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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

I'm Just Not Sure

July 7th 2011 4:51 pm
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My auntie came to visit for a week from Nevader. I think she was nice, but I could not make up my mind if I should let her hold me. She could pet me most times, and she sounded like mama, but I was just not quite sure if I REALLY liked her a lot.

Gunnie liked auntie, but he is braver than me. Maybe he is just more reckless than me. He let auntie pick him up and carry him around the house and pet him anytime she wanted.

Mama and daddy were goned a lot when auntie first got here. Then daddy left for Pinedale, Wyoming, and mama and auntie stayed home more doing what they called "projects." Auntie is doing our family history; well, mama's, not mine and Gunnie's. Anyway, they had all these real old pictures. They were looking at the pictures and reading old letters and getting real eksitered bout stuff. They stuck some of the things inside a black thingie on mama's desk and pushed some buttons. Then they took the things out and put them back. They said they were scanning photos. I think maybe they were just pretending.

On Independence Day auntie taught mama how to make paper beads. They were messy; there was fun stuff scattered all over mama's craft table. Gunnie and I were all ready to explore the beads, but mama and auntie shut the door up tight when they were finished.

On Tuesday when auntie left, mama and grampster took her to the airport. Mama saw Gunnie and thought she knew where I was, so she shutted the office door up tight when she left. Then she and auntie and grampster went to town. After auntie was ready to get inside a giant birdie to go home, mama and grampster went to some stores and shopstered. When mama camed home, Gunnie greeted her at the door, but she did not see me. Mama called me, but I still did not come. Mama was pretty surprised when she opened the office door. I was standing there waiting to come out. I was pretty good while I was locked in the office without any food, water, or a potty. I only knocked a coupla things off the desk. I tried to tell mama I thought if I got on the desk maybe I could open the up tight door, but she did not believe me.

Mama tried to lecture me bout being a sneak, but I just purred and trilled because it did not even scare me. Mama was kinda disserpointed because she hoped I learned a lesson. Not even, mama...

Purred by: Kristina R

July 7th 2011 at 7:36 pm

MOL!! I's got shut in the closet not to long ago & I's haven't learnt my lesson either, hehe!! That giant birdie thing sounds kinda cool I's would likes to ride in one of them!!




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