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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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A Misadventure

June 21st 2010 7:25 pm
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Mama says our staycation is becoming more of a workcation. Today after she did errands in town, mama decided Gunnie and I should have our first campster lesson. Mama put a potty in the campster. Then mama made a HUGE mistake. She put me and Gunnie in the same carrier and tried to lug us down to the campster. We were too heavy, and we were dancing around inside and rocking the carrier. Mama said her arm almost fell off before we got to the campster even though it is not very far.

Mama let me and Gunnie out of the carrier. Mama was trying to be real casual about it all, so she got out her little player and started listening to an audio book. Gunnie and I were exploring, sniffing, and climbing on things. Mama decided to go to the bedroom and see if we would come in and get on the bed with her. Nope. It was too exciting out in the kitchen and living room part. Then Gunnie found the potty and tried it out. It was silly. Mama kept telling him what a good boy he was...just for going pee in the potty. Big deal.

Mama was relaxing on the bed when she heard a big thump. She got up and came out to see what we were doing. She could find me, but Gunnie had vanished. Then mama heard wailering from behind the couch. She got on the couch and looked behind. Yeppers, Gunnie was trapped behind the couch. It makes into a bed, but mama was worried she might squish Gunnie with the bed. Mama tried to get Gunnie by his scruff. I managed to hide my giggling behind a paw when my brother would not fit through the hole to get out.

Mama wondered why she did not bring her cell phone, but she did not have it, so she had to trot over to grampster's house. Before mama left to get grampster, she put me back in the carrier so I could not get into trouble too. Grampster came back with mama. Gunnie was wailering for help. Finally grampster held parts of the couch up while mama climbed on top, grabbed Gunnie by his scruff and pulled him to safety. Boy was Gunnie's face red. He thinks he is a man cat, but he was wailering for help like a kitten. Mama held Gunnie for awhile and made sure he wasn't hurt Then she let him go, and he stalked off with as much dignity as he could muster which was not much.

Mama was probably thinking how glad she was that the excitement was over for the evening when she went back to the bedroom to listen to her book some more. Later she heard another noise and came back out to check. Gunnie was there, but mama could not find me. She looked all around the campster and called my name but no Peekie. Then mama climbed on the couch and looked behind it again. Yeppers, there I was looking kind of scared but not making a peep. It took three tries, but mama finally got me by the scruff and pulled me up through the hole. We were both glad I am still slim enough to fit through the hole.

The good news is Gunnie and I both learned a lesson, and we settled down after that and were good kits. I think if mama gave us a grade on our first campster lesson, it would be a D. Mama is hoping we will do better next time. Maybe...


Daily Diary Pick

June 20th 2010 10:34 am
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Thank you, Catster diary lady, for picking me today. I promise not to put anything inappropriate (whatever that means) in my diary.

Mama and Gunnie and I are on a staycation. We finally at least have spring here, and Gunnie and I have been getting to stroller around the neighborhood when mama is not pulling weeds, hauling mulch, decorating the flower gardens, and running the grass eating monster.

Our daddy is near Forsyth, Montana, in what is known as the Rosebud country, at the Quigley Shoot. It was started after the movie called Quigley Down Under. Daddy said people come from all over the world to the shoot, and there are 600 shooters there this year. Daddy said they started practicing about 6 a.m. yesterday before the competition, and daddy had his booth open until about 7 p.m. last night. We won't see daddy when he leaves the shoot because he is going home to Havre through Billings, Montana. Course, we miss our daddy a lot because he has to be a part-time daddy, but we are still lucky because we have both mama and daddy to love us.

GOOD MEWS! Our big catputer is on its way back from Nevada. Uncle Gary put in more memory, a new graphics card, three new fans with green lights, and installed Windows 7 and all mama's programs that will work with Windows 7. He did all this between Thursday evening and Saturday morning and took our catputer to the UPS store yesterday morning. Mama is jumping up and down to have the big catputer back. Gunnie and I don't understand any of this, but if it makes mama happy, we want it too.

Wait a minute! Gunnie just told me getting the big catputer back means we will not have the laptop catputer case to play with anymore. The zipper thingies on it are so fun, and when it is open I like to sleep in it, although mama worries my fluffy fox tail will get stuck in the velcro.

Gunnie and I hope everkitty is having a fun weekend. Maybe we will get to go strollering later today. :)


The Huntress

June 15th 2010 5:56 pm
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Missy Mups had bunny skins, beautiful painted bunny skins. One was a tiger, one was a zebra, one was a snow leopard, and one looked amazingly like Missy's brown and gray stripes and spots. Mama tried to give them to me when I was just a baby. She would drape them over me when it was cool. Instead of snuggling down in them, I would attack them. Mama thought Missy wouldn't like that, so she put the bunnies away. Mama had some regular little gray bunny skins. She gave me the worst one, but I didn't like it much. It has been draped over my fleece-lined cradle for weeks now, and I never paid any attention to it.

Today mama came out of the office and saw "something" on the living floor. She walked over, and it was my gray bunny skin in a heap in the middle of the living room floor. Mama smiled, picked up the bunny skin, and draped it over a chair. Mama headed for the kitchen where she found a little pile of white and gray fluff. It was a piece of the bunny skin. Mama looked at me, but I pretended not to know how the bunny fur got there.

While mama was working away in the office, I got SO hungry I had to kill the bunny for food just like a wild tigress. After I killed the bunny, I dragged my kill out so Gunnie would not take my bunny "dinner." I guess while I was wrestling with the bunny, I pulled a piece of his hide off. Now it is the perfect toy. I pick it up and run around the house with the piece of bunny fur in my mouth. Mama never scolded me because the bunny was mine, all mine, and she knew I was being a wild tigress hunting for my food.

And...I still don't get to play with the pretty bunny skins.


Peekaboo Perfect

June 14th 2010 3:28 pm
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It is so much fun to be the "perfect" kitty in the family. This morning Gunnie was so naughty mama gave him time-out. I was resting on the bed like a perfect little princess watching everything going on while Gunnie was getting underfoot, trying to chew on stuff, and going places he shouldn't (like the box mama was trying to put the computer in). Yeppers, my brother can be a very naughty boy.

Mama is working with me to help me not be so skitterish. It is more like a game I play than being afraid, but sometimes I run away when mama tries to pet or pick me up. Lately, mama has been scooping me up a LOT and pettering and kissing me and telling me how much she loves me and how lucky she is to have a little girl like me. Guess what? I think I am starting to like it. Mama says I am settling down after my spay (whatever that is). I always purr when mama picks me up, and I am not so squirmy anymore. I am starting to snuggle with mama in the nighttime too. Maybe the price of being a little princess is not so high after all.


Super Strollers

June 11th 2010 1:03 pm
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Daddy came yesterday morning. He worked all day on the new stone walkway from the front gate to the deck. Daddy has been working on this project since late last summer. Mama was working in the office and daddy outside. At 3 p.m. when mama finished her work shift, daddy was just finishing up the walkway.

Gunnie started beggaring for a stroller ride. Daddy put up his walkway stuff, and mama loaded me and Gunnie in the stroller. Mama showed daddy how she can get the stroller out the back door and down three steps with us in it!

We headed down the road with daddy pushing our stroller. It was extra fun because daddy pushes us way faster than mama. Mama looked funny kind of trotting along trying to keep up. We saw dawgs and trucks and birdies; all kinds of things. The road is narrow, and there are no siderwalks where we live. Mama says that if Gunnie and I get used to trucks whizzing by, we will not be scared of a few giant RV's creeping very slowly through the campsterground when we go travlering with mama and daddy later this summer.

When we got back from our ride, mama and daddy took our carriers out to the truck. Daddy took the back seat out of his big noisy truck. He is building a wooden tool holder thingie with drawers in it. The top has hinges (whatever those are)so daddy can get inside to get all his junk out. Our carriers will ride on top of the big wooden box facing each other so Gunnie and I can see each other, but we can't see outside. Daddy is putting in huge bolts and big nylon straps to hold our carriers in place NO MATTER WHAT happens. Mama and daddy checked out a few things with the carriers and marked where daddy will put the big bolts. We will get to test our daddy's contraption in July when we go to Helena for a few days. It will be mine and Gunnie's very first travelering trip ever!

Meanwhile I got a brand new Peekaboo Pink harness. Ooh, it is so gorgeous. Mama got me a Home Again tag that is also Peekaboo Pink. Anything at our house that is pink is Peekaboo Pink now. The new harness is not all that big, so mama ordered another bigger pink harness for when I get REALLY big and can kick my brother's butt when he starts wrestling with me.

We love our stroller and spending time with mama and daddy when he can be here with us. We just wish summer would come to Big Sky Country. The high on Saturday is forcasted to be 50 degrees. This is the spring that won't end and the summer that won't start. :(


Thank You

May 31st 2010 6:29 pm
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I want to sincerely thank all our wonderful Catster friends who have been feeding us so well the past few days. I have stuffed my tiny tummy with watermelon, hotdogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. There was so much food that Gunnie and I couldn't eat it all, so we asked mama to pack up the leftovers and take them to the local animal shelter. The kits and pups there had a feast for the holiday!

Thanks so much for your generosity and your friendship. It means a lot to me and my family.


Rosy Pussytoes

May 31st 2010 6:27 pm
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I have my very ownest flowers! They are called rosy pussytoes. A long time ago mama brought home some little wildflowers from one of her "nature" trips. When mama looked up the name in her wildflower book, they were called rosy pussytoes. The pussytoes became Missy Mups' flowers. Now mama says they are mine. They have grown and grown so there is a large patch, and they have baby wild white onions growing among them. They are very pretty and delicate with gray foliage that looks like a carpet and the little stems with tiny flowers in pink and white. They nod and sway in the wind.

Gunnie doesn't have any flowers. He says flowers are for girls. I think he should have his own flowers in the garden, but they would be stinkweeds...


I Am Not Afraid

May 27th 2010 5:46 pm
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I am not afraid of the sucking monster! This evening when mama was making the sucker monster go, I sat right there and let it come to within inches of where I was sitting. I only left because it was growling SO loud, I could not hear myself think. I did not run away; I only moved to a different place in the living room. When it got too close again and started growling at me, I moved again. It is so very, very slow, it could never catch the Peekaboo Princess, so there was no need to run away. Somekitty should tell the sucking monster to use it's indoor voice.


First Stroller Ride

May 23rd 2010 5:44 pm
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I got my very first outdoor strollering session this afternoon. Gunnie and I have been practicing lots of stuff; getting brushed, wearing our harnesses, riding in the car, and playing, sleeping, and riding around the house in the stroller. Gunnie is an old hand at strollering outside and even down on the road with cars and trucks whooshing by. I have never even been outside in the stroller. This afternoon when mama finished six hours of overtime working, she asked if I would like to take my very first outdoor stroller ride. I clapped my little paws together and leaped up and down. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Mama put our harnesses on me and Gunnie. She put each of us in the potty box just in case. Sure enough, Gunnie had to go pee pee. Jeez, those boy cats... Then mama put us in the stroller together. Mama thought if I was scared, Gunnie would show me that strollering is fun, not scary. Mama zipped up the stroller and wheeled us down the hall. It was fun being in the stroller while mama tried to wrestle it down the back steps. Pretty soon we were moving. Wow, the sun was shining, I could hear birdies chirping, and the wind was ruffling my furs. We strolled for miles and miles, but it was mostly in circles around our yard, the driverway, and grampster's yard. Mama stopped the stroller near the road to see what I would do when cars went by. I didn't seem very scared, so we took a very short stroll down on the road. Mama heard somebody meowering and thought it was me. Nope! Gunnie was being a wuss. Don't tell Gunnie I said that. He will chase me, hold me down, and make me scream. We stayed out for about a half hour or more, and I loved strollering. I can't wait to go again on an even nicer day.


Toe Floof!

May 22nd 2010 8:06 pm
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Ooh, ooh. My mama is so excited. I am getting toe floof just like Missy Mups'! It is not very noticeable on my front paws, but my back ones have great big floofs sticking out. Mama is hoping my coat will come in to match my fluffy tail, ear floof, and toe floof. She says it is driving her nuts wondering what I will look like all grown up.

On a seriously serious note, I am very upset with my brother, Gunnie. He has been wrestling with me and breaking my beautiful whiskers. How dare he? Someday I am gonna grow up and hold him down and sit on him and show him I am the boss kitty around here! OK, it may not be for awhile yet, but I promise to get even. Just like they say, don't get mad; get even...

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