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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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February 10th 2012 8:34 am
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MOL! Bet you thought it was another kitty cat. No way! No room or money for that. Plus mommy has enough with the 3 of us. So no calming collar for me. Wanna know why? Cause the nice lady, Deb, who makes the calming Collars made something especially for me. It's a door sachet. Mommy hangs it on her doorknob at night and it has all the same stuff as the calming collar. It's pretty big too, not like something you put in your dresser drawers, it's bigger than that. And it works great, mommy loves it! She's been using it all week.

So we talked it over with Deb and we're gonna offer it on our website as an IBDKitties exclusive. You can go to the same page as Finney's story about his collar, just scroll down below him and there I am with a picture of the sachet also. Check it out! IBDKitties gift shops. The price is there with a link to contact Deb and ask for it specifically because it's not on their website. She wants to see how it does and they are doing a facelift of their site soon anyway. It's half the price of the calming collar and works even better than Feliway (cheaper too).

Me and Finney have been playing and zooming a lot lately and cuddling with mommy. All is good with the 3 of us. And Midnight is doing better. Mom just wishes they could get a handle on her diarrhea, poor thing. But you know how it is when you have these stupid diseases, something works for a little while and then it doesn't anymore. Mom is gonna try and order one of the PetAlive products for loose stools on our site. Worth a try at this point.

Supposed to be 50 degrees today! Whoo hoo! Mom will open the windows and air the place out. She did that yesterday it was 47. I know, for you guys on the west coast that's freezing. We're like "a heat wave"! MOL. Nothing else going on (which is NOT a bad thing in this house). Mom has not been back to the gym to work out since the whole furnace episode. Her back is hurting her and she's been feeling lousy. She gets another shot on the 23rd.

OH! Last Sunday mom took Rick's mom out for the day. they went out to the beach together and they talked and talked and talked. Boy did his mom really need to talk. She loves my mommy even though Rick and mom broke up awhile back they are the bestest furriends ever. Rick's mom is still having a tough time since her hubby passed away last summer. It's only been 6 months and they were married almost 50 years. Did them both a lot of good to spend some time together. Mom says she'll do it again soon.

So that's about it! We're getting our monthly zealies tomorrow and I need to give some sweetie prezzies out, especially to my valentine Linus. See Linus? If you hadn't come home we wouldn't be valentines! Oh man! Finney just did a major stinky poop so I gotta go and open the windows or I'll GAG!

See ya later alligators!
Luv Lacey


Can someone tell me what happened?

January 28th 2012 5:34 pm
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Can someone tell me what happened to my beautiful, green eyed, handsome wonderful friend Merlin? We just came on tonight and saw that he passed away and went to the bridge but I don't know why!!! I'm so very upset and all of our eyes are leaking.

Merlin I love you! I never got to tell you how much fun you are. How gorgeous your eyes are and that they mesmerize me. How much I love it when you flirt with me and tease me.

OMC, I can't believe it. There's no diary entry about it and I don't see anything anywhere in the forums or in the diaries. *sniff* Merlin, you'll make the most handsome angel ever. We love you and your family. We're here if your meowmy needs us.

I gotta go get a hanky, I'm just to sad. Please somebody tell me what happened to my friend?


NO NO! Not the collar on ME!!!

January 23rd 2012 3:31 pm
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Guess what. Mommy has HAD IT with my driving her balloonies at night. She can't get any sleep because she says I'm a big mouth, fidgety, pest of a girl. Sheesh! I can only say that I am at my best at night. MOL. A real night owl, er, kitty. She plays wiff us, she does! So she don't know why I do this. But I cry and whine and smash on her door until she thinks my paws will bleed (which they don't, I'm no dummy ya know). If she opens the door and lets me in, I am still not a good girl. While Finney is sleeping like a log on the bed with her I insist on knocking everything down that I can possibly find. I meow and whine the whole time I'm doing it and then I walk on mommy's head. All night long!!!

SO! Last night she'd really had it and went in the closet to get something. I thought it was a toy and she was gonna play wiff me at 4 in the morning! Then when she came out I saw this purple thing, I was kinda interested in it and then out of the blue she corners me and sticks it around my neck! What the heck mommy!!! Then just as fast as she came out and put that THING on me, she was back in her room and I was locked out. POOH! She said she didn't hear me at all and it was the bestest prezzie she ever got because now she's going to put it on me every night so she can get some sleep.

Funny, Finney doesn't do any of this. Nope! Now him and mommy are thick as thieves. All he ever wants to do is cuddle wiff her on the bed and give her facials. And no, she's not ignoring me. She gives me tons of kisses and plays wiff me, brushes me, etc. I don't know what the heck my problem is but I guess now I have to wear that stinky thing every night. I started doing this about a year ago and mommy can't figure out why but it makes her furry mad.

Why am I being aboosed!? WHY!!! Secret Santa I thought I loved you for making Finney feel better with that thing but now I am furry upset! I think I need a niptini. Anyone else?


Please purr for us, oil tank leaking fumes and we're all- sick

January 19th 2012 9:25 am
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Please purr hard for us, everyone in the house is sick right now. The oil tank is dirty and last night we lost heat and the fumes are really bad! We’re all sick from this. The guy is here now cleaning the oil tank and furnace filter. He’ll have to come back and take the furnace apart to clean it later when it’s warmer because it’ll take all day. But we’ve got all the windows open and everyone is nauseous, dizzy, almost throwing up, headaches you name it! Me and Finney are mostly okay because we're on the second floor of the house but mom, grammy, grampy and Midnight are not feeling well. The firemen already came last night and they don't have to go to the hospital but mom is so super sensitive to smells that it's really making her sick. We're worried about grammy and Midnight too. Mom had to go and open all the windows downstairs, grammy is really dizzy, she has a heart condition. Please purr that everyone feels better.

Wanna hear something funny? Mom is more mad because she started going to the gym yesterday and wanted to go today but she's not going to leave the house with everyone feeling like this right now. Mom was so cold last night it was 5 degrees outside. It wasn't near that bad here in the house but right now everyone is feeling so defeated. The water heater broke a few weeks ago, the plumber they were going to hire tried to rip them off for 3 times the amount! Mom was furious and told the guy off and reported him to the BBB. We have a new one now but now it's the oil tank, the furnace, mom's car won't pass inspection, she's just so fed up. We don't have money for all of this. Anyway, we weren't going to post anything but I told mom I wanted to. Please purr for us okay? :((


My poor neighbor!

December 17th 2011 9:49 am
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You’ll never believe what happened here Thursday night. You know my new neighbor next door? The one on the second floor that tried to smash his way into my driveway during that Oct blizzard? At 1:30 am he had a heart attack at the top of his stairs and fell all the way down to the porch. He fell so hard he smashed the door open and was unconscious. The whole street was crawling with fire trucks, cops, EMS, everything. He’s so bad they don’t know if he’ll make it. Isn’t that horrible? I have no idea if he has any family, I’ve never seen anyone go up there.

On the Midnight front, she's on Baytril now for her booboo pee pee. She has a bad bacteria infection so because the Clavamox didn't work we're trying this. Hopefully it works! Mom is giving her an all natural kidney product she used to give Moufasa and it's really helping a lot!!! The vet said it's okay to give both. Mom has to go to the store AGAIN today for Midnight and buy her some food because her own mother did NOT! Ugh. Mom is tired of all this running around. She's only doing it for Midnight, not for her sister. Mom is using all her gas and money to go back and forth to the vet and run all these errands. Midnight is worth it though.

Finney and I have been zooming and booming all over the house lately. Playing like crazy. He loves mommy again and she's trying hard not to poke him anywhere, MOL. Big baby. I think that's all that's new here really. That's enough! MOL. We just want to have fun and keep playing and cuddling wiff mom! It's cold now!!! I guess no more days in the 50s and 60s for awhile. Pooey! I miss the windows open.


Another new friend who needs support

December 11th 2011 3:33 pm
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Here's another new little friend who needs that Catster love and support! Gee there's a lot of these poor little ones lately! Meet Mutzi. She just got diagnosed with HCM, I think grade 3 and she's only 4. Her mom is terrified and is asking for some support. Please friend her, she's very nice and Mutzi is so pretty.

And if you haven't read Finney's newest update, written tonight, Midnight is going back to the vet tomorrow. She's bleeding again and she needs some tests. Mom is worried. Please continue purring for our sweet cousin. She's so lovable and so loved.

Thanks everyone!!


Need POTP and Purrs for cousin Mignight please!

December 5th 2011 6:24 pm
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Hi everyone, cousin Midnight is fighting a UTI as a lot of you know and even though she's somewhat better she still has a ways to go. The problem is that she's hardly eating. Mom is going to have to syringe feed her tomorrow. She's getting fluids, B12, Clavamox, probiotics, etc. It's been since about last Thursday I think since this started. Because of her age, she's having a difficult time fighting the infection. Mom is a basket case and a bundle of nerves. She's running around doing her things and going up and down the stairs all day and night checking on Middy and giving her meds. We desperately need the Catster magical POTP and purrs for her. Mom can't do this alone and she's feeling really tired and crying a lot. It was last year on Dec. 14th that we lost Midnight's brofur Moufasa after mom cared for him full time for 2 years. Mom is afraid now that we're going down the same path and history will repeat itself. Mom just can't take anymore loss, there's been enough in our family this year. Anyways, please please please help us purr for Midnight? We know how powerful it is and WE BELIEVE! Thanks everyfur! We love you!


DDP and purrs needed please!!!

November 30th 2011 11:57 am
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Hi everybody, thank you for the DDP! Can you do us a favor and purr for our cousin Midnight who lives downstairs with grammy and grampy? She's not feeling well at all. She's got a slight fever and a UTI. Mom is being a great nurse, she's syringe feeding her food, she's giving her sub q fluids and Clavamox. So we're hoping that by tonight's second dose of Clavamox she feels a little better. But the poor thing is peeing clear blood. She's prone to these so we've been through this before but it's been awhile. Mom is on it immediately and got meds from the vet so we just need purrs and POTPs now if you can!

Her fever seems a little better than it was even an hour ago so cross your paws please! Thank goodness mom has grammy here to help her. Grammy is a pawsome nurse and because Middy loves and trusts them all they can help her with all this stuff. It's warm here although the temp has gone down since last night.

At 1 am we have the windows open because it was 61 degrees and humid! We didn't mind actually it was nice. It's been like this for a few days now. All this warm weather is messing up mom's plants! She has daylillies popping up out of the ground and her lilac trees and other shrubs and trees all have BIG BUDS on them! They think it's spring. This'll mess them up bad. That happened a few years ago when we had a super warm winter. Oh well!

Thanks everyone, we'll keep you posted on cousin Midnight!

Luv you


gotcha day thank mews

November 26th 2011 4:14 pm
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Okay so hopefully Finney will not interrupt my meowmy this time. I tried to do this last night and was a quarter of the way through when he decided to interrupt! Please read his diary, I'm too much of a lady to talk about his poopy issues. Okay here we go! I want to thank everyone for my pawsome gotcha day and all my lovely prezzies. It was a fun day and I loved hearing from all my furriends as I always do. It makes me furry happy!

Monster - maple leaf
Kitty Pryde & family - party hat
Zoe, Zach & family - champagne
Sparky - party hat
Sweet Sally Maria - cuppycake
Pounce, Hootie & Smokey - cuppycake
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy - a great big cake
Samsara & family - heart
Simone & River - pie
Ashlynne & Beepers - red ribbon
Ginger - turkey leg
Casey & family - pie
Skylar & family - heart
Littleboy & family - pie
Tigger & family - heart
Keisha, Sylvester & Merlin - heart
Xena & family - red ribbon
Shadow & Wilson - heart
Blizzard & family - heart
Tilly - heart

My sweet pal Jaffa & family - heart (and a BEAUTIFUL diamond with a message that melted me like butter)

Hunter - turkey
Normy and family - heart
Ingen - red ribbon
Nikolai - turkey
Big Harry & family - pie
Sleeper & family - red ribbon
Artie - pie
Orange Ruffy & family
Biggles - red ribbon
Tully & family - pie
Milo & family - pie
Molly angel & family - red ribbon
Vern & family - emerald

I think the Tabbies are absolutely hysterical so I am going to repeat their message that came with their red ribbon:
stoppin by with best fishes, mice creem dishes N happy gotcha day wishes lacey. hope ewe get a mew CATillac, cash out de wazoo, a masterCAT charge oh card N plentee oh treets..happy day in yur forever home; hugs frum de trouterz

MOL MOL leave it to them! I don't think we ever read one of their messages or posts without laughing!

MY GOSH!!! I didn't realize how many kitties sent me something. WOW! I am truly, truly lucky and blessed. Love you all and I hope you all had a happy turkey day. MMMMMWWWWAAAAAA!



Mommy's tribute to me!

November 22nd 2011 4:18 pm
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Ta ra ra boom dee aaaaa
Today's my gotcha day!
And I am here to stay
Ta ra ra boom dee aaaaa!

MOL! Don't you like my song? Well that's all I could come up with on short notice. Guess what? Mom's been working on a video tribute of me tonight. It's up on my page, please go and check it out. Thank you so much everyone for celebrating my pawsomest day of the year. The day my mommy went to the shelter and I found her. Yup, that's right, I found HER! Now I won't leave her be for 5 minutes. MOL. I can't help it! I LOVEEEEE you meowmy!!! She loves me too she just wants me to stop tripping her all the time, MOL. No can do momma. I'm trying to keep you on your toes. Or is that off your toes, I'm not really sure.

Anyway! Thanks everyone for being our friends and for loving our whole family so much. We are SOOOOO lucky to have all of you and I am the luckiest of all because I have a wonderful family and the bestest most pawsome furriends ever! Mommy has been giving us both lots of extra kisses lately. Mores o than usual. She says she's just grateful to have us. Enjoy the video!!

Well, mommy's been waiting about 20 minutes for the stupid video to be coded on my page already! If it's not ready to play when you check it, please check back to it later on. It usually doesn't take this long! Fleas again probably.

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