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Sam I Am

The Box and the Plane

May 20th 2010 4:53 am
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Then one day a Box came. me and my brothers thought it was lots of fun to play in it. A Human took some stuff that was in it and put it together and made another kind of box! Two Box! that was fun too. The Boxes stayed there in the house and we played in them.

Then one day my Mwom put me in the hard Box and took me in the car to the vet and he looked at me and said I was healthy and then he jabbed me! Ouch! but they brought me back home and thought Whew!
Then a few days later they put me in that Box again and this time they took me to a different place and my Mwom and her friend were sad and said Goodbye Sammy and I was scared and I yelled a LOT.

Some people put me in a big Thing, it must be the Plane that my Daddy told me about. I sat in the Box inside the Plane in a place with other kinds of Boxes but i don't think anybody was In them. Then it felt very bumpy and it made a lot of noise. So I made a lot of noise back at it. I must have scared it because it stopped making so much noise. It still made some but not as much. And now I was really glad that my brothers had been rolling around fighting in this Box last night because that made it really smell like them and it helped me not feel so lonesome because I could close my eyes and pretend they were there .

After a long time the Plane again made terrible noises and there was a very weird feeling like it might feel jumping down from the top of the cat tree in slow motion. someone came and got me and took me out of the Plane into some huge house, and set the Box down.

Then a new person came up and they gave her the Box with me in it. She bent down and looked at me and said "Hi Sammy" but I was too scared to answer or even look at her. I thought I better just try to disappear and I scrunched down in the back of the Box. Then she carried the Box a long way to a car and put me in and we drove away! It was sinking in that I was probably not going back to my home and I didn't know where I WAS going.
This new human talked softly to me on the way and sounded nice but I sat there kind of frozen. then she said "Hey Burrito Boy! " and I looked up and stared at her! HEY! How did SHE know my mwom had called me that for trying to steal bites of burritos?
I was glad she said that because maybe that means they have burritos here.
I thought Hmmm, this doesn't seem so bad, I might as well lie down and relax and see what happens.


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