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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Three

August 22nd 2011 4:48 pm
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When mama and daddy got home from Fort Missoula, Gunnie and I did not greet them at the door, so mama came lookin for us. When mama walked into the bedroom, I was stretchin and comin across the bed. Mama thought maybe I had been sleepin on daddy's nightstand beside the bed, but she could not figure out why I would want to do that. It is like fake marble and real hard.

We had some dinner, and then Gunnie and I dispeared into the bedroom again. Later mama came in and turned on the light. Gunnie was sleepin on daddy's jacket on the bed, and guess where I was? Yeppers; I was sound asleep curled up but with one hinder leg hangin off the nightstand. Mama got the camera and took a coupla pictures of Gunnie. I yawned and stretched and laid down on the corner of the bed. When mama came over to take my picture, I stretched and yawned and then put my paw right over my face. I waited until mama took the picture. Then I took my paw back down and looked at her.

We didn't get our stroller ride or our picture in front of the Missoula KOA sign because it was gettin too late, and mama and daddy had too many things to do so they could go to St. Ignatius and on up to Flathead Lake on Monday, but that is anuther story...

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August 22nd 2011 at 5:30 pm

Sometimes hard surfaces feel good if it is kinda warm.
Can't wait to see the cute face cover photo..That will be adorable Peekie.




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