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This sketch looks very much like her.

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"This sketch looks very much like her."


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Pretty Kitty, "What have you done now?"

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Cat News BlogRainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

August 29th 1976

Tabby and White

Catnip, being close to me, stealing my rings and putting them where they'd catch the sunlight

I don't think she had any.

Favorite Toy:
Me, paper cups, sweetgum balls, a brush hair roller

Favorite Nap Spot:
on a window ledge in the sun, in my lap

Favorite Food:
Anything I was eating, corn on the cob, chicken soup with matzo balls, and chicken fried steak

She could break out of Alcatraz and she could put on the cute to get out of anything.

Arrival Story:
I first met Steinem when my cousin adopted her before checking with his landlord. He called me in a panic and I agreed to adopt her if she liked me. I went to his apartment that evening, after a fast trip through the grocery store for pan, litter, food, etc. When I walked in and sat down she jumped into my lap. During dinner, she sat in my lap at the table and purred. She rode across town zipped up in my sweatshirt. I named her after Gloria Steinem. Ms. Steinem is a hero of mine and I always thought she looked like an elegant, confident cat. After I got the cat and all the baggage in, I sat down to catch my breath. The first thing I did was pick up my latest Ms magazine, and Steinem got her name. I'm not one to make pictures of anybody; I don't like to have a lot of stuff to move around. I don't have a picture of Steinem to put on the page so I found a picture of Ms. Steinem and a sketch of a gray mackrel and white tabby to use. She was with me for nearly 13 years

Steinem got into more scrapes and caused more commotion than any three regular cats. She talked constantly and would actually seem to be trying to have a conversation with me. People always commented on it. She loved to ride in my 1969 Volkswagen; that's the one with the high seat backs with the head rest built in. Steinem would sit between me and the window with her butt on the seat back and her front paws on my left shoulder. It was so funny to see the expression on people's faces when they passed us and my fur collar stared at them with big green eyes. I sewed and did a lot of hand work, every bit of it with Steinem in my lap or on the back of my chair. Right after she came to live with me, I almost threw her in the dumpster because she got into the paper bag I was using to catch seam trimmings and went to sleep. Just before I got to the dumpster, my bag of trash meowed. Stopped using paper bags that day! There's a huge crewel picture hanging in my Mother's kitchen that has some of Steinem's hair in it. She laid on my legs and I'd sorted the thread across her body. She never tangled a single strand. Steinem would come into the bathroom while I was in the tub and sit on the edge. She'd dip her paw into the warm scented water and wash her face with it. She'd get inside the shower curtain and watch while anyone took a shower if they didn't close the bathroom door firmly. My father found out the hard way that she liked to watch the toilet being flushed. She'd nudge my bare butt with her nose if I sat too long. Daddy didn't realize he hadn't shut the door firmly and Ms Steinem slipped into the bathroom and nudged him. He nearly fell head first into the tub he was so surprised. Until the day he died, he'd make sure he locked the bathroom door. That was long after Steinem went to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her still. I could write a book about the adventures we had together. Maybe I will some day.

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One New Year's Eve, some friends came to my house for a small get together. Our Priest dropped in to have a drink and a late supper. He set his Scotch and water down on the floor by his chair and Steinem kept stealing sips. The next morning, she was so hung over she hid her head under my pillow when I got up and started moving around. I watched her very carefully all that day to be sure she was OK. And after that I made sure she was a teetotaler! You have to remember that this was in the 1970's. Steinem loved the smell of pot. If someone had even a shred of pot in a pocket, Steinem could sniff it out. A bearded friend who regularly smoked would come in and she couldn't wait to get in his lap and love on his beard. We never had the heart to tell him it was the pot she loved. My roommate had a pretty, gray Persian. My cat was long and lanky, very much the Siamese body type and the Persian was tiny. Those two got into some stuff. If the Persian got fussed out, she ran to Steinem to be comforted. The two cats played "Musical Beds"; they'd sleep with one of us for a while and then go to the other bedroom for a while. We never did figure out which one was knocking the receiver off the phone if it rang too often.

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We're back! And it's a wonderful feeling!!

November 3rd 2016 6:12 pm
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Hello all. It is so wonderful to be able to post here again. I pulled rank again and am writing this post too.

We are so happy to be home. It's a great feeling; we've missed everyone so much.

As for our family, not a lot has changed since my last post, but there are some changes in the works that we aren't ready to discuss yet. Stay tuned.

Mom woke the present kits up last night when the Cubs won the World Series. They did't know she was a Cubs fan. I know another sports secret, too. She enjoys ice hockey! She doesn't follow any particular team but she loves to watch a game when she has someone to go with her.


Looks as if this is going to be it.

July 18th 2016 4:52 pm
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I put my paw down. As the original cat, I am making our official goodbye. Mom saved our pages long ago but it isn't the same. We loved being here and making friends and we will always miss and love everyone of you.

Mom has not been well since her brother died over three years ago. The strain of taking care of Grandmother pretty much single handed since Granddaddy died in 1992 and working full time really wrecked Mom's health. Mom moved home in 2000 when the strain of traveling nearly every week end became too much but the damage was already done.

Then three months after Grandmother died, Mom's 7 year younger brother was diagnosed with terminal esophogael cancer. He lived over 28 very difficult months. During that horrendous time, Granddaddy's two surviving brothers passed away unecpectedly and Grandmother's only surviving brother was diagnosed with dementia.

Mom's depression is still rough but is being managed with medication. About a year ago, Mom began suffering with urinary incontinence. She has been under a doctor's care during that time and has had a Medtronic InterStim device implanted which is helping manage the problem and allowing her to begin to regain control of her bladder and live a nearly normal life. Needless to say, this has all been very expensive even with Medicare and the Medicare supplement.

Mom is tough and plans to "keep on keeping on" and we plan to be together through everything. She's working out what she needs to do to take care of all of us. We'll be ok. Mom says she has lived on peanut butter before and she can do it again if necessary.

We're on Facebook. Mom's name is Linda Abram and her home town us Joanna, SC, if you want to find her and send a friend request. May God bless and jeep every one of you well and safe. We love all of you and appreciate your friendship more than you will ever know. Until we meet again --hugs and blessings.



April 1st 2011 8:19 am
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Today is April 1; Rainbow Bridge Day. I sent Mom blue skies this morning; but she didn't wake up early. She's gotten a little lazy since she retired. Actually, I'm glad to see she's able to sleep late. She always had to get up early and go to work when I was with her.

The new kitties have learned to sleep late with her. I think that's cute. Charley snuggles close to Mom's feet and Tia snuggles close to Mom's shoulder. They all smile at their dreams.

I don't worry about Mom since the new kitties came to live with her. They're doing a great job of keeping her straight; believe me I know how hard that can be.

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