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A New Life in a New Home

Vet lady was happy today

June 11th 2010 11:56 am
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Mom had to leave us 4 weeks ago today cuz her meowmy went to heaven so she left us in the care of several co-workers while she was gone. They came and went and really didn't pay attention to any of us. Mom came home 3 weeks ago to find me extremely sick but yet all 3 of those co-workers said I was fine the last time they saw me.

Mom took me to the vet and they said I had a fever, my lymph glands were swollen, I had pink eye and I had a serious upper respiratory infection. I also had ear mites. I weighed in at 9.7 lbs but the vet said I should weigh more than that for my size. I'll be 11 in October and I think my weight is just right! They sent mom home with some antibiotics for my cold and for my eyes. My eyes cleared up in a few days but a week after the vet visit, I was still sneezing and coughing. So, the vet prescribed a different type of antibiotic. Mom only got half of the prescribed dosage down my throat before she decided to stop giving it to me. That stuff made me vomit violently several times throughout the day.

Well, mom made a follow up appointment today to have my ears checked out as well as my cold symptoms. I weighed in at 9.4 pounds today but it's kind of hard to maintain my weight when I can't keep anything down with that stupid antibiotic! I actually started getting my appetite back the last few days and am eating again and keeping it down again. My ears looked good, my glands in my neck weren't swollen anymore, no more fever but I still have some drainage going on. The vet was very pleased with my progress and sent me home with nothing further for mom to shove down my throat.

They did have to shave my little butt cuz everything was getting caught in my fluffy fur. I feel so much better now though!

I'm resting on the computer desk next to meomy right now and have been doing my duty of following her around the house when she walks away. It's my turn to keep an eye on her now since she kept an eye on me these last 3 weeks trying to help me get better. I love my new meomy...I know she loves me and will always take care of me! I'm a very lucky kitty to have a second chance at life!!!


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