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Mostly Mysterious Mango

The Cancer that bit me

April 12th 2010 7:29 am
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I like to hide and I do it very well. My mom says she only has to think of the vet and I disappear. I also have made it a sport to hide from human and animal visitors. But there is one thing I could not hide from and that thing is called CANCER. A few years ago, cancer found my tail. I must have left it sticking out and cancer bit me and would not let go. When I could feel its teeth gripping my tail every day, I needed to show mom. I swished and swished and swished in mom's face until she saw the bite of the beast. Then, it was time to hide under the headboard of mom's bed as I knew what she was thinking.
I could not hide forever . I went to the vet and I went again. Mom learned from my tests that I had cancer of the soft tissue of my tail. Cancer would not just bite my tail but bite all the way through my body one day. The vet told my mom that there was only one way to stop her tears and make Cancer stop its biting. I would have to give up my long elegant orange tail so that I could spend many more days laying in the sun on my window shelf dreaming up new hiding places.
Goodbye, tail !
I woke up in a cage at the vet with bandages on my tail and my head in a plastic cup. Oh how I hated that cup, but mom said that cup helped my tail heal. I could still feel my tail inside the bandages but the cancer bite was gone. I would soon discover that most of my tail was , too. Strange how long it took me to realize it was just a stub, but all my peoples were happy about this. That is because cancer left me that day, and I must be a pretty good hider because it hasn't found me again. Maybe cancer found other kitties to bite and I want to tell those kitties to stop hiding and go to the vet right away. You could wake to find your head in a cup but that beats cancer in your body.


Secrets to be revealed !!

April 11th 2010 4:16 am
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I may reveal some secrets here but first I will hide under the bed just for having these thoughts.
I know the humans want to know exactly what happened to me during the two weeks I was missing. I may be ready to talk about it after an hour underneath the work bench.
I know the humans want to know why I will not come near one of my human brothers and why this has gone on for years. This human brother of mine, D., is known as a GOOD GUY..... Ono !..... I have just scared myself by mentioning D. I'll finish this after a few hours behind the couch.
Love to all,

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