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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

I've Been Paroled!

April 12th 2010 7:07 pm
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I have been playing with Gunnie only when mama supervises for the past two weeks. Mama says I am an escape artist; I leap the barriers she puts up. Gunnie sits politely and cries for somebody to open the barrier for him. I walk right up to the barrier, measure it, and then leap. Mama always hears me, but she is never in time to catch me, and then I run off. I finally trained mama to take down the barriers and let me and Gunnie run around most of the house. The first time was yesterday, and it was wonderful. We ran and chased each other around the furniture. Mostly Gunnie could not keep up with me. I can zig and zag faster than Gunnie can because he has been eating too much kitten chow. I guess he thinks I will eat all the chow if he doesn't get it first. Pretty soon he will be too fat to EVER catch me. Mama has been surprised by how good we've been and how nice we've been playing since we have more room. So far we have not broken a single thing.

Today grampster was burning some things outside, so mama gave him the things she meant to shred. When mama brought the bottom part of the shredder in, I climbed in. It was fun. I thought I was hiding. I was peeking out the little plastic window in the front of the shredder when Gunnie came and stood up and batted me in the head with his paw. We kissed a few times through the window, and then Gunnie and I played a game where I would pop up like a jack-in-the-box, and Gunnie would try to bat my head.

I think I'm gonna like this freedom thing. ;)




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