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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess


May 4th 2013 3:11 pm
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I have had a couple of terbl days. Thursday mama was outside all day, but when she comed in she realized I was gettin in the potty lots and poopin. One time she watched me, and I didn't feel good, so I just laid down in the potty. Later there was a little spot of poop on the rug in the hall, so mama runned the SpotBot. Later mama smelled somethin stinky, but she could not find it until she got real close to me. See, some of the poop sticked in my furs. It was pretty embarrassin as you can imagine.

Mama tooked me to the bathyroom and tried to get the stuff out. She used toilet papers and pet wipers and everything, but the bad stuff would not come outta my fur. I am real skared of the bathytub cuz I had a coupla baths there before, so mama thought it would not be so skary if I had a bath in the sink. Well, I struggled and screamed and howled and moaned. I was makin such a fuss that Guns comed to the door and cried and pawed tryin to get in and rescue me from mama, but he could not cuz the door was up tight. Finally after mama tried to drown my tail and booty, the kitty kat shampoo was goned from my fur. Mama wrapped a clean towel round me, and we sat down to catch our breaths. Mama was as wet, well maybee even wetter than me!

Friday mama had to go to town, but early in the mornin she sawed another teensy spot of poop on the carpet, so she runned the SpotBot again. While she was doin it, I could see her lookin at me. I was pretty sure she was plottin some kinda terbl thing to do to me. After the SpotBot gobbled up the bad stuff, mama took me and Guns to the kitchen for breakerfust. She had some Fortiflora with the good tummy bugs, so she gave me and Guns each a package with our breakerfust.

Mama washed her hair, and when she got finished, she found a bunch of stuff that camed from sumbuddy's tummy all over the carpet right next to where the SpotBot gobbled stuff up just a few minutes earlier. Honest, it was not me. Guns was bein a real piggy. He loves the Fortiflora, and it was good, and he was REAL hungry. He ate too fast, and up camed the chow and the good tummy bug medsins with it.

Poor mama cleaned up the messiness and runned the SpotBot again. There were three spots, all of em wet, and all of em close to each nuther.

When mama camed home from town, she gave us lunch. Then she gave me a haircut. It is not real pretty cuz mama sez I am as wiggly as an earthyworm. Mama trimmed my bloomers and the hair down low on my tummy to help so the poops can't grab onto me as easy. She could not bear to cut on my faboolus tail, though, so now every time I go potty, mama checks my booty and my tail.

This mornin mama was smarter. She did not give us the Fortiflora cuz she sez it is too spensive to upchuck it. Mama let us have our breakerfust, and we did not throw up nuthin, so mama let us have Fortiflora with our lunch when we were not so hungry. So far, so good.

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May 4th 2013 at 11:30 pm

Hope you're feeling all better soon!




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