's very sweet and loving. He has been in my bedroom with her now for almost 15 minutes!! I don't hear any fighting at all!! WOW! Anyway, I will wait awhile before I introduce Missy into the picture. She's a tortie and very loving - but like I said, she's a tortie!

Lily has decided that she wants to take over the diary now. Today Lily has been home for one week and things are going very well.:)

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