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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

I Met "The BUNNY!"

April 4th 2011 11:53 am
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My daddy came last Friday to spend the weekend with us. He and mama found some things to do, Home and Garden Show, a bead show, antiquing, AND mama read in the Friday newspaper entertainment thingie that the Pet Paw-See was having pictures at Petco with the Eeekster bunny; the REAL bunny, not a pretend Eeekster bunny.

Gunnie got to meet the Eeeekster bunny last year and get his picture taken, so mama and daddy decided I should get to meet the bunny this year.

Mama and daddy left for awhile Saturday morning, but then they came home and mama scooped me up and fluffed my furs. Then she put me in my carrier, and away we went to meet the bunny. Mama was worried when we got to Petco. There were SO many cars in the parking lot, and it was raining too. Yuck. When we got inside, there were lots of people over by the bunny, and mama wondered how long we might have to wait. I am kinda shy, and I was hiding under my bed inside the carrier. Mama filled out the papers to get my picture taken. The bunny was holding a dawg, but then when the dawg left, they said I was next!

Mama took me out of my carrier. I got about 10 feet long as mama was pulling me out. Everybuddy giggled, but I did not think it was funny. Then mama picked me up and took me to meet the bunny. The bunny was nice! He had huge paws, and he was very soft and furry just like me. The bunny took me and cuddled me against him with his huge paws, and he was smiling at me. Mama and daddy were making noises and talking to me. Then aunt Debi, my foster mama, got a fishy pole and started dangling it in front of me. She even bonked my head with the fishy! The nice lady took five whole pictures of me with the REAL Eeekster bunny. Then pretty soon mama was taking me from the bunny, and I was back in my carrier. Daddy stayed with me while mama got my pictures on a CD. It all happened so fast; I did not have time to get too scared. Pretty soon we were back home, and Gunnie and I were napstering on the bed, and mama and daddy were gone again. I would think it was all a dream except for the picture mama put on my Catster page. Now everybuddy will know I am a friend of the REAL Eeekster bunny.

Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

April 5th 2011 at 12:05 am

That's so cool that you met the Eeekster bunny! How exciting! You look great in your photos!




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