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thank you and please purr

June 17th 2014 12:22 pm
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I know it's Lacey's birthday today and thank you all so much for the prezzies. Finnegan is having a very, very rough recovery from his dental surgery and I am a mess. I don't have the strength to celebrate or do anything else. Please purr for my boy. thank you so much.


BADDDDD toofies!

May 11th 2014 7:20 pm
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Hey everyone! Long time no paw! We didn't want to bother doing a diary because Catster kept going down and no one could see it anyway. I just had my toofies done last week at the vet. I did not like the vet at all and it made me so nervous my temperature went up. So they made special plans with my mommy to sneak me in the side way, away from the doggies and stuff and get me into surgery right away. They stole FOUR of my toofies! can you imagine? And I didn't get any money from the toofie fairy either! she must have been laid off or something, maybe that's it.

Anyway, I am feeling TONS better now, I'm all done my medicine and doing GREAT. Plus my breath is minty fresh (the better to kiss my lovable Linus with), and my toofies are nice and white! But now it's Finney's turn and mommy is trying not to be a nervous wreck again. She was such a nervous Nellie it was awful. Poor mommy gets anxiety attacks so this did not help. I hope everyone is doing well! We miss you guys! Don't know if we'll ever be able to change our backgrounds but we're sure sick of seeing Christmas on our pages.

By the way, we're running a fundraiser to help pay for my toofie bill and for Finney's up coming bill. Since we can't put it here, please pawmail us if you want the link for it to help out. Love you guys! Miss everyone! XXOO



February 14th 2014 2:30 pm
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Hey everyone! We are going to postpone mine and Linus' wedding to another night. Mommy is not feeling well at all, hardly anyone can come tonight and Catster has been loading incredibly slow all day. We just don't feel this is the right night to do this. We'll reschedule for the spring and do it on a night when all of our friends can come because we really want you all there. Hopefully Catster will be back and running better by then! Thanks for understanding! Love you all!

Love Lacey and Linus


Don't forget!

February 13th 2014 12:16 pm
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Don't forget everyone that me and Linus are getting married here in my diary tomorrow night at 7 pm eastern time! We'd love it if you can all come! yes, we've heard the great news about Catster, let's hope it's true and things can be worked out to really save this place. I do hope they fix all the technical issues though, it's really tough and discouraging a lot of the times when you can't post or load anything. But we're remaining cautiously optimistic! Thank you so much to everyone who is sending me, Finney and Alex prezzies. Mom is going to be out shoveling and snowblowing the driveway and stuff today, it's snowing to beat the band! We hope maybe Catster can develop a better and faster way to send prezzies to ALL of our friends instead of having to click on everyone, that takes forever.

Anyway, please come to our celebration! Happy Valentine's Day!


I said YES!

February 6th 2014 5:42 pm
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Guess what everyone! My Sweet Baboo Linus asked me to marry him! Isn't that amazing? And I said YES! So we are going to have one last hurrah here on Catster, Feb. 14th at 7 pm where we will get married here in my diary! Hope you can all make it!



January 18th 2014 4:42 pm
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I know many of you aren't on Facebook and have no intention of going there. But here is our page if you are there! It's under LaceyFinn and this is the url: Please friend us!



November 22nd 2013 12:33 pm
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Whoo hoo! How did this day come around so fast? My goodness time flies when you're living the high life. How are all my friends here in Catsterland? Thank you so much for all the prezzies and well wishes, I love you all so much and I really appreciate it. Not much new around here, grampy is doing okay, hanging in there. Mom is working hard with her IBD support group and playing with us of course. What's new with you guys? Well, I gotta run because it's time for a treat for my gotcha day. Thanks again everybody and we love you! XXOO



September 21st 2013 5:59 pm
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Hi everybody! how are ya? I am so sorry we haven't been around and we want to thank you all for the jolly rogers we got. Boy, there were a lot of them! So thank you to everybody. Mom has been extremely busy. She's been driving grampy and grammy around to their doctor's appointments nearly every day for the last two months! Seriously she is pooped! Grampy is doing well in spite of his health problems. He's got congestive heart failure, Afib, prostate cancer that has gone into his bone and some other stuff. They are giving him hormone injections for the prostate cancer and he's afraid he's going to grow boobies. MOL. That probably won't happen though.

Grammy now is having a hard time swallowing and she's got to go for X-rays this coming week. Mom wishes everyone would just stay healthy for awhile! jeez! Mom's health isn't that great lately because of all this running around. She's having really bad migraines (already on medication for it, has been for a long time), and her fibromyalgia is acting up. But all in all things could be worse so we're not going to complain.

Me and Finney are doing just fine and mom finds time to play wiff us and everything. She's a good mommy, she loves us so much. OH!!! Remember the nasty neighbors that were giving mom all kinds of grief? they did a complete 180 and have started being friends with mommy. Yup, out of the clear blue. Mom said hell froze over and that's why they changed their minds, MOL. they're being very nice to mommy now so that's good.

Well, that's about it! Love you guys and just wanted to update you all on the stuff happening.
Love and kisses
Lacey Wacey Bug


Update on grampy

July 19th 2013 11:39 am
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Day 2 in the hospital: Just wanted to let you all know mommy just got home from seeing grampy and he’s doing great!! His blood pressure and heart rate are stabilized, his swelling is starting to go down a lot. He ate a full breakfast and a full lunch. He sat up in the chair this morning for 3 hours while they changed his bed and then gave him a bath. He’s going to be there the entire weekend, maybe even through Monday. This is congestive heart failure, it’s nothing to mess around with. So they are controlling it with the Lasix and finding the right combination of meds. They are also going to start him on physical therapy to get his strength back up, so we are really happy about that. We're all so happy to see him like this! Your prayers and purrs are working! Love you all so much!!! Keep purring! XXOO


thank mew so much!

June 20th 2013 6:31 pm
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OMC!!! Mommy's manners are terrible! I have been bugging her and bugging her to come on here and let me thank everyone for my wonderful birthday and she just kept forgetting. Gosh mom!!! Anyway, I wanted to say thank mew to everyone for all the lovely prezzis and photos you gave us but most of all for showing up for my birfday! I had a great day and am such a spoiled and lucky girl. Hope you all had some cake and ice cream when you stopped by. I love you all so furry much!
Wacey Bug

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