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Been a while... time to catch up

June 1st 2012 7:06 am
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Dear Diary,
Sorry I have not kept up this diary, but there is so little time and I have to get my naps in.

Since my last entry, Mom added another sister, a little black and white thing she calls BellaDonna, Bella or Bell for short, but most of the time she calls her names that I, as a decent good kitty, cannot repeat! You see Bella is a bit of a stinker.

She was just a tiny thing when Mom first brought her home. At first I thought….oh goody, a live mousie, but darn that was not the case. She was just a really small cat. At first we did not know what to think. Even Seraphina, the scaredy cat hissed at her!! But Mama knew, since she has been the only one of us who had babies and was soon babying her.

It didn’t take long for Bella to take over the house. She soon showed her personality as a bully and would jump on us, bite us and chase us around the house. Mom said she just wants to play…. Mom is so blind to Bella’s diabolical thinking. Bella wants to be boss! Now granted, this just may be me, but I think she’s the devil incarnate, even when she comes over to me and rubs against me and licks my head. I do fall for it every time, but it doesn’t take long for Bella to show her true roots and starts “something” with me. We try to “stare it down” since I’m so much bigger than her you’d think she’d back off, but NOOOOO, she will jump on me, even though I show her that I am the BOSS of her, she doesn’t seem to listen.

I’m not the only one she picks on. She chases Seraphina around the house, and yes Seraphina is over twice her size as well. But I think Seraphina kind of likes it since she taunts Bella. Lets just say Seraphina is not the brightest bulb in the house…

Mama is the only one in the house, including Mom, that Bella will “Listen” too. Mama puts Bella in her place with a hiss and laid back ears. Bella cowers and backs off fast. Mom thinks this is funny, and yep, so do I!!

For all her bravado to us, Bella is a true coward when other humans come into the house. She goes and runs behind the couch. I on the other hand, have to see them and introduce myself. After all, a scratch is a scratch! Bella is not the only one that runs, Seraphina is a given, but Mama does too…. What gives? Only me and the old lady, Xena stay out to check them out. Xena though will not come near them and if she is forced near them she hisses…like she’s a threat! I don’t understand it, but then again I get all the attention and I love that!

Well, all this “typing” has worn me out. I think I’ll have a snack, a drink and then go find the sun and take a nap…. Purrs to you all!


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