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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

A Terribler-est Day

January 23rd 2011 1:33 pm
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Ooh, yesterday was a terribler-est day for me. Gunnie and I are eating scription food now, and it makes your, ahh, how shall I say this, ummm, poo presents for mom "different." Mama went outside for awhile and then came in and told us it was stinky in the bathroom. Somehow mama knew it was me who had just gone potty. She snatched me up and checked my butt. I had one teensy little piece of soft poo on the underside of my tail. I would have taken care of it myself, but mama tried to wipe it off. That only smeared the teensy bit of poo so it was WAY pooey-er.

The next part is the terrible part. Mama wouldn't let me go. She closed the bathroom door, opened the cabinet, and got out some special kitty shampoo she got from Unkl Dr. Mike. Mama turned on the water and tested to make sure it was not hot. Then mama tried to hold my tail in the water and wet it down. Well, I didn't like that much. I protested, but mama ignored me. Then mama took some shampoo and put it on my fur. I really did not like that. She started rubbing the shampoo into my fur, and I threw a hissy fit. I was screaming and thrashing around and trying to get away. Mama kept telling me she couldn't let me go until we had the shampoo rinsed out of my tail. It was a rodeo with me and the water going every which way but loose.

When we were finally finished, mama looked like she might cry. I was mad as a, well, wet CAT. I was too tired from fighting to do much but yowl, but I made some truly horrible noises. Mama wrapped me in a fluffy towel and cuddled me until we both calmed down. Then mama started towel drying my furs. That felt better. My tail was still pretty bedraggly looking, but I wanted down, so mama let me go. Mama was soaking wet. Her knees were wet, and she had to change her shirt because it was completely soaked on the right side. I was kinda thinking if I was all wet, mama should have to be all wet too.

I disappeared to regroom my wet furs, and mama changed her clothes. Mama was worried because she says I am kind of a strange child; I am almost feral sometimes. Mama was afraid our bond of trust might be broken. HA! Never. In spite of mama torturing me, I still love her AND the food she gives me. Mama and I are snuggle partners again, though I don't think I want to play in that nasty tub anymore, specially with mama.

I got my revenge on mama when I decided to use the clean sheets that were not folded yet to help dry my dampish fur. I laid down on the nice clean flannel sheets and groomed my soggy tail. Then I fell asleep and left terrible wrinkles...

Purred by: (My Angel) Colette (Catster Member)

January 23rd 2011 at 5:23 pm

Awww Peekaboo. Mee too--I got pet wiped today for the same reason. Mom told me if I didn't hold still that she was going to give me a baff. I held still--'cause that's a real catastrophe. I'm usually too determined to get out of the tub to put up any real fight. (I forget to use my nails!)

Mom tries to towel me off but I don't like that either. And then I'm so upset that I end up having another diarrhea attack so I use the litter box while I'm still wet. You can probably guess that I have anything but clean soggy floofs when I come out of there.

And then the hair dryer. What will they think of next!!!




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