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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Ooh; I'm Naughty!

July 18th 2012 2:46 pm
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This mornin mama and daddy finished breakfust, and mama was cleanin in the kitchen. Daddy started to walk into the livin room, and there was a big loud thump. Then mama heard daddy say "Peekaboo!!" Mama comed around the corner to see what was happenin. I was kinda hiderin behind a chair, and daddy was lookin at me real stern like. Daddy told mama I jumped off the top of the armoire! Mama said "No, she NEVER gets up there." Daddy told mama he akshly seed me up on the top right behind mama's spensive Roseville vase, and then when I seed daddy I leaped off the top clear to the floor. Daddy builded the armoire for our tel-bishun and all the quipments, and it is taller than mama, more than 5 feets tall. Mama was kinda horror-fied that I was up there, and she is worried I might break somethin or hurt myself.

Mama always sez she has to stay awake at night tryin to outsmart me and Gunnie, but she already had a plan cuz Guns used ta jump up on the armoire when he was just a kitten. Mama tooked a piece of carderboard and laid strips of big sticky silver tape on every single inch of the carderboard. Then she put it on top of the little anteek phone table. Now if I try to jump up, I will get all stucked up in the tape. Mama told daddy not to be sprised if I runned through the house with the carderboard stucked to my behind cuz I got a real floofy tail, floofy bloomers, and real hairy toes on my fat paws. I think it is gettin pretty close to Peekaboo abuse, but mama sez if I am not bad, it will never happen. Well, I am NOT bad; I am just real kurius bout things. Besides, Gunnie told me I should go up and check it out cuz the view is real cool. Hmmmmm... Do you think my bruther cat is tryin to get revenj on me for tellin bout him bonkin his head tryin to jump in the window when the curtins were closed?

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July 18th 2012 at 11:42 pm

I don't know that I would trust any brother!




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