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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

An Evil Plot?

October 1st 2012 12:08 pm
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I think mama is plottin gainst me and Gunnie. I am not happy that summer is over in Big Sky Country cuz while the weather was nice, mama was outdoors all the time, and she did not even think bout photo shoots and nuther things that I have decidered I do not like to do.

This mornin mama was checkin her e-mail, and there was one from Petco. I peeked and saw mama lookin at pet costooms for Howl-ween! She looked and looked. Sumtimes she zoomed in to see the costooms REALLY good. Finally she started puttin stuff in her shopsterin cart. First she put in a black and red vampire cape. Then she put in a white collar with a black bow tie. I think those are for Guns, so I do not care much, although mama might decide to try and put the cape on me too.

The badderest part was when she kept goin back and forth between a pink sparkly dress and pointy hat and a girl pirate outfit with a stupid lookin black pirate hat. Finally, after she looked and looked and flipped back and forth between em, she put the pink dress and pointy hat in her cart. Oh, NO! That one is def-nutly not for Gunnie.

Mama is cheep, and I saw her choosin the looooooooonnnnnnnnnng time for shipsterin, so maybee I have time to practis my runnin and hidin. I can run pretty fast, but I have to make sure I keep my tail straight up in the air so it is not a handle, and I have to practis zippin underneath Mr. Big Bed REAL fast.

I am pretty sure mama is thinkin bout Howl-ween. She already had "instruments of torture" with the chickie hat and devil horns. Why does she need to shopster even more? Just cuz Missy would put up with gettin dressed up in peeple lookin outfits and sittin in a chair and lookin like she liked it does not mean I will do it too. It's all Missy and Guns' fault cuz they actually like(d) gettin their pictures tooked.

Now I am gonna go look for hidey holes where mama catnot find me...

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October 3rd 2012 at 2:23 am

Hmm, maybe dat costume will get lost in da mail.




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