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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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I Love You All THIS Much!

December 28th 2016 3:40 pm
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Ooh, ooh. Thanks to all the kitties and doggies who sended me the most bootifull birfday prezunts. You made my page look so pretty. I specially trezure the good wishies from all my friends. I did have a happy birfday. I got two mousies. Mama tooked out two, one white one and one dark gray one. She holded em both up, and I got to choose. First I thot the white one, but then I liked the dark gray one better, so when he wiggled, I tacked him. I sure showed that mousie who is boss around here.

Thanks again for thinkin of me. :)


The Karkuss has been Founded

December 18th 2016 4:01 pm
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Mama finally foundened the turkey karkuss. I didn't kill him as bad as mama thot. He was just layin under the Kissmouse tree with one of his leggies missin. That is the teensy oranj piece of felt mama foundened. Anywhoo, the turkey got his leggie fixed, and mama hanged him back on the tree but in a diffrunt spot. I guess I am not in trubls no more, so maybe Santa Claws will bring me somethin for Kissymouse.


I Killed the Turkey...

December 11th 2016 12:35 pm
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Well, it is kind of a long story, but mama sez I am a turkey assasin. What does that even mean?

Years and years ago when mama was werkin at the hopsital she buyed some little ornamunts in the gift shop. There is a pink bunny, little pink mouse, and a baby Thanksgivin turkey.

Gunnie and I were bout six years old when we saw our first Kissmouse tree. That was last year. Mama was amazed that we were pretty good, but I broked one ornamunt when I slapped it REAL hard. It went swoosh off the tree, went up in the air, and comed down and broked in a gazillion piecers. This year mama decidered not to tempt fate, so she put the little soft animals on the bottom of the Kissmouse tree where the carpet meets the wood floor. She thought that would keep me from gettin in trubls and save the Kissmouse ornamunts.

OK, so bout three times the Thanksgivin turkey diss-peared off the tree. Mama usually founded him in the hall. The first time she thought it was our little chirpy robin toy, but no, it was the poor turkey. Each time mama just put him back on the tree. I guess she thought she would teach me a lesson bout leavin things alone. Um, that did not werk cuz now the turkey is missin, and one part of him is all she can find. She knowed I was the one who did it cuz Guns gets into diffrunt kinds of trubls. Mama is still serchin for the dead turkey's body, but I will never tell where I leaved his carkass. So much for trainin kitties. :)


Jingle Bells and Crazy Bruthers

December 12th 2014 9:59 am
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Yesterday we were still all in bed. Mama was listenin to the radio. All of a sudden Guns and I heared a buncha dawgs barkin. They were barkin Jingle Bells REALLY loud. I started growlin like a junk yard dawg, which made mama start to giggle. Guns growled and jumped off the bed. He ran down the hall to make sure the dawgs were not in the livin room. Then I ran after Guns to help him fight off the dawgs we thought were in the livin room, maybee comin in the fronterest door. Then after a few minutes, the dawgs stopped barkin and just diss-peared. Where did they go? Mama told us it was just a song on the radio, but we do not beleeve her.

Guns has been takin some medsins. He started taking the medsins on Tuesday evenin, and by last night he was very crazy. He was not even stalkin me, he was just chasin me everywhere. I tried to hide, but Guns kept findin me. When I could not run fast enuff, he tackled me. Then he jumped on me and kept rollin me round and round. Mama yelled at him, and he stopped but only for a coupla minutes. Finally mama heard me tellin Guns in no uncertain yowls that I DID NOT LIKE what he was doin. Mama started bein worried Guns might hurt me, so she put Guns in the bathroom for a few hours to calm down. I am big and almost as heavy as my crazy bruther, but he is WAY stronger than me. I was real happy this mornin when I got my nice bruther back. He gived me a bath and kitty kissies. We ressled a little bit, but he was not mean.

Mama called this mornin bout the crazy medsins. Guns is not gettin anymore ever. I think Unkl is gonna figure out somethin diffrunt for Guns. I sure hope so. I love my nice bruther, but the crazy bruther? Well, anybuddy can have him...permanent. ;)


Darn It Fleas

May 7th 2014 11:41 am
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Those darn it fleas are makin Catster not much fun. Time has beened draggin long while we wait to see what happens. Gunnie and I are gettin kinda bored, and then the fleas come along and make things worse. I just wanna go for a stroller ride in the sunshine. Sigh...



April 1st 2014 1:48 pm
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Mama was cleanin the hous today, and she put our pet stroller out in the hall while she was cleanin the offis. I decidered to take a nice nap in the stroller. Guns and I both nap in the stroller most anytime we get a chance. Anyhow, mama decidered to bring the stroller with me in it back into the offis when she was finished cleanin. I like to jump out of the stroller when it is movin. Mama sez that is a defi-nut no-no, so she zipped me in for our ride to the offis. Mama left and went down to the garbages for hours and hours. Well, it SEEMED like hours and hours to me. When mama comed back in, she heard sumbuddy cryin for help. It was me; mama leftened me trapped in the stroller, and I was missin lunch! Oh, NO!!!

It is a good thing I can holler real loud cuz mama comed in wonderin why I was throwin a fit. Then she realized I could not get out and undid the zipper. I sploded out of that stroller, gave mama a dirty look, and runned for the kitchen and my lunch. I am so insultered that mama could forget me, even for a single minute.


I Am NOT Naughty!

February 26th 2014 3:36 pm
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Guns is tryin to tell everykitty that I am a naughty girl. I am NOT! I am just curious and mischievous.

When mama comed home from gettin her eye fixed at the hos-pitl, she had on this cool green plastik bracerlet. I wanted to see how it tastered, so in the mornin when we all woked up I tried to taste mama's bracerlet. It was not my fault that I aksdently bited mama's arm and made her skream. I think my toofies just slipped; I did not mean to hurt mama.

The first night when mama was home, she and daddy left the little eyedropper thingie bottles on the kitchen counter. In the middler of the night mama heard somethin stranj. She asked daddy what the noise was, so daddy got up and turned on the light. See, one of the little eyedropper thingie bottles had a cool taggie on it so I could carry the bottler round the house without bitin it. I just tooked it thru the livin room and into the hall so I could play with it. I was battin it round, and it was bouncin off the wall makin a cool noise. It made me real sad when daddy tooked the eyedropper thingie bottle away and put it WAY high in the cupboard. I asked Gunnie if he would help me get it, but he said I am naughty, and he would not help me. Now I guess I gotta play with the kitty toys. Boring...


We Gots a New Job

February 1st 2014 2:02 pm
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Guns and I are gonna be reel bizzy takin cares of mama. Her eye is broked, and she has to get it fixed at the hos-pitl next week. Daddy will be here for awhile, but then he gots to go to Bozermun to a winter show. While daddy is goned if mama is not finerer, Guns and I gotta take good cares of her. I love to sleep right by mama's pillow, so I can do that all day if mama needs me. I can also talk lots and tell mama stories. Mama sez I am the very best talker. I can just talk up a storm, and I know lotsa stories to tell. Maybee I can even tell mama some of the nite-nite stories Unkl Buddie tells when he comes to visit me and Guns in the nite.


Bein Pesty

January 28th 2014 12:36 pm
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Mama sez I am a pesticator today. All day long I have been followin mama round the hous talkin up a storm, standin on my hinder leggies and pawin at mama, gettin under her feets, and genrly bein a pest. I do not mean to be pesty, but I need attenshuns. I am not sure why I need xtra loves today, but I am gonna get em one way or the nuther.


Time for Change

January 20th 2014 12:48 pm
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Well, after we gotted over the shock of Catster dumpin us, Guns and I started thinkin bout where we would go. A course, there is always facerbook, but mama sez she will not go there. No offense to nobuddy; she just will not do it. Friends keep comin up with new pet sites where we might go, and lotsa kitties and pups are doin research. One site mama looked at this mornin just real quick is called Petster. Sound kinda familiar? While there might be several places we could all go and be together, Guns and I would like ya ta think bout lettin one of the Catster mamas make a brand new home for us all. Guns wroted about it in his diary givin the info and stuff. Please check out this sweet kitty's mama's idea and think bout it. Maybee it is time for us to dry our whiskers and put our little paws to work helpin make a new, better place to play.

In the meantime, we said we wouldn't be round much, but we have been checkin and x-changin e-mailer addresses with some of our closerest friends. If anybuddy wants to keep in touch that way, just let us know!

We love you all.

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