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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Goodby, Summer

October 22nd 2011 12:10 pm
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Summertime seemed so short this year. Maybee it is cuz it rained and flooded most of Montana clear into July. It was pretty hot, and all the flowers grew REAL big cuz of all the rain. Now our yard and gardens are gettin ready to go to sleep for the winter.

This morning mama went out and did what she called "harvesting" some herbies. She cut all the thyme with sissurs, and then she went out and cut a pretty sage plant all up. Mama brought the herbies inside and washed them. Gunnie and I were gigglin cuz mama hunged the herbies over the bathy tub on hangers so they could drip their water off. Then later Gunnie and I watched mama cut up the herbies. She went snippety, snip, snip and cut the leaves all off the sage, and she sorted through the thyme. She put all the best pieces of the herbies on trays in the no-no room so Gunnie and I can't even check to see when they are all dry and ready to use.

Mama needed the tray our catnipshun was on, so she put most of it in our baggie way high in the cupboard cuz she says it is not self serve. Mama thinks we catnot get the nip, but Gunnie says we can still get it if we hop up on the kitchen counter and I stand on Gunnie's back. I already know how to open the cupboard door cuz I practis all the time with the laundry cabinet, and the doors are just the same. They don't got no lockie things. If I stand on Gunnie's back and open the door I can reach the nip with my teeths and pull the baggie down.

Mama was kinda not mean. She took some nip and put it in a sockie for us, and we played with it for awhile.

On Monday the weatherman said we will get rain and some little white flake thingies, but they probly will not stay.

Gunnie and I had fun travelering with mama and daddy, but we do not mind winter cuz mama and daddy spend more time inside with us, so we get more attenshuns. Mama is bizzy makin our house all cozy and warm for the winter, and she is gonna get out Missy's cradle bed. That one is my favorite cuz I barely fit inside, so I curl up inside, and it is real warm and comfy.




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