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I am one amazing cat

There has been a lot of trouble at the okay corale!

March 14th 2011 1:19 am
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The home I have loved most of my life was ruined in the earthquake in september. I spent many happy nights in that house, causing Mumma grief and letting Dadda know that brother puss was on his side!

About two weeks later the family moved into the woolshed and Dadda said it was like they had moved into my house. Three weeks ago we had another devastating earthquake and my family moved to a farm house up the road as Dadda can not do winter in the cold with his heart condition. Mumma and that child could tough it out but not Dadda, we can not risk losing him again!

I don't go that far up the road! Mumma says there is an awful family up the road further who are bad to cats!

I didn't go with my family, they took the dogs but decided that I would stay at home for as long as I could as they feel happier at home, and I was until I realised they had gone. It was just me and some horses and I longed for human company.

Mumma came home on Saturday and I meowed loudly at her and she asked if I wanted to go in her truck, but I politely declined as her and I do not get on.

And then the family's favorite alcoholic neighbour went to the new house and said she had come to help get "the puss puss" as she is so good with cats.

Her and Dadda came and put me in a box with a blanket over the top. I fair fought to get out of that box as I belong to my beautiful home by the sea and I was worried about where they were taking me! I escaped from the box and Dadda had to put me in a possum trap of all things!

Mumma, as bad as she is, she was worried for me when I came in the possum trap fair meowing boardering on growling. I was put straight to bed and feed real pussy cat meat and I was very happy.

If I go back home it is only one kilometre up the road and I now know where Dadda sleeps and he said I am more than welcome to meow loudly at his window if I want to sleep on his bed!


There have been accusations, AGH

June 29th 2010 1:02 am
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Dadda went for a drive in his new tractor and met the farmer over the road.

This farmer is a grumpy man without a wife. He just has heaps of cats who are useless at hunting and I have had to point out to them that a working farm cat lives a better life than ones who sleep all day and night.

He told Dadda that I have been bombing his rubbish bin and he has caught me several times on his kitchen bench.

I don't know what Dadda said to do with me but I think I will cool my neighbourhood visiting for a while.


That young pup

June 3rd 2010 2:24 am
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I know when a new puppy is introduced to most households, they annoy the other animal so much, they soon get put in their place, but I sort of like the new pup. She has a certain quality that I think is just magic.

She never gives up!

Yes, I claw her and she cries, but she really likes me and wants to know where I have been and whats been going on beyond the farm gate.

So I tell her and she never believes me.

She doesn't believe I have employed a whole team of cats up the road and that they work for me. She doesn't like the sound of a random fire or that I visit and old lady up the road.

I just wonder how I can tell her what happens out the farm gate and wonder when she will ever believe me!


I had an appointment

May 29th 2010 6:14 am
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At the stroke of midnight, I walked across the pillows of my human parents.

Mumma looked like she was going to swat me and Dadda was pretending to be asleep. "Why do I have to get out of bed for the ******* cat" Mumma said in a loud voice.

Dadda jumped up and told her to calm down, he told her that I must have an appointment and let me out the window.

Dadda is so kind to me. And we just won't talk about that Mumma, although she does buy me food.



April 26th 2010 1:54 am
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Someone likes my diary.

Dadda wasn't surprised!

I myself am very pleased. My good friend puppers is proud and has been barking on the bark tree that life is good.

Me, I have been very busy as we have had a cold snap which mean I work overtime. In the wool shed, down the hedge and there is a mouse in the kitchen cupboards. Their easier outside but inside I seem to patrol from the fridge to the plate cupboard.

Puss, at your service.


I've been working overtime

April 20th 2010 1:43 am
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The harvest has finished and autumn is upon us. The leaves are starting to fall and the mornings are a bit damp. The sea fog rolls in about four and I know its time to head for home.

There are mice and rats to catch, basic farm work to finish before dark and when dadda gets home I get sachet and curl up in front of the fire. Later I go and snuggle up to Dadda for a good nights sleep.

I've been a bit happier thought as the useless cats over the road, after a basic recruitment talk they have offered to patrol their own silos and work for me. Its a neighbourhood cat collective.

This should leave more time for sleeping by the fire and keeping the dogs in line!


My third life

March 24th 2010 12:56 am
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After my initial move to the country I settled down a bit and got on with my vermin control.

Then one day when I was two and a half, I went for a walk. It was a bit of a wild time and as far as I am concerned what happens on tour, stays on tour. I was gone for over three weeks and I even ate well, nothing out of a tin, only fresh meat, that I caught myself.

Meanwhile at home things were getting dire. Dadda, the dogs and the boy were missing me sooo much. But Mumma was really missing me and on the third saturday after my mysterious disappearance she went and got two new kittens.

When she bought the new kittens home there was a deceased black cat in the driveway. Dadda told her it was me and she swore at it and in her next sentence took the new ones to break her heart inside. Something told her it wasn't me. When she had settled the kittens, Dadda dug a hole and they had a cat funeral and that Mumma, she didn't have a kind word to say!

The kittens settled in well and by Monday morning were acting like perfect little angels.

Mumma open the door to let the dogs outside and who came in that door.

ME!!!!!!!!!!!! With a mouse in my mouth and lots of tales I would never tell

Mumma screamed and screamed and then she rang Dadda at work screaming. Then she sat down and looked at me and said "Where the ****** **** have you been, I've been looking for you everywhere and I just spoke to Dadda and he doesn't believe me".

When Dadda came home he ran up the path and when he saw me he picked my up like a baby and said "Brother puss, I missed you its so nice to have you home. Don't go away like that again".

All was forgive and I've never been away for more than a week since.

Sometimes I go away for a week and people in the local pub get questioned as to whether they have seen me.


My second Life

March 22nd 2010 2:26 am
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Shortly after the first life was taken, I moved from the city to the country and I developed my "I'll take on anything" cattitude.

I hunt, its really fun and I catch mice, rats, fish and eels, rabbits and occasionally bring home birds twice my size. I fight with other cats, sadly most of these don't have family's, they have been dumped and if they survive, they turn into feral nasty cats. As long as I don't catch them round here, we're okay.

I also like fighting with possums. I have many a scar from a possum and have been told off a number of times for chasing possums through the trees while Abigail is barking for the gun and the spotlight is out and there is about to be one less possum in the trees.

I have lived with four dogs, some I like, some I don't, but I always get the last laugh. And I have tolerated dog visitors sleeping in front of my fire. Well, you don't ever see cats having dumb sleep overs at each others houses, do you?

My human family is an interesting one.

My dadda dotes on me and if I'm ever in trouble he will be there to save me. When I come home battlesore he fusses and gets the iodine out. "There, there" he says and then he picks me up like a baby and cradles me and says hes sure I'm his brother. He feeds me but not enough and I have to go and meow at the lady of the house for more.

The lady of the house is not a cat person, but she sure loves the work I do. She has screamed at me several times but has realised that I am desensiting her to vermin, because I bring headless things home and leave them on the doorstep for her. I am not allowed to bring them in the house.

The young man at my house loves to tease everybody and I am no exception. Well enough natured fellow but sometimes I wish he would go away.

I climb trees, sleep in the hayshed and on the farm machinery. I have a deserted beach over the road and sometimes I go there with mumma for a walk and sometimes I go there by myself. I am an allround farm cat and the dangers of everyday life are horrific enough that I am, at five years old, one of the oldest, best cared for cats in my neighbourhood.

Mumma says I'm the "James Bond" of cats, who ever he is.

Puss, Nos Puss, at your service.


What happened to my first life

March 19th 2010 3:59 pm
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I must have been nearly six months old because I was booked into the vets to have a wee operation. Life was real good at this stage.

At eight o'clock, Mumma found me in the laundry not moving. I was still alive, not meowing in pain, I was alert, but I wasn't really moving. Mumma locked the cat door, got me a blanket, put my food and water close and told Dadda if I was still alive in the morning to take me to the vets.

In the morning I was still alive so Dadda took me to the vets. They were very kind people and made me feel very welcome.

After xrays it was discovered I had broken my pelvis in two places, slipped my leg off my growth plate and ripped the muscle away from my spine. This all sounds horrific and it sort of was, but compared to all the other kittens at the vets, they thought I had the nicest nature and was the cutest little kitty they had ever seen.

I had no tyre marks so not run over, no tooth marks so I hadn't taken on a dog, the only logical explaination is that I fell out of a tree.

They wanted $1300.00 for an orthopedic cat surgeon to come and make me better and as my family were about to buy their first home, Dadda said they had better do the right thing and put me down. There was no way my family could afford the operation and there were no guarantees that it would fix me any way.

Oh but he's such a lovely cat they kept saying, my family were soo angry because thats just emotional blackmail!

After a few stern words with the vets they said, "Oh well I suppose we could patch him up and you could take him home but you will have to keep him in a cage for three weeks, and he will never be a normal cat!"

So thats what happened and I only lived in my cage for three days, before I was jumping in and out of it.

And I will never be a normal cat, I'm better than that. I climb trees, run long distances and hunt like a ferocious puma. I take out other cats and do all the things a battlecat would do. It doesn't slow me down and I do all the things a lad of my age should.


I only have six lives left apparently

March 19th 2010 12:47 am
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I will start at the beginning and my typist will add to it from there.

I was born in Rangiora, my burmese mother had jumped the fence and we still don't know what my other breed is. As a kitten I was really cute and curious. At six weeks old I went to live with my family. Mumma, Dadda and the boy and Turbo the dog.

When I was seven weeks old, Abigail came to live with us and we have been best friends ever since. We spent many happy days as puppy and Kitten and I ruled the roost right from the start.

The worst thing about this stage of my life was cat jail. As a puppy and a kitten at the same time are not always fun, Mumma developed cat jail and when I was naughty or too hyper, I had to go in my cat cage with a blanket over the top and Abbers had to go in hers at the other end of the lounge. This stopped the day we just sat and whined at each other. After that Mumma opened the door, clapped her hands and said "out".

I have ownership of the man of the house and he loves me. I only do as he tells me and he's the only one I kneed like I did my mother.

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