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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Why Can't Mama Sleep?

February 24th 2011 10:11 am
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Why can't my mama sleep? We help her every night. Before mama falls asleep, Gunnie goes into the bathroom and opens the shower doors and jumps into the tub. "THUMP!" Then Gunnie starts to sing. His song sounds like this: "Mrrrt, Mrrrrrrt, mrrrrrowwwwwwww. Mrrrrrrrrowwww, mrrrr, mrrrt. Meeeeeeowww!" When he is done singing, we hear Gunnie jump up on the toilet tank. "Rattle!" Then he jumps down onto the floor. "THUMP."

I curl up to sleep by mama's pillow on her left side. Gunnie sleeps at the foot of the bed on the same side. In the middle of the night, mama hears "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh." It is Gunnie next to mama's pillow on the other side, trying to get under the covers. Mama lifts up the covers, and Gunnie goes under the covers. Then he curls up right next to mama and purrs. He falls asleep for awhile, but then he crawls out from underneath the covers and sits and looks out the window. Sometimes he sees deers going up the driverway.

Later but when it is still dark, Gunnie gets up and starts rattling the closet doors. Mama yells at him, and he stops for about 30 seconds. Then he does it again. When Gunnie gets tired of rattling the closet doors, he jumps up on the bed. The bed shakes, and it feels like an earthquake. Then Gunnie stalks up to where I am sleeping and starts wrestling with me right next to mama's head. Sometimes we tumble and wrestle all over the bed. Then Gunnie jumps down and gallops down the hall. Pretty soon we hear him coming back, pounding up the hall like a racing horsie. He leaps onto mama's little velvet chair and thumps it against the wall, leaps in the middle of mama, takes off from mama's middle, leaps down onto the floor, and starts running again. Gunnie keeps running loops and jumping on mama until he gets tired. Then when Gunnie thinks he will nap, I get up, walk over, and swat him, and we wrestle some more.

I think mama sleeps more than she says because this morning when she went into the living room, the pink fringie lamp was tipped over. It did not fall all the way down because it wedged against the wall. I am not the sponsible party; Gunnie did it! Or...maybe it was when we were wrestling in the night.

Why didn't mama hear that?

Purred by: Teebo - Angel Dreamboat #66 (Catster Member)

February 24th 2011 at 11:32 am

Hmmm...sort of sounds like our house, especially the closet doors rattling. Mom finally gave up and leaves one side open for us.
Purred by: KIBBLES (Catster Member)

February 24th 2011 at 11:58 am

Yep it sounds like our house too! Grammy doesn't always sleep well either. Maybe our Grammy and your Momcat have a sleeping disorder! What you think? I really don't think it's anything we're doing!!!! MOL!

Have a great day!

Love, Kibbles, Francis, & Yoda
Purred by: Simone (Catster Member)

February 24th 2011 at 12:07 pm

hehehe, oh those poor humans who think they get to sleep when we are around. I need my mommy to snuggle with me all night long, but if I want out from under the blankets, she has to move over so I can get out. What is so hard to understand about that mommy? I agree though, your mommy shouldn't complain if she didn't even hear the lamp fall down! You guys are clearly very quiet and courteous to her when she is sleeping!




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