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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess


December 22nd 2010 4:34 pm
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I know if I do not write bout this stuff, Gunnie will tattle on me, so I might as well confess.

The other day I was trying to get the potty just right. I am kind of particular bout the potty. I catnot go if it is not perfect. Mama was washing her face, and she could hear me scratching real serious in the potty. Just as mama turned around to look, I got my right front paw in the litter just right and fired a double handful of kitty litter straight out the end. See, mama bought a fancy potty for me and Gunnie. It is shaped like a Victorian slipper tub. It has rounded corners (the better for daddy not to catch his toe on cause our bathroom is small), and it is higher at one end and not very high at the other end. Mama thought it would be good for baby kitties like me. Ha! I did not need a baby kitty potty. From the very beginning I could leap into the potty without help. Anyway, I didn't mean to aim for the lowest part when I flung the litter. It just happened. Mama screamed when she saw how much litter went all over the bathroom floor. The screaming didn't bother me much because I finally had the potty just the way I wanted it, and I really had to go.

Yesterday mama went to town. She came home with two black furry cat toys. Later mama was sitting at the table, and I saw the cat toys under the table. They had these cool zippers with little black furry ball thingies hanging off of them. I started batting at the balls. Then I pulled on them. They moved a little bit like they were trying to get away from me, so I started biting at the big part. I didn't notice him at first, but Gunnie was lounging on his couch, and he was laughing behind his paw. He couldn't even hide his laughing when mama yelled at me, "Peekie, those are my new slippers, NOT kitty playthings!" I was so embarrassed; I had no idea they weren't new Kissmouse toys, and they were VERY fun to play with.

This morning mama straightened up the house, and she took the new cat toys, errrrrrrr, slippers and put them in a corner in the bedroom. This afternoon mama could see "something" lying in the middle of the hall. When she got closer, she could see it was one of the new cat toys, errrrrrrr, slippers. Mama looked in the bedroom, and the other cat toy, errrrrrrr, slipper was also not where she left it. Busted again! I tried to tell her Gunnie did it, but she would not believe me. My punishment was to be picked up and held and cuddled and kissed while mama laughed at me for my mistake. Gunnie, you could have warned me...




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