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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess


March 30th 2011 12:18 pm
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Oooh, mama tricked me yesterday. I love to nap in my carrier. It is kind of like a kitty cave, and I like that it is dark and private. Yesterday morning mama brought my carrier into the living room and left the door open. In the afternoon I was napstering in it when mama walked over and locked me in! Then she said "Wanna go see Unkl Mike, Peekie?" NO! I do NOT want to see Unkl. Pretty soon we were drivering to see Unkl without my permission. We had to wait a short while because Unkl Mike was trying to save a beagle doggy who was attacked by two big labrador treevers. The poor doggy was old and overweight, and he had a cardiac arrest (what's that?) right before they took him to surgery. Unkl told mama he was real sick, but everbuddy there was trying real hard to help him.

The good news is Unkl looked at my ears, eyes, mouth, armpit where the bad used to be, and both my hinder legs where I had bads before. Even on my reduced medsins I don't have any bads, so now I only get 0.2 ml of prednisone every other day. Mama will give me my medsins for two more weeks. Then if the bads do not come back I will get to stop the prednisone and go on othr medsins. It made mama happy that my bads are not coming back, but she will check me every day just to make sure. I don't really like mama or Unkl feeling me all over, but it is not TOO bad because I know they are trying to make me better.

Mama had to tell Unkl the bad news that our pictures together did not turn out. Mama said she hated to ask again because Unkl is so bizzy. He said it was always OK to ask; he just hoped it would not be on a bad hair day! Of course, he meant HIS bad hair day because I, the Peekaboo Princess, never have a bad hair day.

Neener, neener, Gunnie. I got to ride in our new truck again and you didn't...

Purred by: Simone (Catster Member)

March 31st 2011 at 10:29 am

Oh my catness! How dare she do such a thing to you? Tricking a kitty is never ok in my book! I'm glad you are doing well but still... those humans. What are we going to do with them?




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