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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Thanks Everbuddy

May 2nd 2010 4:43 pm
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Wow! Thank you to all the kitties who signed my guest book. Did my sneaky brother have anything to do with that?

I felt really good when I first came home. Then the next day I did not feel so good. Mama says it was probably the adrenalin, but then it wore off. What's adrenalin?

I have been home four days now, and I am feeling better every day. Mama says I am eating like a pony. What's a pony? Anyway, I am happy to be home with mama and Gunnie even though Gunnie chases me sometimes, and mama has to make him stop.

Mama says when the weather is warmer and the mud dries out, I can start my stroller training. Yay!!! I wanna be a superstroller like my brother, Gunnie.


A Great Adventure

April 28th 2010 6:59 pm
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Getting "fixed" was a great adventure, but I hope it lasts a long, long time because I do not want to do it again. Mama rescued me this afternoon along with a bunch of papers and some medsins. They shaved my beautiful tummy fur off. It was my very best fur except for my tail. I have big ugly wire X's on my tummy. They do not look like princess things at all. Mama says Unkl will take them out soon.

Gunnie told mama before she came to get me to take the big purse with all the monies in it.

Gunnie was sweet when I came home. He smelled me a lot and told me I smelled like Unkl's place, but he did not hiss or swat at me. I was really thirsty, so I got a good drink. Then mama gave us two dishes of food, and I had a snack.

Mama gave me my evening pain meds. They are not bad, just a little squirt in my mouth. After that I felt really good. I wanted to play, but I fell asleep sitting up on the bed while mama was reading the newspaper. Gunnie was tired too because he fell asleep next to mama. After my nap I was acting pretty normal, which for me is being a nosy little troublemaker. I tried to play with Gunnie, but he was very gentle with me. I think it is because Edgar told him my glue might not be dry from being fixed, and Gunnie thought I might break and he would get blamed for it. Maybe tomorrow...

I am so happy to be home, I have not stopped purring all evening, and now I am trying to beat up the new bunny skin mama gave me. Ooh, ooh, I am getting the upper paw; he is out of the chair and on the floor in a heap. Poor bunny; he will be no match for the Peekaboo princess. :)


I'm Baaaaack!

April 15th 2010 7:17 pm
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Gunnie did not come help me break out of jail, but mama did. She promised she would rescue me. It seemed like a long day. Serena said I hid under a blankie most of the day at Best Friends, but sometime in the afternoon I came out and started talking to people. Christie said I rolled around and played with her fingers through the bars. I will not admit to consorting with the enemy; they must all be delusional. It did NOT happen!

In any case, I was really happy to see mama. Serena came in carrying me, and mama could not wait to cuddle me, but I had to go into the carrier while they discussed my evil medsins. Gunnie had to take the same evil medsins when he was little, but his was in tiny pills. Mine is in a bottle, and I gotta tell ya; it tastes TERBL! Yeesh!!!!! I did not know the plan or maybe I would have stayed in the cage at Best Friends. Mama says I have to take the medsins twice a day for 800 years; oh, she says 8 days, but it might as well be 800 years. It will seem like forever.

Gunnie was sweet to me when I got home. He let me greet him. I said "mmmmrrrr, mmmmrrrr" like I always do when we have not seen each other in awhile. He let me eat and drink a little bit. Then later we got to watch telvishun. Gunnie does not pay much attention, but I like the telvishun. It does not get turned on much; mama is too bizzy working and doing "things" around the house. Mama was bizzy watching the telvishun and looked around to see what Gunnie and I were doing. Her eyes got real big when she saw us innocently lounging on her robe on the ottoman. Later Gunnie even gave me a bath. It was SO much more fun than the cage at Best Friends.

After I took my medsins this evening, mama said she was going to buy me and Gunnie something special. Then she ordered us each a special Calvin collar. Gunnie's is turquoise and brown, and mine is spring colors. Mama says we can wear our collars when we go for stroller rides and on special occasions. Gunnie will have to show me how to wear a collar; I have never had any clothes on before. I am too pretty going commando.


Darned Old Colitis!

April 14th 2010 10:15 am
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I was supposed to get "fixed" today, but I am getting a different kind of fixed. Mama noticed last night that my poo didn't look right. This morning I had bad diarrhea, so mama packed me up with a note for Dr. Mike and sent me to Best Friends with grandpa. Instead of getting that spay and chip thing, I am getting blood work (EEEEK!!!) and medsins for my colitis. I do not like the people here at Best Friends much. I can't wait to come home to mama and Gunnie. At least Dr. Mike told mama that I can come home with my medsins this afternoon. For now I am stuck in a cage in this nasty place, and they are making me "rest my tummy," which means I am starving. I think my tummy does not want to rest. At least it keeps telling me it wants to eat. GUNNIE! Come help me break out of this terrible place!


I've Been Paroled!

April 12th 2010 7:07 pm
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I have been playing with Gunnie only when mama supervises for the past two weeks. Mama says I am an escape artist; I leap the barriers she puts up. Gunnie sits politely and cries for somebody to open the barrier for him. I walk right up to the barrier, measure it, and then leap. Mama always hears me, but she is never in time to catch me, and then I run off. I finally trained mama to take down the barriers and let me and Gunnie run around most of the house. The first time was yesterday, and it was wonderful. We ran and chased each other around the furniture. Mostly Gunnie could not keep up with me. I can zig and zag faster than Gunnie can because he has been eating too much kitten chow. I guess he thinks I will eat all the chow if he doesn't get it first. Pretty soon he will be too fat to EVER catch me. Mama has been surprised by how good we've been and how nice we've been playing since we have more room. So far we have not broken a single thing.

Today grampster was burning some things outside, so mama gave him the things she meant to shred. When mama brought the bottom part of the shredder in, I climbed in. It was fun. I thought I was hiding. I was peeking out the little plastic window in the front of the shredder when Gunnie came and stood up and batted me in the head with his paw. We kissed a few times through the window, and then Gunnie and I played a game where I would pop up like a jack-in-the-box, and Gunnie would try to bat my head.

I think I'm gonna like this freedom thing. ;)


Another Adventure

April 10th 2010 9:09 pm
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I met my doctor today. Mama put me into the carrier, and we took a long ride to town. Mama said it only took 20 minutes to get there, but it seemed like hours and hours. I complained but not as much as mama thought I would. I did one thing that Miss Muppet used to do. I hid UNDER the squishy bed in the carrier and peeked out from underneath. N0 wonder mama named me Peekaboo.

A nice lady brought in the scale and weighed me. I am 4.25 pounds! It seemed like a long time before my doctor came in. His name is Mike; mama calls him Unkl because he says he wants to be my unkl. Gunnie calls him unkl Mike. Unkl checked every inch of me from my ear floof to my toes. He said my ears are clean as a whistle, and my heart, breath sounds, and tummy sounds are good. Unkl Mike also said I am getting toe floof!

I must be broken somehow because next Wednesday Unkl Mike is going to fix me. I am getting something called "spay" and something else called "chip." Mama and Unkl Mike were also talking about something called "shots." I think I had some of those, and I didn't like them much. Mama promised to rescue me after work on Thursday. I hope when I get home on Thursday I will not be broken anymore. I hope Gunnie misses his Peekaboo princess.


Gunnie is a Bully

April 9th 2010 7:54 pm
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I am going to tattle on my brother, Gunnie. Last night mama was looking for a three-hole punch. When she opened the cabinet door, Gunnie and I saw the flutter spout toys. Mama bought two packages because Gunnie loves them so. They come in packages of two, so mama got out a package and gave me and Gunnie each a flutter spout. Gunnie ran off with his and sat in the corner guarding his flutter spout. When I went over to see what he was doing, he GROWLED at me and hissed. Mama picked me up and took me to my new toy, but Gunnie ran over and tried to guard my toy too. Gunnie was being so naughty that mama collected the toys and put them away. Later mama heard Gunnie growling again. He had found a piece of popcorn, and he was trying to be sneaky and eat it. Then when I went to see what he was doing, he got all mad and started growling and guarding his popcorn. He had gnawed on the popcorn, but mama took that away from him too and told him he was not nice. Mama gave Gunnie a lecture about being a curmudgeon, whatever that is, and not being nice to his baby sister. I managed not to giggle out loud while Gunnie got his lecture. Later he was in a better mood, and we snuggled in the carrier. Brothers!


Sibling Rivalry (or my brother has more guestbook entries- than me)

April 7th 2010 8:08 pm
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I am the Peekaboo princess, but my brother Gunnie has more guestbook entries than me. How can that be? If any kitty or pup can help me outgun (pun intended) my brother, I would love it if you would sign my guestbook.

I am already peeved at Gunnie because he told on me about the Coke box, AND he was lying under the table giggling behind his paw when the Coke box would not let me go.

P.S. Now he is trying to make up for being so mean. We are in the carrier, and he is washing me all over (like I need washing), but I am letting him do it because it makes him happy.


Big Ears

April 6th 2010 5:33 pm
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I am looking at my ears and wondering if I will grow into them; my paws too. Mama says she loves my big ears and ear floof and big paws. They remind her of my big sister. Mama says Missy Mups grew up to be a real beauty, so I guess there is hope for me.

Gunnie must have woken up on the wrong side of mama's bed this morning. He was a curmudgeon most of the day. He jumped on me this morning and pretended he was gonna eat me up. I didn't like it much. I waited until he was in a better mood this evening, and then we played a game of chase around and around and around the dining room and kitchen. Mama said we were a blur. Later I ambushed Gunnie. I have to attack real fast and then retreat and run so fast he catnot catch me. Otherwise, he holds me down and slobbers on me. Yuck! Nobody wants a slobbery Princess Peekie, not even mama.


My Forever Home and a New Brother

April 5th 2010 8:01 pm
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My name is Peekaboo. When I was very tiny, I was separated from my mama. Two of my brothers and I went to live with a nice lady, and my two sisters and another brother went to live with another nice lady. My foster mom, Debi, took care of me until I was ready for my forever home.

I love my new home. I have a big brother,Gunnarr T. Sometimes Gunnar holds me down until I cry and mama makes him let me go. Other times he washes my face. Sometimes when I'm really lucky, he will give me a whole bath. My favorite thing about Gunnarr is when he sleeps with me in the kitty carrier. I didn't like the carrier because it looked like a kitty jail to me, but Gunnie likes it. One evening he climbed into the carrier and was resting there. When mama wasn't looking, I climbed into the carrier with Gunnie, and we fell asleep together. Mama said it was one of those special moments, just like the first time Gunnie gave me a bath.

I think I'm gonna like it here. I have a mama and daddy to kiss and cuddle me and a big brother to chase and bathe me. The dish is always full of kitten chow, and I have more toys than I can play with. What more could a little princess want?

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