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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Five

August 26th 2011 6:52 pm
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Day five was our last day in Missoula. Mama and daddy went anteeking. Daddy found some stuff, and mama bought a new little purse. It is REAL old and real pretty, but I do not get to play with it.

Mama and daddy decidered to go out and see how bad the forest fire was in case we had to come a different way home. They drove out to the interchange at Bonner and into the big parkin lot at the Exxon Travel Plaza. Mama found a place to sit on a brick thingie in the shade of the giant sign. There were semi trucks and cars whizzin by while the smoke was comin up out of the mountain. Mama took a little video. It was not very good, but she was spearmintin. Mama and daddy stayed for quite a long time watchin the helicaflopters takin off and comin back for fuel and then takin off again. Mama and daddy also got to watch the big bombers drop their loads of slurry to help keep the fire from spreadin. Mama took some pictures spearmintin with catchin the helicaflopters takin off, but she did not get no pictures of the slurry bombers.

Finally daddy got too hungry and made mama come home so they could have dinner and talk bout how to get home...

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August 26th 2011 at 6:56 pm

Peekie! My mom's been to that travel center in Bonner! She knows exactly where you were! Did you guys find a way to come home? Hopefully the fire didn't change your travel plans.




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