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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Yellin for My Dinner

May 15th 2013 9:12 pm
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Today mama went outside to work in the yard at ll clocks. Pretty soon it was 2 clocks, and Guns and I did not have our lunch. Mama gets all innerested in playin in the dirt, and she forgets all bout how Guns and I might be starvin. Finally bout 3 clocks mama comed in for a minute, and Guns and I mentioned real polite like that we needed lunch. Mama gived us onliest half of our lunch, and then she went back outside.

It was bout 5 clocks, and mama was gettin ready to come inside for the day, but I did not know that. Guns and I never had the rest of our lunch, and it was gettin time for kitty kat dinner. Mama was lookin at her flower garden by the beddyroom when she heard a noise. She looked up at the window, and I was tryin to squeeze through the open window, and I was yellin at mama that I wanted dinner cuz I was starvin. At first mama thought it was Guns because I am the polite kitty, but no, it was me, the Peekster, and I was HUNGRY! The window was onliest open bout 5 inchers, but my whiskers said I could stick my head out and push on the screen. I had one paw out too, but the hole was too teensy, and I could not squeeze through. Sooooooo, the onliest thing I could do was stare at mama and yell as loud as I could. "I AM STARVIN; FEED ME!!!"

It did not even work cuz mama comed in awhile later when she got hungry. No fair.

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May 16th 2013 at 11:00 pm

OMC, glad you eventually got some food!




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