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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Priceless Versus Pricey!

November 6th 2010 6:03 pm
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I have been a sick little princess. A couple of weeks ago I got very, very sick. Mama made grampster take me to Best Friends Animal Hospital, and my doctor, unkl Mike, called mama and said something "weird" was going on with my leg, and he wanted to operate on me the next day. Mama could have brought me home and taken me back, but (I can't believe this) she said it would be easier on me and on Gunnie if I stayed there so mama could "rescue" me after my operation. It was very terrible; I was scared and hid under my blankie all day. Then the next day I got real sleepy, and when I woke up my leg felt funny. Mama came and took me home after she paid lots of $$$$ to get me back. ;)

I was so happy to be home. Gunnie told me I smelled funny, but he was very nice to me. He didn't hiss or slap at me, and he didn't chase me either. It was a good thing because I could still run WAY too fast for him to catch me. My leg looked funny; it had stitches and staples all down the back of my leg, but it felt fine. Mama tried to get me to settle down, but I was so glad to be home, and I wanted to explore everywhere and make sure everything was the same as before. I have been a very good girl, and I actually cry for my medicine every morning. Gunnie and I did work on the staples, but unkl saw me for something called a "postop check" and said I had stitches in my skin underneath the staples anyway. My leg is healing up fine, and I get my staples out next week. Gunnie is chasering me around the house again, and we wrestle just like we did before.

The bad news is I have something called eosinophilic granulomatous disease complex. From what Unkl said, I have the linear kind. Unkl and mama do not know what caused it. It can be from allergens (something I breathed, touched, or ate) or genetic. Unkl sent some of the nasty stuff that was in my leg to a pathologist,and it was just what he thought.

We are all hoping (me most of all) that it never comes back, but mama and Unkl are ready with a plan if it does. For now, I am a happy little precious princess. I have a mama and daddy who love me very much and a brother who bathes me, sleeps with me, and lets me shove him away from the food dishes when we eat. What more could a princess want?

Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

November 6th 2010 at 6:11 pm

I am so sorry you got sick Peekie. I didn't know. I am glad you are feeling good now and things feel normal. I am sending you some purrs. Take care little princess!
Love and Purrs,
Purred by: ♥ Anna ♥ (Catster Member)

November 6th 2010 at 6:37 pm

Oh Peekie, i am so sorry to heal you have been sick! you are such a sweet little girl for taking your medicine so well. i know Gunnie will take very good care of you Sweetie. saying a prayer for that icky stuff to never come back! love and purrs Anna
Purred by: Arlene S

November 7th 2010 at 4:57 pm

Poor little Peekie, you are so brave! I am so proud of you. Genny was spayed and is crying in pain and has a scratched cornea and is not taking anything well! You are such a big girl!




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